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Square one 正一: Gorky once said, "Books are the ladder of human progress." Reading books can increase our knowledge and widen our vision .Books are the summary of historical experience and social culture. The ancients said: people can live without meat, however can not without reading. We can know so many about the world and the earth with books.


Against a defendant反一: indeed, reading enriches the mind. But if think more, it is not entirely correct. If we are interested in anything, then it may not be good. For example, some students like comic books. They spend too much time on it including eating and sleeping, thus the grades plummeting. So my dear friends, how can you explain it?


Square 2正二: You will find girls like jade and houses made of

golden, which means reading brings us everything Cartoons can also be inspirational. A nine go player once said: He began to study after watching the cartoon "hikaru”. In the process of learning, he got the goal and direction of his life. The situation you say are only because they do not have self-control.


Against the second debate反二: but we just in the period of lacking of self-control. During this period, teenagers are very rebel. 但我们恰恰处于缺乏自制力的时期,我们还处于青春期,青少年在这个时期都比较叛逆。这个时候大多数的同学依然缺乏足够的自制力。

The free question time:

Argue against two反三: I want to ask you a question. Do you think some irregular books will also be conducive to learning? bad books will also be good for our health and growth? 请正方三辩回答我的问题。难道看一些不正规的书也会利于学习吗?不良的书也会有利于我们是身心健康成长吗?

Square three正三: I don’t think irregular books will only do bad. How can you resonate with readers if you can’t even say a word? At least, we can review the words we learned and discuss the books with a critical eye. Don’t you think it is good?


Square one正一: But my question is: everything has too sides? Irregular books indeed do harm, but how about their benefits? 请反方二辩回答我的问题。不是说任何事情都有他的两面性吗?既然说不正规的书有他的害处,也总会有他的益处吧?

Argue against two反二: Why we call them irregular books? It mainly because the harm is much more than benefit?


Against a defendant 反三: square 2, please answer my question. There are a lot of people committing a crime after reading those bad books. For example, 马加爵. How can we say reading enriches mind?



Square 2正二: Although you give some examples, but what can you prove? That ’s only means readers exists problems. Someone saw history and poetry in the Dream of Red Mansions. But some saw ethics and corruption. You kill a person with a knife, how can you say there is something wrong with the knife?


Time is up:

Square three正三: In a word, we think that reading enriches the mind. Reading can cultivate our morality and even govern a country. Nobody achieve great without reading. Bacon said, histories make man wise and poems witty. There are so many benefits about reading. Doesn’t reading enrich mind?


Anti-side three反三: Liu Xiang in Han dynasty once said: Books, like medicine, are also a kind of antidote. They may help you, and can also kill you. In 20th century in Germany, many teenagers are the victims after reading Hitler's "my hardness”. So where are the benefits?