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一、假设你校英语社团举办以“讲求文明,从我做起”为主题的征文活动,请你以“On the Way to School”为题,写一篇英语短文。


1. 遵守交通法规;

2. 注意举止文明。

注意:1. 词数120左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 短文中不能出现与本人相关的信息;

4. 短文的题目已为你拟好,不计入总词数

On the way to School

These days, breaking traffic rules and littering are not uncommon, causing serious harm to life and the environment. Changing this situation requires considerable effort on the part of everyone. As for me, it should start on my way to school.

I will keep traffic rules in mind all the way. If I ride a bike, I’ll always keep to the right and never cross a road until the traffic light turns green. If I walk, I’ll never forget to use the pedestrian crossing. Meanwhile, I will regard it as my duty to help keep our environment clean and healthy. Not only will I keep from littering and spitting anywhere, I will also help clean up the roadside litter whenever possible. I hope my behavior will make a difference.

二、快餐在中国非常流行, 尤其受到青少年的青睐. 某英文报委托你写一篇有关快餐食品的英语短文, 并包括如下要点:

1. 快餐受欢迎的原因:

1) 方便, 省时; 2) 价格合理, 服务好.

2. 快餐食品的不足:营养不均衡.

3. 你对快餐的态度和观点.

注意: 1. 词数: 100—120

2. 从营养角度来讲: in terms of nutrition

3. 快餐:fast food

4. 方便的. Convenient

Fast food is very popular with people in China, especially the young. The reasons for its popularity are as follows.

Firstly, with the quick pace of life, fast food is really convenient and time-saving. People can save a lot of time and trouble with food ready made so that they can devote themselves to taking part in other activities. Secondly. The prices for fast food are reasonable and the service is excellent. However, it is not a good food in terms of nutrition, because the nutrition in it is not well balanced.

In my opinion, people can have fast food when they are really in a hurry. If not, they had better have the traditional food.Only in this way can they keep healthy.


开放时间: 周一——周五 4:00pm ——7:00pm 周末 9:00am —8:00pm 活动场所: 一楼运动室(乒乓球、棋牌)二楼阅览室 三楼 外语和美术培训 说 明: 1.凭学生证办卡,凭卡活动,每卡每月交费10元



4.电话 7622123

The Children's Palace opens from four to seven in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, and from nine in the morning to eight in the evening on weekends.

You can play table tennis, chess or cards on the first floor. There are several reading rooms on the second floor, where you can read newspapers, magazines or books. The third floor is for foreign language and art training.

If you'd like to take part in the activities, you have to have a special card and pay ten yuan a month. You can't get a card unless you have a student's card. Here you must obey the rules and behave yourself. If you are interested in the training courses, you can refer to the poster related.

四、请以“Computer Games and Our Health”为题写一篇120~150词的英语短文





Most boys in our class like playing computer games.Some of them even think computer game is a part of their life. They play computersgames not only on weekends but also after school. But as we all know, it is bad for their health if they spend much time in their computer room. Generally their eyesight is much worse than others’. The air in the computer room is also not very clean andfresh. And they must feel tired if they play computer games for a long time. All those are harmful to their health .So please give up playing computer games. Try to spend more time on school work.

Students can read books or play football instead. It is much more important for them to study hard and keep healthy.


Music is playing an important part in our life.Most of us are fond of music and listen to music regularly.I attach great importance to music .To start with,when I feel sad,music can comfort me,then I can feel more confident about life and my problems.Also ,when I have too much press with my schoolwork,music can make me feel relaxed.In addition,when I have some difficulty with sleep,some soft music can help me fall asleep easily.Finally,when I am in a state of worry,music can calm me down and make me feel optimistic.All in all,music is so important that life is a journey through a desert if there is no music in our life.

六、请以“One Thing I’m Proud of”为题, 用英语写一篇120个词的短文, 记述一件你自己认为得意的事情。要求如下:1 记述事情的经过 2 简要说明你感到得意的原因或从中得到的启示。

One Thing I’m Proud of

Last summer I spent one month in California as a visiting student.I had to study at school and stay at a host family.There were seven people in their family,including the parents,four sisters an one little brother.During the onemonth stay ,I had to adapt myself to their American lifestyle and help them understand the best part of Chinese culture.With my great efforts,they all became my best friend ,or rather I had become a member of the family.

I have proved that friendship can help while in a different country.In a word ,being able to win their friendship in a very short time is the thing that I am proud of most in my life.


1. 简述城市空气污染的危害;

2. 提出解决该问题的建议:


3. 发出号召。

Dear teachers and students,

These days one major environmental problem in our city is air pollution. Every day we have to take in very dirty air, which does great harm to our health. To make the air in the city fresher, we should keep the following in mind.

Firstly, we should take a bus or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car and try to use cleaner fuels. Secondly, we should not throw litter her and there but put it into the dustbin. Thirdly, some factories should be closed or moved out of the city. Finally, we need to plant more trees or grass to make the air fresh.

Let ’s take action and try our best to make the air in the city cleaner! Thank you!

The Students’ Union


Encouragement from a friend plays a very important role in motivating you to solve the problems you are facing.It helps you fight the difficulties and get out of an unfavorable situation you are stuck in. 朋友的鼓励起在激励你解决你所面临的问题上具有十分重要的作用。它可以帮助你战胜困难,走出你所在的困局。

Encouragements can serve as a ray of hope during difficult times. The best ones to encourage a depressed soul are our friends.

It was three years ago when I just began to attend High School. For the first time I failed in an English exam which I thought I was best at. I felt very depressed. My best friend, Lily, tried to comfort me, offering her emotional support. She listened to me carefully and told me Edison succeeded in inventing the electric bulb after failing more than 300 times. Eventually, with her patient encouragement, I overcame depress and was determined to try hard again. In the next exam, I did it.

Encouragement is the best means to help someone feel better. It can give the courage to fight difficulties and motivate someone to move on.




With the society developing,more and more pollutions have been made by people.As s result,our environments have been getting worse.There is a discussion about the low-carbon lifestyle in our class.

Some of us insisted that we should promote energy-saving emission reduction. For example,we ought to go to school by bike or on foot rather than by bus or car .Before leaving our classroom, we must make sure the lights and the

computers are switched off.We should turn off the rap after we wash our hands. In order to make full use of paper,we should write on both sides .Besides,while shopping, we should no longer use plastic bags but carry environmentally friendly shopping bags.

However, a great number of students thought it can not come true, because it is so difficult to do that, and we are all very busy with our studying or working . When we go out by car , we can save much time ,and improve efficiency. In my opinion, we should promote energy-saving emission reduction.






Dear Wu Bin,

As we all know,music plays an important role in our daily life.

First ,it can make us feel relaxed both mentally and physically,thus helping reduce our pressure at work and in life.Second,music can excite and encourage us as well whenever we meet troubles and feel sad.What’s more,music can have a comforting effect when we’re worried and help us step out of difficulty.In addition ,music ,as a universal language,can be of great help on the way to learning another culture.

As far as I’m concerned,music is part of our life.We can’t live a happy life without the company of music. Best wishes!

Yours , Li Hua


As our life improves, more and more people have computers at home . It offers us convenience , but also brings us some bad effects

The computer is becoming increasingly useful in our life . It offers us an effective way of communication and a good way to relax as well . But if we can’t use the computer properly , it will do harm , especially to young students.

I bought a computer several months ago. At the beginning, I found it very helpful in my studies, with which I could find more information about my lesson. But as time went by, I could’t help spending more and more time on games, which influnced my studies badly. At last , my parents became very angry with me and didn’t allow me to use the computer any more.

As is known to all ,everything has two sides. The computer is useful but how to use it in a proper way is the key problem.