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第五节 基础写作

第六节 读写任务

To many people even the word “work” sounds unpleasant, not necessarily because they are

lazy. The same man, who dislikes his job in the factory or even in the office, may work hard at the

weekend, painting the house or digging the garden.

What is the reason, then? In most cases, it is because these people simply do not enjoy the

job they are doing. It does not give them any real satisfaction. It may be quite easy, like making up

wooden boxes, but it is very boring. Very often they are doing a job which is just a small part of a

much larger one, such as attaching a door handle to a car. But the part they play in actually making

the car is so small that they can never say: I have made something!

Yet in modern society somebody has to do ordinary jobs such as cleaning streets because this

is the way society is organized. No matter how ordinary a job is, it plays a part in society and

therefore deserves our due respect. Society cannot function a single day without the “dull and

boring” jobs.

[写作内容]1. 以约30词概括上文的主要内容。

2. 以约120个词谈谈你对平凡工作的想法 内容包括

1 描述清洁工工作的艰辛

2 假如没有清洁工 环境会变得如何

3 你对平凡的工作的看法。 第一节 基础写作 参考范文

It is reported that thirty volunteers who are at least 18 years old will be chosen from all the

globe and sent to the Mars by the year of 2015. The volunteers must make a full preparation

that there is almost no chance to return to the earth once they are immigrated to the Mars.

What’s more, it is greatly important for them to try to keep a good relationship with other

members. Experts strongly warned that the living conditions on the Mars are very hard, for not

only the extremely cold climate would they meet with, but also loneliness and fear. On the

contrary , the volunteers insist that they have got tired of the life on the earth,so greatly being

eager to experience the unknown , mysterious life on the Mars; meanwhile, if the would be

succeeded , they would get the honor to be heroes of human beings. 第二节 读写任务

In the passage , the importance of small and ordinary work is mainly stressed

such as cleaning the street because of their essentiality for the organization of the society ,and those doing such jobs should be respected greatly.

There is no doubt that what a cleaner does is even harder than any other jobs in

the society. On one hand , they must get up in the early morning every day ,cleaning the street while we are asleep. On the other hand, they also suffer from less respect and lower pay , working all day on the street whether it shines strongly or snows heavily

Nobody could imagine what a worse environment we would live in the future if there were no cleaners in the city. Wherever we go , there is rubbish. Maybe we would soon be drowned in the mountain of rubbish. Even worse, if there is no change about that, diseases will have been spread by then at a unbelievable speed.

As is mentioned above , I can draw the conclusion safely that even the smallest and the most

ordinary job,such as cleaning the street, is also acting such a necessary and significant part that it keeps the society going on smoothly. Therefore those who are working on this kind of jobs are supposed to gain respect.


Ⅲ 写作 共两节 满分40分

第一节基础写作 共1小题 满分15分

你接受了一项写作任务 要为英语校报写一篇人物介绍。


请根据以下信息 介绍一位传奇人物

姓 名 Allan Stewart

国 籍 澳大利亚

出生日期 1915年3月7日

世界纪录 2006年获硕士学位时年龄最大

学习态度 挑战自我 永远为时不晚。

第一个学位 1936年获得

第二个学位 医学博士

第三个学位 80多岁时决定学习法律 2006年获得硕士学位。

第四个学位 2012年通过网络学习获得 善于合理安排学习时间 受到老师表扬。

*硕士学位 master ’s degree; **博士 doctor




句子结构准确 信息内容完整 篇章连贯。

第二节读写任务 共1小题 满分25分

阅读下面短文 然后按要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

My husband received a letter a month ago a young woman who had been his

student when she was in middle school. She was writing because she wanted to thank for

having a great influence in her life.

In the letter she wrote,“You were the teacher who helped me discover my talent for math. Before you came to teach us, I had been terribly poor at math, and had never

thought that I would be interested in it. To my surprise, you magically showed me the

beauty of math. I guess that was the turning point of my attitude towards it. Gradually

my interest in it began to grow. Thanks to your encouragement, I made continuous

progress in math, and finally made up my mind to study it in the university. Today I am

working as an accountant at Valley Medical Center in California. You played an

important part. Thank you!”

What a wonderful gift to a retired teacher! My husband has received many letters

from students over the years. This one was special, for it arrived at this time in his life

when he is in very poor health.


1. 以约30个词概括上文的主要内容。

2. 以约120个词就老师影响学生的话题谈谈你的想法 内容包括

1 上文使你想起哪位对你帮助最大的老师

2 举例说明该老师对你学习或成长的影响

3 你怎样看待老师对学生的影响。

【基础写作】Allan Stewart,an Australian old man,born on March 7,1915,is already the

holder of the world record for being the old graduate.He thinks it is never too late to

challenge oneself to achieve something worthwhile.He got his first degree in 1936,later

along with a doctor s degree of medicine.He decided to study law in his eighties,and he

got the master s degree in 2006,which was his third degree.In 2012,he received his

fourth degree by network learning,who was praised for his proper arrangement on his

study schedule. 【读写任务】

A thank you letter from a former student of the writer s husband meant a lot to

the retired old man.From the letter,the writer learnt how great influence a teacher might

have over his students.

The encouragement from a teacher is really of great significance to his/her student,

especially when the student has trouble with study.Timely encouragement can raise his

confidence and inspire his motivation to work hard. When I was in middle school, I had

some difficulty in learning English. I couldn t remember the new words, so I always did

poorly in the English exams. For some time I even decided to give up learning English.

However, everything changed when I met Mrs. Jones, my new English teacher. She

encouraged me to try some different methods to remember English words, and when I

made a little progress, she always praised me, so I worked harder than ever. Gradually I

became interested in remembering new words and began to catch up with the other

students in my class. At the end of the term I got the highest mark in English.

Now I owe all my progress in English to Mrs. Jones whose encouragement has made

me achieve what I have now. Here I want to send my sincere thanks from heart to her.



以下是一本图书的基本信息及相关报道 基本信息

⑴书名 Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

⑵作者 Amy Chua 美籍华人 耶鲁*大学教授

⑶出版时间 2010年

⑷内容 作者用中国传统方式教育两个女儿的故事

⑸效应 引发中美教育方式孰优孰劣的讨论


⑴中文版 2011年初开始在中国销售

⑵意外反应 多数中国妈妈不赞同作者的做法

⑶最新消息 17岁的大女儿已被哈佛**和耶鲁录取

*耶鲁 Yale**哈佛 Harvard

[写作内容]根据以上信息写一篇图书介绍 内容包括

1. 图书的基本信息

2. 图书的相关报道


[评分标准]句子结构准确 信息内容完整 篇章连贯


阅读下面短文 然后按要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文

When Sam first got to his boarding school with his parents, he was very happy. He

thought he would be able to go home every weekend. When he was told he would not,

he started crying because the thought of not seeing his parents was driving him crazy.

He was given uniforms and all other things that he would need for the term. He

started crying when it was time for his parents to leave. He was then taken to the dorm,

where he saw other children happy. He tried as much as he could to fit in but could not

because his mind was at home. He started feeling homesick (想家) 安定wanted to go

homes as soon as possible.

He got sick soon because he could not eat the school food. He could not concentrate

in the classroom. All he could think was being at home with his family. He had no

mobile phone or other means to get in touch with his parents. He was angry and felt

lonely. He thought his parents hated him and that was why they left him in a boarding



1. 以约30个词概括上文的主要内容。

2. 以约120个词讲述一次你 或你的朋友 想家的经历 内容包括

⑴ 时间、地点和起因

⑵ 想家给学习和生活带来的影响

⑶ 你 或你朋友 是如何应对的。 Version 1

A book entitled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua was published in

2010. It tells how the author, a Chinese American and professor at Yale University,

educated her two daughters in the traditional Chinese way. Its publication has

started a debate as to which way of parenting is superior, the traditional Chinese

way or the American way. It is reported that the Chinese version of the book began

to sell in China early 2011. Unexpectedly, the majority of mothers in China disagree with the author though her 17-year-old elder daughter was lately reported to have

got offers from both Harvard and Yale.

Version 2

A book entitled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was published in 2010. Its

author is Amy Chua, a Chinese American and professor at Yale, who tells stories in

her book about how she educated her two daughters in the traditional Chinese way

of educating is better than the American way. The Chinese version of the book

began to sell in China early 2011, but surprisingly most Chinese mothers do not

agree to Amy Chua’s way of parenting. A recent report says that Amy’s elder

daughter, 17, has been accepted by both Harvard and Yale. 读写任务


(1) Sam was sent to a boarding school.

(2) Sam was homesick.

(3) Sam felt lonely and was angry with his parents.


(1) 时间、地点和起因。(2) 想家给学习或生活带来的影响。比如 上课精力不集中、成绩下降、生病等。

(3) 你 或你的朋友 是如何应对的。比如 结交新朋友、参加各种活动等 One possible version:

The passage told us that a student, Sam was sent to a boarding school, in

which he very missed his parents, so he got sick and could not focus his attention

on his lessons.

In fact, in real life, everyone can have an experience of feeling homesick. I

remember when I was 10 years old, because my parents was busy, I was sent to my

uncle’s in another city. Here, I studied for two years. Although my aucle and his

family were kind to me, I still felt homesick. At first, I couldn’t sleep well, because I

didn’t adapt to the climate there. And, because different teachers have different

teaching methods, it was difficult for me to understand the lesson. Besides, I was

new for the students there, I hardly had friends. I felt very lonely.

As days went on, I slowly adapted to the new environment. I actively

communicated with my new students and made friends with them. My homesick

gradually disappeared.


第一节基础写作 共1小题 满分15分


内容 公共场所禁烟

实施时间 2011年1月1日起

实施范围 全国

目 标 所有室内公共场所无烟

措 施 张贴禁烟标志


1 吸烟人数 约3.5亿 2 分 布 男性75 ; 女性 25

3 受二手烟影响人数 约5.4亿

4 因二手烟死亡人数 超过10万/年

二手烟 second-hand smoke


请根据以上内容给学校英语墙报写一篇通讯 内容包括

1. 禁烟决定的内容及实施的时间和范围;

2. 目标和措施;

3. 相关数据。




句子结构准确 信息内容完整 篇章结构连贯。

第二节读写任务 共1小题 满分25分

阅读下面的短文 然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

In junior high school, one of my classmates, Ethan, was addicted to TV.This boy

simply knew everything about such pop shows as Who’s the Boss?

Then one day Ethan’s mother made him an after in order to draw him back to his

school subjects.She promised that she would give him $200 if he could go a full month

without watching any TV.None of us thought Ethan could do it, but he did quit TV.His

mom paid him $200.He went out and bought a TV, the biggest he could find.

In recent years, hundreds of schools have carried out experiments with paying kids

with cash for showing up or getting good grades.All school kids admire this trend.But it

upsets adults.Teachers say that we are rewarding kids for doing what they should be

doing of their own will.Psychologists warn that money can actually make lies perform

worse by making the act of learning cheap.The debate has become a typical battle over

why our kids are not learning at the rate they should be despite decades of reforms and

budget increases.


1. 以约30词概括上文的主要内容。

2. 以约120词对用金钱鼓励孩子学习的现象进行议论 内容包括

1 你对用金钱鼓励孩子学习的看法

2 你的父母 或其他亲人 是如何鼓励你学习的

3 你认为怎样才能更好地鼓励孩子学习


第一节基础写作 共1小题 满分15分

你是校报小记者 最近进行了一次采访。以下是这次采访的情况:

时间: 上周末

对象: 眼科医生 eye-doctor 王教授

主题: 我国中小学生近视 short-sightedness 问题

基本信息: 1 发生率: 略高于50

2 人数: 世界第一

专家解读: 1 原因: 很复杂 2 治疗: 没有哪一种药物能治愈近视

3 建议: 不要过度用眼 多参加户外活动

4 特别提示: 如何握笔也和近视有关


根据以上情况写一篇采访报道 并包括如下内容:

1. 采访的时间、对象和主题

2. 中小学生近视的发生率及人数

3. 专家解读。




句子结构准确 信息内容完整 篇章结构连贯。

第二节读写任务 共1小题 满分25分

阅读下面的短文 然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

Jackie is perhaps the most easily annoyed koala 考拉 at the Featherdale Wildlife Park in

southern Australia. All the koalas there are unhappy and complaining. You would be too

if you were used to night activities and someone kept waking you up all day while you

were trying to sleep it off. That’s right—sleep it off. The average koala is always half

asleep because it feeds on the leaves of a special kind that makes it sleepy.

The reason Jackie and her fellow koalas are repeatedly awoken from their deep sleep is

so they can be hugged and photographed by tourists who make the trips to Featherdale

and an increasing number of other national parks for just that special experience.

Whatever department in the Aussie government in charge of such things is now moving

to make the practice illegal which is understandable. How would you react my friend

if you were trying to sleep off a dozen times and some round furry creature smelling of

grass kept waking you?

* 考拉即树袋熊


1. 以约30个词概括这段短文的内容

2. 然后以约120个词就“该不该禁止游客和动物拍照”进行议论 内容包括:

1 人们在参观动物园时为什么喜欢和动物拍照

2 假如你处在那些动物的处境 你会有什么反应

3 你认为是否应该禁止游客和动物拍照。