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假定你是李明,你的外国朋友Bob 想过一个特殊的周末,你打算带他去农村一日游。请你用英文给他写封信,内容要点如下:

1. 去兰山村张大爷家过周末;

2. 上午采摘蔬菜;

3. 中午吃农家饭; 4. 下午钓鱼;

5. 晚餐吃鱼,然后看农村歌舞。


Dear Bob,

city and tedious (boring )life.

I am wondering that a day’s tour to the countryside might be recommendation is that I accompany you to Lanshan Village for the weekend and we will be the beautiful scenery there.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

Sue 。 请给Sue 写一封信,内容要

1. 7月15

2. 3. 停留10天;

4. 何时方便看望


20th June,2015

Dear Sue,

It’s been ages since we last saw each other. I really miss you. How are you doing recently? I am going to Britain for my summer vacation and my flight will arrive in London on 15th in July. I plan to stay in London for ten days. Then I will fly to LA. I have already made reservations at King Hotel.

Hopefully we can find some time to get together. I really miss the time we spent together in Beijing when you came to China. Please tell me in advance when you will be free so that I can

make arrangements to see you.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Li Ming

假定你是李明。 上周末学生会组织部分学生去附近社区进行了一次义务劳动,受到居民的欢迎。请你给校园英文报写一篇报导。活动内容包括:

1. 打扫卫生;

2. 浇灌花木;

3. 帮老人干家务; 4. 跟小朋友做游戏等;


plants. Some helped the old do the housework. The others played example, basketball, cards and also hide-and-seek,etc. All of them were moment when the students had to leave, the people there all thanked them and hoped that they would come again.

假定你是李明, 你的美国必有Alex 请根据以下要点给他写封信:

1. 表示欢迎;

2. 月平均气温20



caught in the rain.

Yours Sincerely, Li Min

假定你是李明。你的美国朋友Peter 希望暑假来武汉做两个月的志愿者工作,顺便旅游。请你根据以下要点给他写封信,告诉他来汉后的安排。

1. 工作:在打工者子弟小学教英语;

2. 时间:周一至周五,每天3小时,教6周;

3. 旅游:周末游览北京名胜;余下2周去西北地区考察学校。

打工者:migrant workers

***本篇文章一定要避免整篇文章都由简单句构成,要使用多变的句型将要点阐述清楚。 Dear Peter,

Thanks for your last letter in which you mentioned that you wanted to do volunteer work for two months in Wuhan and have a travel.

With the help of my friend, who is an English major, I manage to find you a position in a primary school for children of migrant workers in the suburb of Wuhan. You will teach the kids English from Monday to Friday, three hours per day, six weeks in total. On weekends, you can visit places of interest in Wuhan. And for the rest of two seeks, you can visit schools in the northwestern region of China.

Looking forward to your coming!


Dear everyone,

like to talk about English activities this week.

plan for all of us. On Tuesday, there is a lecture made by our English dean, Professor Lee. On speak English more fluently.

can speak English very well.