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Students in class are usually looking forward to the break. However, they are expecting different things. Some students want to make use of that period of time hanging out with their classmates. They enjoy fun by chatting, playing games, or doing some outdoor activities. Others want to spend the break reading, doing homework, or reviewing lessons. In a word, nowadays, school breaks could be either “academic” or “physical”, which is a very interesting phenomenon.

As a high school student, I favor the “physical” way of break. I find it very hard when I have too much work to finish, though. I have to deal with my homework during the break.

I don’t deny some students are really book worms, absorbing knowledge every minute. However, I dare say the majority of us students know what we really want and what we really need to do. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We are struggling for a balance between work and play.



You cannot choose what you are given, but you can choose how you make use

of it.


Three years ago I failed an important exam in my life and became a student in an ordinary school. Disappointed as I felt at the shabby campus and the poorly-equipped classroom, I found the teachers patient and considerate. Besides, I enjoyed the

friendly atmosphere in class. I decided to make the best of it. I worked hard and got along well with my teachers and classmates. Whenever I had difficulties, they were always available. Soon, I became one of the top students in my class, which greatly increased my confidence and got me motivated.

My experience tells me that it is not what you are given but how you make use of it that determines who you are.









【好词好句】选自50位外国语学校高三尖子生的作文,供你模仿学习。 ⑴As is vividly i__________ in the comic, „.


⑵It actually m___________ a common social phenomenon that ...


⑶Nowadays spoiled kids are mostly s_______________.


⑷When a____________ about their parent’s birthdays, they all have no idea. (当问到父母亲的生日时,他们都不知道。)

⑸Parents offer us everything they have but asks for nothing in r____________. (父母愿意把一切都给我们,却不求回报。)

⑹Parents regard us as the a________ of their eye while we just leave them ignored.


⑺Many children take their parents’ love for g______________.


⑻We are supposed to work hard at our schoolwork and live up to their



⑼Children should communicate with parents frequently to d___________ the understanding of each other.(孩子应该多与父母交流,增加相互了解。) ⑽We can help with some housework, thus r____________ our parents’ burden. (我们可以帮忙做点家务活,以减轻父母的负担。)

答案:⑴illustrated; ⑵mirrors; ⑶self-centered; ⑷asked; ⑸return; ⑹apple; ⑺granted; ⑻expectations; ⑼deepen; ⑽reducing.

【典型问题】归纳学生的共性错误和中国式英语,做到危险早预防。 ⑴Most kids remember their friends and idols’ birthdays.


⑵I never buy cakes and celebrate parents’ birthdays as they do for me.


⑶Parents give us birth and raise me day by day.


⑷Parents devote themselves to bringing up us.


⑸Do whatever we can to help with the housework also counts.


⑹As is portraied in the comic, children know nothing about parents’ birthdays. _____________________________________________

⑺Only in this way we can express our thanks to parents.


⑻Children catch up with pop stars without paying any attention to their parents. _____________________________________________

⑼We should do something to pay off our parents.


⑽I think they are too self-centered and don’t care about their parents.



⑴把friends 改成friends ’;

⑵把and 改成or ;

⑶Parents bring us to the world and raise me day by day.

⑷把bringing up us改成bringing us up;

⑸把Do 改成Doing ,或者把原句改为It also counts to do whatever we can to help with the housework.

⑹把portraied 改为portrayed ;

⑺把we can改为can we;

⑻把catch up with改为are crazy about;

⑼把pay off改为repay ;

⑽把原句改为In my view, they are too self-centered and don’t care about their parents.


在这篇作文中,学生要反复用英语来表达“回报父母”,不少人误用了pay back 和pay off短语,而这两个片语却没有“回报”的含义,请认真比较下面的例句:

⑴I will pay you back on Friday.


⑵I will pay Jenny back for what she did to me.


⑶He will pay off all his debts first.


⑷Our efforts finally paid off.


⑸200 workers have been paid off.200


那么,哪些词可以被用来表达“回报”呢?再认真观察下面的例句: ⑹How can I repay you for what you’ve done?


⑺He is always helping people without expecting anything in return.


⑻She agreed to look after the baby in return for a free room.


另外,还有许多学生不知道如何用英文准确表达“我们总是认为父母对我们的爱是理所当然的。”当然,英文水平比较好的学生知道使用成语take „for granted。但是,如果不知道,又该如何迂回表达呢?其实,我们可以用简单的英语来解释,只不过要多费一点笔墨而已。

⑼We always take their parents’ love for granted.

⑽We expect that parents will always be there when we need them without thinking how important they are.



As the picture shows, the boys know their own, their friends’ and even their idols’ birthdays very well. Yet neither of them can give a correct answer.

Sure enough, this picture just gives us an extreme example. But what the picture tries to tell us is that we shouldn’t ignore our parents’ love. They work hard to provide us with all that we need, but seldom do we ever think of how we can for their love.

’ love, we shouldn’t just what we can do . We should work hard at our schoolwork, in the first place, to , which I believe will make them happy.

We all have keys in life, some visible and others invisible.

In our daily life, we visible keys. Everyone needs them to ensure their privacy and the safety of their valuable possessions. With the right key, we can them, our life may be in trouble.

Actally, some invisible keys also play a vital role in our growth and

development. For example, hard work is a key to success. Perseverance is another invisible key. Sometimes life can be challenging.

In one word, the two kinds of keys are equally important in our life. because they enable us to live a simple and convenient life. In a similar way, because they open the door to success.