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学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:田玉静 辅导老师:田锦美

How to reduce prduce pressure?

Nowadays,many people are under the pressure,especially for us students, Because the college enrtance examination is coming ,which makes many many students anxious ,Therefore, there are some tips that Iwant to share with about how to reduce our stress.

Firstly , we need a peaceful attidude. The key is to balance our emotions .Faced with the improvement of grades, we shouldn ’t be too proud of it ; And as for failure, we aren’t supposed to be too upset . We should alwanys keep a positive life. Secondly, learn to find suitable ways to study .Evergone has its own measure, some like solving problems , others like remembering some things In a word knowing ourselves is the most important. Least but not last , don’t forget to exercise. Playing sports can strenghthen our bodies and make us more concentrated on studying . In fact study is not like a monster , As long as you find how to devote yourselves to studying and adjust your plans in time. In this way ,the pressure will be transformed into the motivation of studying .


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:田沁芳 辅导老师:田锦美

The Friendship

Everytime I look back on my 14 years spent in school, I’m happy to see my knowledge developed and more importantly, I ’ve found true friend ship .

I have a best friend named Daisy, with whom I have been best friends for six years. Although we are close to each other, there’re times when we have arguments .That’s on my first sport meeting of high school. I was asked to run the 3 kitometers race on behalf of my class. I was so happy so that I ran straight to Daisy to tell her the good news. However, she seemed to be unhappy and ask me to quit.Thinking she might envy me,I argued with her and left angrily, noy giving her a chance to explain.

Two days later, she called to say sorry and explained why: she knew I had hypoglycemia .Moved beyond the words, I burst into tears I just told her once. But she rememered it for years. That’s when I decided I’ll love her always and forever .

Gibran once said, in friendship, all thoughts are silent joy and caring. Friends are the best gifts god has ever given to us. She is my best of all.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:田珂宇 辅导老师:田锦美

Picking up Heart Again

The failure isn’t afraid but losting enthusiam is like a tiger, which will eat our heart competely. So havirg the strength to stand up again after one failure is very singnificant for everyone.

That was on sunny Monday afternoon. When I was giving a speech .At the beginning everything was OK.And everyone was attracted by my words deeply. However, due to a bit relaxation, I spoke shudy hard to stupid hard .As the old often says :if the first step is worry, the following will also be worry. Although, I insteaded to finish my speech,the mistakes and the laugher was endless .Afterwards ,many said that I would not show up for speeches. But the fact turned them down. Keeping the word --Not being a deserter in my mind, I gave them more wonderful one a year later.

When I look back now,the failure is just like a parper tiger.And I am firmly convenced that I would have regreted , if I did not hear my heart to stand up again.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:田寅山 指导老师:田锦美

School Life

Each student has to spend their time studying in the school every -day .so what’s the school life is concerned with the student feeling when they ’re at school .The school life is so colorful that every student would enjoy it. S

Study is the most tmportant part of school life and all studends have to concentrate on it. There are various of actiuties stndents can do in the school such as playing spirts joming clubs and carrying out experiments When students feel hungry they can go to the canteens for having fool As far as the exams are concerned they are often held in the final of a term The school life is so interesting .Just enjoy it and try to make it fun .


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:罗婷 指导老师:田锦美

The problems in the davetoping cities

With the cites developing there are a lot of pyobems doing damage to the cities such as air pollution water pollution and so on ,The worst one of them is traffic jam And it has a bad influence on the cities .

It ’s the matn reason that more and more people moue into the cities In fast sometimes it's good for cities to have more people But more people mean to have more cars maleimg the traffic jam Besides some of cities don ’t have enogh wide streets which also causes the traffic Jam .Therefore gouemnet should control people and make the streets wider to solve the problem In addition gouerment can encourage people to take buses to go to work and control to use piuate cars seniously . what ’s more it’s a good choice for people to ride bike to go to work Not only doer it wake traffic light but also it ’s good for envronmeht and makes the cities more and more beautiful .

Whether you belineue me or not if only we build up our cities hand in hand our cties will be wonderful fiower gardens .


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:田玲玲 指导老师:田锦美

New school New life

Life is full of interests and enthusiam espcially school tife Although it also gives us much regrets it ’s is the last step to society we may expenence a lot but we will gain a lot.

However school life is really different from what used to be Not only is it not concentrate on exams and grades but also it gives us more chances to develop ourselves One point is that we have more outside and practical classes now such us kinds of spots competions communicating with other schod’s studerts At the same time school life is enjoyable with reading in library or attending seminars as well as lactures It makes us own healthy and creative minds and gices us strong bodies \.

Old school lifestyle is not suitable to new generation only open and wonderful school life can develop more creative students .

We ’re studying in new school and own new school life.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:彭峥 指导老师:田锦美

A Letter of love

There is a letter lying under my pillow .It was my parents who sent it to me. Nowadays writing a letter is usual and out of date. On the contary it is the best way to express feelings and communicate with others.

My family is not rich. Like most people do, my perents are in the distance to make a living .Sometimes I missed them badly and made childish complaints. For many years, I haven't really understood them until I received the gift. I burst into tears upon opening the envelope. My parents apologized to me for not being with me. They also missed me badly all the time. Filled with tears my eyes seemed to see my father delivering things from door to door in the rain.They never complained anything hard to me. But I always did something to hurt them instead. This is more than a letter but a heavy love from my parents. Because it reminds me that whenever and wherever I am, there are always two persons deeply in love with me’ I’ll cherish it forever. `


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:向诗涵 指导老师:田锦美

New school life

Nowadys with the development of eanomy our societ has beer changed a lot .and so has schod life sudents can gain now knowledges through lnternet due to the progress of technologies They even have chances to see edacationdl films in ctassromms Their interests in study is also on the increase .

Stndonts life is becoming more and more cdorful Not only can they stndy book learning but also they taje part in different kids of expanding trainimgs Teachers leave students more space for developing interest and self management For example there are always some events which enconrage creatine minds hdding in schools Through these activities their prticat skills are improved .

Furthermore most schodls enviroment has been beatified We can see fresh flwers and green tvees wherever we go in the campus .

Sdool life keeps changing and we shonld also change ourselaues according to the specific sitnation and enjoy new life Only in this way

can our world be full of strength and vigor.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:田洋 指导老师:田锦美

Generation gap

You must be familiar with a phrase,Yeah,that is generation gap Although our society has devdoped better and better,sometines the distance between parents and children is becoming bigger and bigger.

So why does it exist in our life?No matter who you are,I believe that you can find all sorts of reasons about it.

As parents,they often think they can make better choice than us,It can usually be heard that everything they did is for us.Maybe they ’re right,But childen will grow enough to make their decisions.As children,sometimes they are capricious.But I believe that every child is a special angle.As for me,I also experienced unhappy things with parents. Although I was pretty sad at that time.I feel enieyoble to stay with my parents now because of love and understending.

It doesn’t matter to have disagreement on this or that.What is vital is that how we deal with it. In my opinion,if parents and children can try their best to considerate and communicate,the ganeration gap won ’t be

too difficuit to cross.


学校:龙山县高级中学 班级:21 姓名:杨含子 辅导老师:田锦美

My life of senior high school

My life of senior high school is filled with happness,warmth and hardship.When I just stepped in senior high school,I was curious about everything here,such as the big gymnasium.The new learning environment and new subjects left a deep impression on me.I was very happy with the new school life,Ihave made many new friends,who are all my best friends.

In the first semester,or school have held many intesting activities,such as sports meeting,science week and art week and so on.Life in thefirst year was wonderful and joyful.But the homework is far more difficult than that of middle school.I obviously felt that it was hard to understand what teachers said in class.

Time flies as an arrow,I am going to graduate from senior high school.I am facing an college enterance exam,which is very important for us.Everyone has themselves' ideal and targets,and everyone fight for dreams.It's a tense and tiring year!


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:张倖僖 辅导老师:田锦美


Just as the saying goes, “The whole world is so big, I’d like to visit it.” There are many places of interest in the world and we should not miss them.

Traveling is a good idea to do that. It can not only open your eyes to the world, but also help you to relax and unwind. For example, you can go to the Five Famous Mountains. Such as Mount Tai and you will truly realize the grand of nature. Also, you can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa to feel the beauty of imperfect. Besides, having a trip to Japan is a splendid choice. You can taste delicious sushi, a traditional Japanese dish. By the way, if you are a fan of cartoon, you must go to the well-known cartoon city—AKIBA. You will find everything about cartoon in AKIBA. What ’s more, you should not miss the Uyuni Salt Flat, which is known as a mirror of the sky. You may feel like in the heaven and be completely convinced by its beauty. It’s miraculous and magnificent. Well, just put your heart and soul into your trips and forget all your troubles. You can feel many amazing and fantastic things in the world.

In my opinion, in everyone’s life, there should be a trip that takes leave

without delay.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:向璇 指导老师:田锦美

Wonderful Sunday? New Life!

Our life is different from former life,students spend their weekends in many different ways.Some students have a picnic over the weekends,some enjoy themselves in natuer.Last Sunday,I spent in specially and happily.

In order to exercise our body and take a rest,our group organized an activity.Lat Sunday,we gathered at school playground.Then we set out by riding in high spirits.All the way we were very exited,chatting and laughing aii the time.I was not good at riding,so they taught me how to control the bike and helped me a lot.We arrived at Taiping Mountain at noon.At first,we just wanted to enjoy the mountain at the foot.But some students insisted on climbing the mountain,so we decided to have a try.That was very difficult.I even wanted to give up,Ithought I couldn't resch the top by myself.However,my friends encuoraged me,they heiped me carry my bag and waited for me.Finally,we successed,in the sunshine,we sang songs and cheered with joy.

Students shouldn't study at school all the day,we should take outdoor exercise and keep happy.It was a wonderful Sunday,wasn't it? It'sour new



学校:龙山高级中学 班级:21 姓名:胡英 辅导老师:田锦美

School life

Different people have different attitude towards school life .As a senior high school student. although our school lives are quite busy,they are pretty rich and colorful.

We are getting awake with sun rising,we are fighting against time. Everymoming ,we read aloud to strengthen knowledge susterm, which leads the way to

success. To grasp more time to study,every students seems to turn on all of their motor , especially senior 3 students ,forgetting to eat and sleep.

As for following school rules. everyone should be praised. Because they are a good obeyer,not only are they strick with themselves,but also ask others to do so,regarding rules as soil,where we can plant fantastic flowers.

During the school life ,we might have to face problems,not being afraid of those diffeculties.but being filled with energy and confidence.And eventually . we will change impossible into possible


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:李小平 指导老师:田锦美

I know he is there

A few days ago,I went back to my hometown,a srnall village,I met a person whorn I haven ’t met for three years.Although we haven’t seen each other for a long time,I recognized him at once . I knocked on his shoulder with a smile and he greeted me with a big srnile too. I could sense how excited he was,Many things have taken a great change.But I can still remetnber the days we spent together.

He is seven years older than me.I regard him as my old brother.During my childhood,he taught me to ride,to fish and to play basketball. And he was hard-working,who set me an example,it was he who enouraged me to struggle for my dream.However, it was a pity that he didn ’t finish his study in high school because his parents couldn ’t afford it,I hope I can achieve rny dream and make a difference.

In a word,I will never forget him as well as the things related to hirn.And he will encourage me to keep going forever.I know he is there,standing by my side all the time.No matter where I am,I will keep him in my mind and remember his words wherever I am.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:曹天宇 指导老师:田锦美

New generation,new situation

Time goes by,nowadays,life is different from it used to be,and the new generadion is different from their parents and grandprarents as well.so let me tell you something about what have changed.

Today,not only the TVS but also the computers are equipped in everybody ’s home,surffing the internet is the most common way to get some informatton.Highway is built eveywhere,which can give us a converiehce when we want to go out.New generations have different opintoos and qudities,they are active and creative,when they feel trouble,they ’d likd to come up with the easiest way to solve it,in other wonts,they don’t feel like working hard and making big efforts to achieve the goal .Because of the hope if living a simple and lovely life,they always find out another way to complete the task,as a result,many machines are invented to make sure that they can live a better life.

New generation,new situation.Life is changecl everyday,but what we are sure is that life is becoming better and better.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:高三21班 姓名:吕骏 指导老师:田锦美

Opportunities Never Come Twice

Our intelligent ancestors once said that opportunities never come twice.I didn ’t understand what it really means until she gave me an important lesson. Miss Peng,my dear English teacher,taught me to be confident and brave even thongh there are endless challenges in the future.It is what she said that changed my attitude to life absolutely.

With the bell ringing,my first English class began and she came into our classroom.At first,we recognized her as one of our classmates by mistake because she was much too young. Even though she was such a young teacher,she impressed me a lot.

After a simple introduction,I saw her putting her hands up wth 5 yuan in her right hand.And then she announced that everyone present could get it only if he could speak“I want it”out bravely.All of us were astonished at her words,you know,5 yuan meant a lot for us young children.However,there were still full of silence after a long time.Though she encouraged us to get it bravely,the truth was no one had the courage to take the first step.Finally,she said,“Remember that opportunities never come twice,so when you see it,you must try your best to seize it,just like the 5 yuan in my hand.”

I think it’s the most valuable lesson that will benefit me forever.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:刘泠驿 指导老师:田锦美

A new generation of song

Since entering the twenty-first Century,the school life has changed a lot. First of all,with the development of the modern education in China,th-e constrution of multimedia courseware is received universal attention. In class, the teacher use the multimedia to teach us a wealth of knowledge, s-uch as displaying pictures,video and so on.This not only replaces the original boring class,but also stimulates students' learning enthusiasm.Moreover,with the country's policy support,the school equipment is more advanced than before.What's more,nowadays,the campus life is like a honeycomb,each student is like a hard-working bee,they are full of vigor to gather nectar from the knowledge 's flowers.No matter how difficult it is,they can overcome and defeat it,because their hearts have a strong force,their belief make life in full blossom.

As a new generation,I am proud of being a member of the modern school.Because in this growing cradle,we can breath fresh air every day,we can get the latest news,we can see the changing world.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:刘钇瑶 指导老师:田锦美

Teenagers are the future of our country

They usually have a common but meaningful day.In the morning,teenagers get up early in order to go to school.A confident and sincere smile is often on their face.They are just like the sun rising at 8 or 9 o'clock.In class,they concentrate on their study.After class,they play on the playground happily.Teenagers learn much knowledge at school.They also get on well with each other.Then they use these to solve their problems.Their school lives are full of interesting things.They often talk about academic questions or international events with others.After school,teenagers go home to keep their family members company.They may watch TV or play computer games for a while after finishing homework.This is a usual day of teenagers.

In order to devote ourselves to our country,we will study harder and learn more skills.We are sure that our country will be stronger and richer due to us.

Teenagers are the flowers of our country.Teenagers look like the rising sun.Teenagers are the future ofour country.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:周梓涵 辅导老师:田锦美

School life

As a Senior High Three student,I stay at school almost the whole day.I'm glad to tell you somthing about my school life.

My school which is like a garden is very beauiful with lots of flowers and trees.Besides,there are some bright classrooms and a big playground.The teachers in my school are hard-working,who regard our students as their own children,stricting with us but encouraging us all the time.What's more,I get along well with my classmates who always help me in study and life.

Because there are more than ten classes every day,sometimes I feel tired,but it's extremly gratifying.Meanwhile,after class,we have a variety of activities.Such as play sports,read books,dance and so on.Among these,my favorite is play ping-pong,which can make me relax myself and keep good health.In addition,to improve our abilities in all aspects,our school holds sports meeting and speech contest every year.

My school life is full of happiness.I'll be more serious to study and live a bettter life in the future.


学校:龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:王晓晴 辅导老师:田錦美

We students

It's the best time ,it's the worst time .It's our time .We students as a new generation we should be the model of others .

A beautiful smile is our symbol .Laughter is good for us . In fact ,laughing has many physical and psychology benefits .It's good for our body and relationships. As the popular saying goes "laugh and the whole world laughs with you ,cry and you cry alone ". So make a conscious effort to laugh more in our daily life .

Determination is what we students really need .Determination refers to a strong will .All the famous people who have made great achievements hav a firm resolution and an iron will .They never give up half way .There determination and strong will enable them to bear hardships and finally obtain success .So we should remember that is worth doing at all is worth doing well .

We are young. We have a long way to go and will see more and more beautiful scenery. There is no limit to what we can do if we try. So let's

set the world on fire, we can burn righter than the sun!


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:文虹元 辅导老师:田锦美

My colourful school life

I'm a senior high school student so that I have to stay at school for 15 hours a day .That may sound like tough.But I feel like living each day to the fullest The school life is filled with cheerful activities and challenges. For example Last week Our school held a basketball game .Everyone enjoyed it very much . We have held many activities like it Those games not only cheer us up but also enrich our school life , which make us enjoy studying .In fact this kind of game let us know more knowledge that we can't get in the classroom .

Of course the most important thing for me is studying. Because I'm a senior 3 student .My studying time is so precious that I must make good use of every second .In other persons'opinions .It's very hard to get up so early and go to sleep so late But I enjoy it. I'm determined to work hard for my own dream and golden future .

Everyday I appreciate my colourful school life .But it is going to

pass .Studying time and group activities will be kept in my mind forever.


学校:龙山高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:田雯君 辅导老师:田锦美

Colorful School Life

Nowadays,students'school life can be more fantastic and more corlorful than their parents',so I feel lucky to live in new times.

I'm satisfied with my school life.Our school is not very large,but it has great environment that can give us good spirits to study.For example,there are many old trees.In the morning,there are always many students standing under the green trees doing morning reading and enjoy fresh air brought by plants.In addition,in order to give students happier school lives,our school often organizes a variety of interesting activities.For example,last week,there was a concert,which helped students relax themselves.Sometimes,sports meeting is held,which can help us gain a stronger body.We can also learn to compete with ourselves by joining a competetion.These activities can rich our school lives,so I like them very much.

Students in our school are absorbed in books,meanwhile,they also

enjoy playing sports after class.I think this kind of school life is perfect.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:刘馨君 辅导老师:田锦美

School Changes

The school which I am studying in is about to put computers in all classrooms to improve the quality of education.This makes school change a lot.

In the past, there were always the cases where teachers introduced a wealthy city to students only by their words.You could see students make every efforts to remember only one textbook.Seldom could you see students had a good understanding of history.

But things are quite different now because of the installation of the computers.There is a clear,real-life picture presentation instead of a confusing description.More and more teachers choose to make use of the computes to ger their meaning across.

I am very glad to see these changes.Since school creatives a wonderful school environment for us,we get one step closer to the dream.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:田芳 辅导老师:田锦美

Teenagers Future of our nation

Nowadays,teenagers especially students are kind of different from the old generations.They are more active,creative and independent.They are dreamful and studying for our nation.

Teenagers,nowadays on the one hand are more hard-working.Senior high school students,for example,are devoted themselves to studying.They not only study hard during the day time,but they also stay up late into the night,just in order to achieve their dreams.They are never too tired to study.They are always motivated about their dream.

On the other hand,today's teenagers are more creative and intellengent.They not only fill them up with knowledge ,but they are also full of creative ideas.They put their knowledge learning from books into practice and have creatived many useful items.Their inventations have contributed to our society development.

In a word,today's teenagers are confident enough to change our homela

nd and they are ready to strengthen our home.They are obviously the future of our nation.


学校:湖南省龙山县高级中学 班级:21班 姓名:周洁 辅导老师:田锦美

Today's School Life

Great changes have taken place in the school.Compared to the school in the past,today's school is larger.It inclues library,dining hall,teaching buildings,dormitory and playground.All of these provide students with a better environment.

All the classes become more interesting.Since modern techniques and advanced equipments start to be used.In the past,students just made notes,while the teacher just speak alone in English class,which lead to a bad result.Today,with the help of computers,students not only listen more,but also speak a lot.As a result, students study more efficently.Besides,modern techniques have influence on other subjects.

As for activities,students choose to join different groups to have fun.School broadcast news and play music in the break every day.

Today's school life is much more colorful,isn't it?I hope we all have fun and study well.