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1 中考英语热门话题作文



第一, 开篇点题,叙述保护环境的紧迫性和必要性

Become worse and worse;

realize the importance of protecting the environment;

It ’s our duty to …

第二, 展开叙述,保护环境的具体措施。

Turn off the lights; turn off the shower; take my own reusable bags; have decided to do more things; recycle books and paper; stop using paper napkins; stop riding in cars; ride bikes or walk to school; throw litter into the bin; plant more trees.

第三, 结尾综述,倡议行动起来,保护环境。

In a word; keep in mind; no matter what a small effort we make; make a difference; take action.


保护人类共同的家园——地球是每个人的责任和义务。我们从生活中的点滴小事上也能做出自己的贡献。根据以下内容,谈谈你曾经为保护环境做过哪些努力,将来打算如何去做。 要求:词数不少于80;要点齐全,行文连贯,条理清晰。

Saving resources: Turn off the lights; turn off the shower; take my own reusable bags; have decided to do more things; recycle books and paper…

Reducing pollution: stop riding in cars; ride bikes or walk to school; throw litter into the bin; plant more trees…

2 经典范文:

Now our environment is becoming worse and worse. More and more people have realized the importance of protecting the environment . It's our duty to protect our earth.

In my daily life, I always turn off the lights when I leave a room. While I am washing my hair, I usually turn off the shower. Besides, if I want to go shopping, I always take my own reusable bags instead of using plastic bags. I have dicided to do more things to protect our earth, such as recycling books and paper, stopping using paper napkins and stopping riding in cars. It’s good for us to ride bikes or walk to school. I always throw litter into the bin. I will make an effort to keep our public places clean. We can also plant more trees to improve the air around us.

In a word, I think one thing we should keep in mind is that no matter what a small effort we make, it does make a difference. Let’s take action now!

3 话题二:校园生活


第一, 引出话题,即将步入高中。

Study in senior high school; every thing is new

第二, 展开描述,所期望的学校生活。

A large dining hall; the library; get along well with; coloful; listen to music; play chess and play basketball; surf the Internet; keep a good eating habit; do exercise; make great progress 第三, 结尾综述,表明决心。

Stick to; achieve my dream


三年快乐而充实的初中生活结束了,你将进入高中学习。展望未来,你对高中生活充满期待。请以 “The School Life I Expect”为题目,写一篇不少于80词的短文。文章的开头以给出,不计入总词数。



提示词语:get along with; coloful; knowledge; habit

4 经典范文:

The School Life I Expect

I will study in senior high school. Everything is new to me. I hope my school is big and clean with a large dining hall. And the library is full of different kinds of books. So I can read them in my spare time. I will get along weill with my teacher and classmates. At the same time, I expect my school life is colorful. After class, I can listen to music, play chess and play basketball. To get more useful knowledge and information, I can surf the Internet. I will keep a good eating habit. I will do exercise often to keep healthy and try my best to make great progress.

As long as I stick to the above, I can achieve my dream.

5 话题三:事物对人们的影响


第一, 开篇引出事物,并点明写作方向

Come into our life; not only a lot of convenience and happiness but also troubles

第二, 分析事物给我们带来的利与弊

On the one hand; as a tool to study; look up; read news; send e-mails; chat with friends; see pictures and films, even the unhealthy ones; dangerous

第三, 用总结性的语言阐述自己的观点

I think… make good use of ; stay away from


网络正逐渐走进我们的生活,而其利弊也都不同程度的显现了出来。请以Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet为题,写一篇短文。

提示:可以从read news, send e-mails, chat, study, play games等方面加以评论。


1. 要有表明自己观点的句子;

2. 书写工整,句式规范,标点符号使用正确;

3. 短文中应包含提示内容,可适当发挥,但不能出现真实的人名和校名。

6 经典范文:

Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet is now coming itno our life. It brings us not only a lot of convenience and happiness but also troubles.

On the one hand, some students use the Internet as a tool to study. They look up the meanings of the words, the translated form of a sentence, the background of an event or a story, the information of a company or a famous person, etc. They also read news or send e-mails through it. The Internet helps them learn more and study better. On the other hand, some students play games, chat with friends, see pictures and films, even the unhealthy ones on the Internet the whole day. They are not interested in their subjects. It’s very dangerous for them!

The Internet’s advantages and disadvantages are shown clearly to us. I think we should make good use of it and stay away from the unhealthy websits.

7 话题四:餐桌礼仪


第一, 注意电子邮件的书写格式,开门见山,说明写信的目的。

I am glad to…; tell you something about the Chinese table manners.

第二, 介绍中国的餐桌礼仪。

The hose or hostess doesn't eat every dish first; can ’t hit the bowls with chopsticks; be not supposed to eat until everyone is at the table; toast the longevity, health and success of the host and hostess.

第三, 表达愿望,完成邮件,注意结尾署名。

Hope to meet you soon.


假如你是张阳,你的笔友David 发来电子邮件,说他下星期来中国,现向你询问中国的餐桌礼仪,请你给他回一封电子邮件,告诉他有关中国餐桌礼仪的情况。


1. 让客人和长辈先吃每一道菜;

2. 不要用筷子敲碗;

3. 不要将手伸到对面夹菜;

4. 等大家都到齐了,才开始吃饭;

5. 感谢主任的款待,并为主人的健康、长寿、成功祝福。

参考词汇:guest 客人 elder 长辈 longevity 长寿

8 经典范文:

Dear David,

I am very glad to receive your e-mail. Welcome to China. Now let me tell you something about the Chinese table manners. In China, the host or hostess doesn’t eat every dish first until the guests and the elders begin. You can’t hit the bowls with chopsticks. You shouldn’t reach across the table or infront of someone to get something to eat. You are not supposed to eat until everyone is at the table. Besides, it’s the best for you to thank the hosts for the dinner and toast the longevity, health and success of the host and the hostess.

I hope to meet you soon!


Zhang Yang

9 话题五:个人爱好


第一, 开篇展示文章的主题,谈论自己的爱好:I think everyone has his own hobbies; I have

my own hobbies.

第二, 详细介绍自己的爱好及理由:in my spare time; like listening to music; make me feel

relaxed; set me free; like doing sports; be good for; like reading books; that’s because…; I ’m sure…; learn more from…

第三, 总结这些爱好的好处:in a word; make my life colorful

写作实例:假如你是李明,请根据下列提示介绍一下自己的爱好,并说明理由。 提示:1. 喜欢轻柔传统的音乐;

2. 喜欢做运动;

3. 喜欢读科普类书籍。

10 经典范文:

Hello! My name is Li Ming. I think everyone has his own hobbies. And I have my own hobbies, too.

In my spare time, I like listening to music that is quiet and traditional. Listening to that kind of music can make me feel relaxed and set me free. I also like doing sports. And I do sports everyday. I think doing sports is good for my health. But most of the time I like reading books that are on popular science. That’s because they are really interesting and they can give me something to think about. I’m sure I can learn more from reading populare science books.

In a word, these hobbies can make my life rich and colorful.

11 话题六:一次难忘的经历


第一, 引出话题:Life is full of unexpected; never forget the experience

第二, 具体描述自己一次难忘的经历

第三, 发表自己的感想


你最难忘的一次经历是什么?请以“An Unforgettable Experience”为题写一篇短文,描述一次难忘的经历,并谈谈你的感想。


12 经典范文:

An Unforgettable Experience

Life is full of the unexpected. I’ll never forget the experience I had last year.

It was a sunny afternoon. On my way home on the bus, I saw an old man get on with his grandson of about ten. He was carrying the boy’s schoolbag and a violin. I gave my seat to the old man at once. However, the boy sat down first. The old man had to stand nearby. After a while, the boy shouted to his grandpa for water and then dropped the empty bottle on the bus.

When I saw this, I got very angry. I think the boy should not only respect and take care of the old but also keep the environment clear.