千里之行始于足下 19步让你更接近梦想
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千里之行始于足下 19


19 Steps to Get Closer to Your Dreams

We all have dreams.


What are you doing tomake yours a reality?


There is no such thing as overnight success when it comes to dreams. Rather , you reach them bit-by-bit and step-by-step.


“You don’t jump to your dreams. You make them happen step-by-step.” 你没办法一下就实现你的梦想,你必须一步一步的慢慢来。

Progress is made in small increments.


Here are 19 Steps to Get Closer to Your Dreams:


1.Set Your Goals 制定目标

Dreams are just in your mind. They don’t get done. Goals get done.

They have tangible deadlines.


2.Take a Step Every Day 每天迈进一小步

As stated, you don’t get to your dreams in one jump. You must take a step forward every day. And the day after that.


3.Be the Early Bird 早起

Work when others are sleeping. Be the early bird. (Or a Night Owl if that is you„)


4.Write a Plan 写下你的计划

Writing your goals down has several benefits. It makes them more tangible . It also allows you to clarify them in ways not possible when they are only “in your mind.”

写下目标能为你带来的好处,这样能使它变得更为真实。也能把梦想变得更清晰,而不是只 “在你的脑海里”。

5.Block Your Time 分配好你的时间

Make appointments with your goals. Block out your calendar before other obligations take up all your time.

约定好完成目标的时间 。分配好的时间内不能做别的事情。

6.Short Term Goals 制定短期目标

Long term goals are just too long. They are hard to track. They don’t adapt to life ’s happenings. Keep your goals short. Once you finish one, then set the next one.



7.Front and Center 放在重要的位置

Keep your goals front and center. Keep them visible. Carry a reminder with you. Or post a note where you will see it many times a day.


8.Tell Others What You Are Doing 告诉别人你正在做的事

Set expectations with others as to what you are working towards. Even if they don ’t support you, they will be more apt to not hinder you.


9.Single Focus 只关注一个目标

Have one major goal at a time. A singular focus on your main objective is key to success.

一次有一个主要的目标 ,只关注你的主要目标是成功的关键

10.Just Start 马上开始

Don ’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t wait for the perfect time. (There isn’t one.)You can’t finish if you don’t start.


11.Find a Mentor 找一个导师

Chances are there is someone you respect that has done what you want to do. Reach out and learn from those that have gone before you.


12.Make it a Habit 养成一个习惯

Make your goals a habit . You will be more likely to stay on track if you make them part of your routine. Same place, same time each day.


13.Find Your Strength 找出你的强项

You are stronger than you think. You don’t know just how much effort you can give until you push yourself.


14.Find the Time 挤出时间

You do have time. You might have to get creative . You might have to work early (see #4) or you might have to work during lunch. You can find time if you want to.


15.Determine What Cost You Will Pay 弄清你要为此付出什么

Every dream has a cost. Whether it is in time, effort, sweat, or sacrifice . Spell out the cost of your dream and ensure that you are willing to pay the price. 每个梦想都有付出。无论它是时间,精力,汗水还是牺牲。算出梦想的成本以及弄清你愿意为此付出多大的代价 。

16.Change Your Habits 改变你的习惯

What habit s will you need to change in order to make your dreams happen? Maybe you can’t stay out late or watch as much TV. What will you need to change?


17.Learn a New Skill 学习一些新的技巧

What got you here, won’t necessarily get you there.What new skill could you learn that would help you reach the next level?


18.Get Help 寻求帮助

Everyone needs a little help at some point. Know when to call in your support network for assistance.


19.Make Your Own Path 选择适合自己的路

Those that reach their dreams usually don’t follow the normal path that

everyone else does. Choose your own path. (Hint: It’s probably the one less traveled by„)