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Thomas Jefferson,third president of the United States (1801-1809) and author of the Declaration of Independence.He was one of the most brilliant individuals in history.His interests were boundless,and his accomplishments were great and varied.He was a philosopher,educator,naturalist,politician,scientist,architect,inventor,pioneer in scientific farming,musician,and writer,and he was the foremost spokesman for democracy of his day.

As president,Jefferson strengthened the powers of the executive branch of government .He was the first president to lead a political party,and through it he exercised control over the Congress of the United States. During his tenure in office ,he protected agriculture and the development of the national capitalist industry. He bought Luis Anna State from the hands of France, which made the United States more than doubled its territory.J efferson swore his hostility,he said,to “every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” During his lifetime he sought to develop a government that would best assure the freedom and well-being of the individual.托马斯杰佛逊,美国第三任总统(1801-1809)和作者的独立宣言。他是有史以来最辉煌的人。他的兴趣是无限的,他的成就是巨大的和多样化的。他是一位哲学家,教育家,政治家,科学家,博物学家,建筑师、发明家、先锋科学农业、音乐家和作家,他是他的天,民主最重要的发言人。



独立战争The American War of independence, (English: American Revolutionary War, 1775 - 1783), or the American Revolutionary War is the revolutionaries of the British Empire and its North American thirteen colonies, as well as several European powers of a war. This war is largely began to fight against the economic policies of the United Kingdom, but later because France, Spain and the Netherlands joined the war against the British, and make war far more than the British North America. At the same time, many Indian people were fighting for the two sides..


Because of the exploitation of the colonies in Britain, in order to fight against the British economic policies, the North American people's struggle. Began in April Lexington gunfire in 1775, July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress through the penned by the Thomas Jefferson drafted the declaration of independence, proclaimed the birth of the United States.

在战争中,英国能够利用他们在海军上的优势以占领殖民地的临海城市,但如何控制乡村地区却使他们困惑。经过北美人民的艰苦抗争,终于在1783年迫使英国承认美国独立。独立战争结束了英国对北美人民的殖民统治,实现了国家的独立,确立了比较民主的民主体制,对拉丁美洲和法国大革命起到了推动作用。这场战争同时也为了日后加拿大的建立做准备。 In the war, Britain was able to take advantage of their naval superiority in the occupied colonies of the Linhai City, but how to control the rural areas but make them confused.

After the hard struggle of the American people, and finally forced the United Kingdom in 1783 to recognize the United States Independence. War of independence over British colonial rule in North America people, to achieve national independence, established the Democratic democratic system, the Latin American and French Revolution to the role. The war was also preparing for the establishment of the future of Canada.

二 澳大利亚景点介绍

Australia has a vast territory and a colorful place. The mysterious and enchanting wilderness, sunny beaches, majestic mountains, colorful coral reefs, the prairies, many kinds of rare birds and animals, attracting numerous tourists... The following is some of the most famous attractions

Sydney Opera House, Opera House Sydney, is located in Sydney, australia. This comprehensive art center, in the history of modern architecture is considered to be a huge sculpture of the typical works, is also a symbol of australia. About 3000 farm show held annually at the Sydney Opera House, about two million spectators to join the festivities, is one of the largest performing arts center in the whole sector.

Australia's Gold Coast is located in the eastern coast of Australia, there is a stretch of forty-two km, composed of dozens of beautiful beach resort, it is the famous Gold Coast in Queensland. "Gold Coast" is a sub tropical marine climate, the sun shines throughout the year, the air is humid, all seasons are suitable for tourism,






The United States presidential election is the most important electoral system in the United States. The presidential election is held every four years.

The current presidential election in the United States need to go through the following four stages: the nomination of candidates, the election, the election of the president, and finally by the voters to vote for the president.

The president of the United States by the voters to vote, the implementation of the electoral system. Voters elected to represent 538 voters in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Presidential candidates to get more than half of the electoral votes (at least 270 tickets) to win.

The number of electoral votes in the state of the United States is equal to that of the state in the United States and in the number of members of the Senate and the house of Representatives. The Senate is composed of 2 members elected by each state, and the number of members of the house of Representatives is determined according to the

proportion of the population of each state.

The United States on election day is the first Monday of November (ie November 2nd to November 8 days between Tuesday)





美国在选举日是十一月的第一个星期一(即11月2日至11月8日日之间的星期二) 四对于托福和雅思考试的了解

The International English proficiency test is organized by the British Council, the University of Cambridge Local Examination Committee and the Australian Education International Development Agency. This test is for the application to the Commonwealth countries (UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.) to study abroad, the training of non English speaking countries, students, used to assess the ability of candidates to use english. Now many British Commonwealth countries to apply for their skilled immigrants who also adopted this test, as the applicant's proficiency in English proficiency certification.

IELTS consists of four parts, followed by listening, reading, writing and speaking,

the examination time of 2 hours and 45 minutes.



五 加拿大是双语国家

First came to Canada are French, including Quebec, Canada early in 1663 became a French province under, Britain after the seven years' War, defeated the French in 1763 capture Quebec, in 1774 promulgated the the Quebec Act, allowing it to retain French and French law legal system and the Catholic faith, after the independence of the United States the numbers of British loyalists entering Canada, make Canada an English country. Quebec is the largest province in Canada, Montreal is the second largest city, a very important economic status, so Canada could not let the independent and compromise is provided in French and English parallel is the official language, from the national anthem to official documents are bilingual, former Prime Minister Harper said Quebec is a Canadian unity of a nation (Qu e e b COIs form a nation within a United Canada ". But because the term "nation" can be interpreted as a "state" or "nation", some Canadians say that Quebec has a feeling of independence. In order to be added to the government must be bilingual.


留法国法系和天主教的信仰,在美国独立国英国的支持者进入加拿大的数字,使加拿大一个说英语的国家。魁北克是加拿大最大的省,蒙特利尔是第二大城市,一个非常重要的经济地位,所以加拿大不可能让独立和妥协是法语和英语平行设置为官方语言,从国歌的官方文件都是双语的,前总理哈珀说魁北克是加拿大的一个国家统一(曲E B中联合加拿大“国家。但是,由于“国家”这个词可以被解释为一个“国家”或“国家”,一些加拿大人说,魁北克有一种独立的感觉。为了给政府添加一定的双语


1 language and communication

Privacy is very important to the British. Personal problems, such as marriage, having no children, relationships, personal economic conditions, health, and other issues involving private conversation should be avoided as far as possible.

English people have a good sense of humor, and sometimes they may look very serious when they make fun of it. They are good at, but never the misfortune of others.

2 Customs and habits and customs

British people generally have a strong sense of social responsibility, public utilities, charity and so are very concerned about.

The British people attach great importance to manners, conversation always whisper, rarely speak loudly. In their eyes, shouting (especially in the outside of the building) is a kind of uncivilized behavior (except in the game).1. 语言与交流




2. 风俗礼仪与生活习惯