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第三节 小作文


(一)十大必背范文之一:2005-2009 大纲样题:订购信


You are preparing for an English test and are in need of some reference books. Write a letter to the sales department of a bookstore to ask for:

1 ) detailed information about the books you want,

2 ) methods of payment,

3 ) time and way of delivery

Write your letter with no less than 100 words. Write it neatly on ANSWER SHEET2.

Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter; use “Li Ming” instead.

You do not need to write the address. (10 points)

Dear Sir or Madam,

第一段:As I am planning to take the National Entrance Test of English for MA/MS Candidates (NETEM) ,some NETEM books your books.

第二段:Firstly, please give me particular accounts as regards names, authors, publishing houses and prices of these books. deliver these books by Express Mail Service to the headquarters of Beijing New Oriental School by January 17, 2015.

第三段:Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


由于我计划参加全国硕士研究生入学考试英语考试,充分考虑到贵书店的良好声誉 和书籍的优良品质,我决定订购一些考研英语书籍。


知道付款方式和售后服务。第三,我想知道您是否方便把这些书通过特快邮政专递在 2015 年 1 月 17 日前送到北京新东方学校总部。




(二)十大范文之二:2010 英语(二):感谢信


You have just come back from the U.S as a member of Sino-American cultural exchange program. Write a letter to your American colleague to

1 ) express your thanks to his/her warm reception,

2 ) welcome him/her to visit China in due course.

Dear Bob,

第一段:I have just arrived at my home from the airport. As I sit behind the desk, I just want to write a letter to you. I am grateful for your warm reception in this cultural exchange program. You and your family gave me a deep impression. The program is one of the most wonderful

memories in my life.

第二段:In once talk you said you want to travel in China. Well, you will be welcomed and it will be my pleasure to be your guide. By the way, send me a list and write down the places where you would like to visit.

第三段:Please give my best regards to your family. (110 words)

Sincerely yours,

Zhang Wei


我刚从机场回到家里。坐在书桌后面时,我只想给你写封信。在这次文化交流项目 中,非常感谢你的热情接待。你和你的家人给我留下了深刻的印象。这个项目是我一生 中最美好的回忆之一。

你曾经说过你想来中国旅行。好吧,非常欢迎,而且我很荣幸做你的导游。顺便说 一句,给我列张单子,写下你想去的地方。





2011 英语(二)真题:祝贺+建议信


Suppose your cousin Li Ming has just been admitted to a university. Write him/her a letter to:

1) congratulate him/her, and

2) give him/her suggestions on how to get prepared for university life.

Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Zhang Wei” instead.

Dear Li Ming,

I’m so glad to hear that you have received the offer from Beijing University.

Congratulations! There’s nothing surprising——I remember seeing how hard you have been working since childhood. Now you have the opportunity to learn physics, which you have a huge interest in, in one of the best universities in China. I feel extremely happy for you. Well, I want to share some reminders for university life with you. First of all, don’t forget

your study. Second, take some time to know yourself well and make your own decisions. Third, enjoy your life as long as it’s under your control. I hope you will have a wonderful time! Yours,

Zhang Wei



很高兴得知你收到了来自北京大学的录取通知。祝贺你!没什么好奇怪的——我现 在还记得你童年以来一直在多么努力地学习。现在你终于有机会在中国最好的大学之一 学习物理学,你有强烈兴趣的专业。我格外为你高兴。


好了解自己,自己做出决定。第三,只要你能掌控,尽可能享受生活。希望你过得开心。 张伟


2012 英语(二)真题:投诉信


Suppose you have found something wrong with the electronic dictionary that you bought from an online store the other day. Write an email to the customer service center to

1) make a complaint, and

2) demand a prompt solution.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I bought an electronic dictionary from your online store on January 1st, but I found it has some problems after using it for a short period of time.

To begin with, the battery needs recharging after a mere 2 hours of use. This means that I need to carry my charger with me when I go out for a day. In addition, the buttons on the electronic dictionary are so small that it is nearly impossible to type anything with them. Personally, I find this to be completely unacceptable. Therefore, I would like to either change the electronic dictionary for another model that works well or a full refund. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Zhang Wei



1 月 1 日我在贵网店购买了一部电子词典,但在使用了一段时间之后,我发现它有一 些问题。

首先,在仅仅使用两小时之后,电池就需要充电。这就意味着当我出门一天时,就 需要随身携带充电器。此外,这部电子词典的按键如此之小,以至于几乎无法通过键盘 输入任何东西。对我个人而言,我认为这一点完全不能接受。

因此,我希望要么为我换一个能运行正常的型号,要么全额退款。非常感谢您的帮 助。



(五)十大必背范文之五:2013 英语(二)真题:倡议信

Directions: Suppose your class is to hold a charity sale for kids in need of help. Write your classmates an email to

1) inform them about the details, and

2) encourage them to participate .

Dear Fellow Classmates,

第一段:Our class is to hold a charity sale to raise money for those children who are in need of help on January 5, 2013. As the monitor of our class, I’m calling on all students to take part in it.

第二段:We ask you to donate as much as you can to a fund we have set up to cover their tuition fees and other expenses. Unless we can raise sufficient money, those poor kids won’t be able to afford their education and finish school.

第三段:As a nation renowned in the world for many of its virtues, we Chinese people have been giving a helping hand to those who are in distress throughout history. It’s our duty to provide as much support as we can in this hour of need. Please contribute


Yours sincerely,

Li Ming



我们班将在 2014 年 1 月 4 日举办一场慈善义卖,为需要帮助的孩子们募集资金。作 为班长,我在这里号召大家积极参加。

我们已经设立了支付他们学杂费的基金,请大家尽自己所能捐献自己的爱心。只有 我们募集足够的资金,那些可怜的孩子们才能上得起学并完成学业。

作为一个以很多美德闻名于世的国家,我们中国人民从古至今都一直乐于助人。在 这个紧要关头,大家一定要尽力帮助他们。最后,请大家慷慨相助。



(六)十大必背范文之六:14 年英语(二)真题:询问信


Suppose you are going to study abroad and share an apartment with John, a local student, write him an email to

1. tell him about your living habits, and

2. ask for advice about living there.

You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.

Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Li Ming” instead.

Do not write the address. (10 points)

Dear John,

I’m glad to hear from you. How have you been these days? The purpose of this email is to tell you about my living habits.

Firstly, I never drink or smoke. Neither do I stay up late. Instead, I keep a balanced diet

and go to bed before 11 o’clock at night, because I believe burning the midnight oil is harmful to health. Secondly, I’d like to keep my things clean. It is obvious that living in a messy environment results in a chaotic life. Finally, could you please offer me some proposals as regards living in your city? I’m sure that we can get along well with each other, and our university life would be one of the best times in life. (123 words)


Li Ming


很高兴收到你的来信。近来过得怎么样?我写这封邮件的目的是为了告诉你我的生 活习惯。

首先,我从不饮酒或吸烟,也从不熬夜。相反,我保持均衡饮食,每晚 11 点之前睡 觉,因为我相信熬夜对健康有害。其次,我喜欢保持整洁。显而易见,住在糟糕的环境 中会导致混乱的生活。

最后,关于住在你们城市,你是否可以给我提出一些建议?我相信我们彼此能够相 处得很好,而且我们的大学生活将成为我们人生中最美好的时光。



(七)十大必背范文之七:2001 年 6 月四、六级真题:建议信


For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying.

Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is going to visit you during the week-long holiday. You should write at least 120 words according to the suggestions given below in Chinese:




Dear Xiao Wang,

I am delighted to learn that you are going to visit me during the week-long holiday. My

parents will also be happy to see you again. I am sure you will enjoy every minute of your stay here.

I know you are fond of swimming. A river lies not far away from my home. We can go

swimming there. I think it will be pleasant and refreshing to swim in such hot summer days. In the meantime, as there is an air-conditioner in every big room of our house, we can watch TV, play VCDs or read books very comfortably when we stay at home.

Just phone me before you set off. There is no need for you to bring anything. I’ll prepare everything for you. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. (134 words)


Zhang Ying


很高兴听说你将在一周的假期中来看我。我父母将很高兴再次见到你。我相信你将 享受在这儿的每时每刻。

我知道你喜欢游泳。一条小河离我家不远。我们可以去那儿游泳。我想在这样炎热 的天气里游泳将会令人愉快清爽。同时,由于我家的每个房间都有空调,我们呆在家里 时可以惬意地看电视、VCD 或读书。

出发前给我打电话吧。你不需要带任何东西。我将给你备好一切。期待着尽快见到 你。


(八)十大必背范文之八:2002 年 1 月四、六级真题:投诉信


For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus. You should write at least 120 words, and base your letter on the outline given in Chinese below:

假设你是李明,请你就本校食堂的状况给校长写一封信,内容应涉及食堂的饭菜质 量、价格、环境、服务等,可以是表扬,可以是批评建议,也可以兼而有之。 Dear Mr. President,

I’m very lucky to be studying in this world-famous university, but I’m afraid I’m not

content with the canteen service on campus.

Firstly, there is little variety in the food served. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of delicious

dishes, but they remain the same all the year round. More and more students are complaining about eating the same food every day. So I think the most urgent problem to be solved is lack of variety. Secondly, the price is a bit too high. Many of us hope that the canteen can provide us with not only delicious but also less expensive food.

The above suggestions are not just of my own, but also of many other students. We hope our respected president will give our suggestions consideration. (127 words)

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


我很荣幸在这所世界闻名的大学里学习,但恐怕我对校园里的食堂服务不太满意。 首先,供应的食物种类太少。毫无疑问,有很多美味的饭菜,但它们全年都一样。 越来越多的学生抱怨每天吃的都一样。因此我认为最急需解决的问题就是花样太少。其 次,价格有点儿太贵了。我们大多数人都希望食堂不但提供美味的食物,也能便宜一点。 上述不只是我自己的建议,也是很多其他学生的。我们希望尊敬的校长先生能考虑 我们的建议。





You are the president of a company. Write a memo to George Gordon Byron, the

vice-president on the employee’s training on computer, telling him the need to train the employees, detailed information, and ask him to write a plan.

Date :January 15, 2015

To :George Gordon Byron, Vice President

From :Li Ming, President

Subject :Computer Training of the Staff

第一段:As we discussed earlier this week, I agree with you that our firm is faced up with problem of the high rate of computer illiteracy of the staff. We need to make up a plan for training our employees in the new field.

第二段:I would like you to design our own in-house computer-training program. We had better classify the employees and put them through the program in turn.

第三段:Write up a brief proposal, describing what you think the program should cover. Assume the class runs four hours a week for ten weeks. Also, assume people have no prior computer knowledge or any formal course work in computer science.

日期:2015 年 1 月 17 日




正如我们本周早期讨论的那样,我同意你的看法:我们公司正在面临员工高比率电 脑盲的问题。我们需要制定一个计划,在这个新的领域培训员工。

我想让你制定我们自己的内部计算机培训计划。我们最好把员工分类,让他们轮流 参加这个项目。

写一个简要的计划,涵盖你认为这个项目需要包括的内容。假定培训为十周,每周四 小时。同时假定员工在计算机方面没有任何预先的知识或没有参加过正式课程。


十大必背范文之十:2007 年 6 月四级真题:招新启事


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an announcement to welcome students to join to a club. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below: 1 )本社团的主要活动内容

2 )参加本社团的好处

3 )如何加入本社团

Welcome to English Club

January 17, 2015

第一段:Welcome to English Club! It could serve as a platform to show your outstanding abilities and help you develop a range of great skills.

第二段:You can be involved in a variety of activities including staging musical dramas, holding group discussions, watching Oscar-winning movies, and so on. These after-class activities could offer you ample opportunities. First, your active participation is helpful to

strengthening the sense of responsibility and managing interpersonal relations. Second, various activities organized by us could raise your level of proficiency in English. A good command of English empowers you to enjoy decided competitive edge over your peers.

第 三 段 : You can file a written application to our staff office or email us via

englishclub@163.com. The deadline for entries is January 31. Come on, join us now! (127 words)

English Club


2015 年 1 月 17 日

欢迎加入英语俱乐部!它能成为一个平台,展示你卓越的才能,并帮助你开发众多 技能。

你可以参加各种各样的活动,包括表演音乐剧、进行小组讨论,观看奥斯卡获奖影 片等等。这些课外活动能为你提供丰富的机会。首先,你的积极参与有助于培养责任感 与开发人际关系。其次,我们组织的种类繁多的活动能提高你的英语熟练程度。良好的 英语水平使你比其他人享有明显的竞争优势。

你可以向我们的行政办公室提交书面申请或通过 englishclub@163.com 发送电子邮 件。报名截止日期是 1 月 31 日。快来加入我们吧!