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一, 请以“The Two-day Weekend”为题写一篇文章




The Two-day Weekend

The two-day weekend is beneficial to university students in several ways. Firstly, they can give themselves a proper rest after a week’s hectic study, hence refreshing themselves physically, psychologically, and intellectually. Secondly, the long weekend gives them a chance to develop their interpersonal communication skills by socializing during the weekend. Thirdly, they can use this time to get closer to nature by doing some outing or excursions.

However, the long weekend could also pose some problems. Over-rest may render one too slack to get back to the working mode. Interpersonal conflicts could occur during weekend gatherings. Also, the long break may tempt the students into undertaking some daring endeavours.

For every weekend I spend, I always carefully calculate the time and make detailed plans. Whatever activity that I undertake must stick to the timescale, and by the end of the break, I happily tell myself that it is time for work now.





Some students think that it is very important to learn Engllish. But others hold that it is not necessary to learn English. They think that they will work at home instead of abroad after graduation from high school. They have few chances to talk with foreigners. But I don ’t agree with the latter. English is widely used in the world and it is one of the working languages at international meetings. Many books, newspapers and magazines are published in English. So English is a bridge to new knowledge. China is a developing country. We can learn new science and technology from foreign countries. If we master English, we can learn a lot of new science and technology in English to make our motherland richer and stronger.


Li Hua

I went to your house at 8:30 this morning. Unluckily, you happened to be out. I wented to tell you that we were going to see our sick teacher Mr Wang, who is in hospital. Because I didn't see you, I had to leave the note. Please come to my house as soon as you come back. I’ll be waiting for you before three o’clock this afternoon. And I have got something important to tell you.

Wu Ming

四,以The Importance of Water 为题写一篇英语短文,内容要点如下(字数在120左右)(les sion84)

1,水对生命的意义 2,水资源缺乏的原因

3,水污染及其危害 3,保护水资源

The Importance of Water

As we all know, plants and animals need water.So do people’s life and production. Life couldn’t go on without water.

With the rapid development of modern agriculture and industry, more and more water is needed. However, water is becoming scarce in many places. What ’s more, many rivers and lakes are beginning to be polluted by the waste water from factories. Fish can’t lives there any longer. At the same time, the waste water will do great harm to people’s health.

To maintain rivers and lakes clean and prevent water from being polluted, we must do something to stop it and launch a battle against all sorts of pollution.

五,美国某中学校刊编辑部以“Why Are Bikes So Much Used in China?”为题向你约稿,请你根据下列要点写一篇100词左右的短文。(lession62)







⑵交通工具means of transportation

Why Are Bikes So Much Used in China?

Most Chinese people live not far from where they work or study. It’s convenient for them to go there by bike. They can go wherever they like by bike on a short trip. Bikes are a convenient means of tranportation. Bikes are not expensive and each family has two or three bikes. Riding bikes is a good exercise and helpful to build up health. Bike-riding can save energe. China has a population of 1.2 billion. If each family had one car, a great deal of energy would be wasted, and serious air pollution would be caused.

So, bikes are so popular in China.

六,请以“Birth Control”为题写一篇短文。




Since the Chinese Government singled out family planning as one of the basic state policies in 1978, the country has adopted various measures and achieved great success in birth control. The total birth rate has been decreasing gradually.

However, at present China’s population is still growing very rapidly. It is reported that every year the population of this country increases by an extra 15 million and China is encountering a birth peak during the 1990s. It is obvious that China’s economic development and improvement of people ’s living standards have been and will be greatly affected by the population.

Therefore, to control population growth more strictly is cleary essential to the country ’s reforms and economic development. We should restress the importance of birth control and call on the whole nation to make more effective actions.

七,请以“Mdesty ”为题写一篇短文




Modesty is one of the many qualities that cross-century young people should possess. It makes you foresee your imperfections and gives you the impetus to go forward.

However, many young people do not seem to realize the importance of modesty. Some of them just feel satisfied with a little success, without the slightest desire to make further progress. Others have too high an opinion of themselves, totally ignoring other people’s suggestions and advice. Consequently, their immodesty often drivers them up against the wall.

For you to be modest, the first thing to do is to have a full understanding of your deficiencies. Besides, you should also admit other people’s strong points and try your best to learn from them. If you keep there two points in mind, you are on the right path to developing modesty.


故事大意,某人自量脚往集市买鞋,忘带尺度(measurement n.),回家取,再来集市已散。人问; “为何不以脚试鞋?”答:“宁信尺度,不信自己的脚。”(lesson8)

Once in the state of Zheng there was a man who wanted to buy himself a pair of shoes. He took the measurement of his own feet with a piece of string. Then he went to the market. He was looking at some shoes at the shoe-maker’s when he realized he had left the measurement at home. He put down the shoes and rushed home to fetch it. By the time he returned with the measurement the market was already closed. So he failed to get his shoes. Somebody asked him,“Why didn’t you just try the shoes on your own feet?” He answered,“I trust the measurement I took rather than my feet.”



Wang Fang has planned to travel during the summer holidays. She has been to many places around Shanghai, such as Wuxi, Suzhou and Hangzhou, but she never been to Beijing, the capital of our country. Beijing is a city with many places of historical and cultural interests. The Great Wall, the Summer Palace and the Ming Tombs are a must for everyone who visits Beijing. But the city is so large that Wang Fang is afraid that she will lose her way. So she has written a letter to her friend, Li Hong, who is now living in Beijing. In the letter she asks Li Hong to show her around the city during her stay there.

十,你以A Worried Mother 为名给一家报社写去一封信,反映情况如下:






⑵参考词汇:1.violence n.暴力 2.candy n.糖果

Dear Editor

I ’m worried about the influence of television., especially on our chidren. First, there is a lot of violence shown on TV, and many children imitate what they see. Second, the advertisements encourage them to ask their parents to buy what they see on TV, such as candies and toys. Also, sitting in front of the television set all day is bad for their eyes. Many childien have to wear glasses and I believe it is because of the long hours they spend on watching TV.

I hope my letter can be published in your newspaper as soon as possible so that people can make a right discussion about it.

A Worried Mother



Every teacher tells us to study hard to get ready for the college entrance examinations. It seems that we have been cut off from the world. We don’t have any entertainment at school. All we have is endless homework.

Personally I don’t think too much homework is good. Many of my friends work late into the night. Some work until eleven or twelve o’clock and we have to be at school at seven thirty the next morning. We lack sleep, which often makes us feel sleepy during the day. Some of us can’t focus the attention on the lessons. I’m afraid our health will fail that way. Besides too much homework can ’t improve our study. It only can make the matter worse. We need time to think and to digest. Endless homework limits our imagination. We just do the homework like a robot.

I hate endless homework. There is a saying“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I hope our teachers can understand this and relieve us of too much homework.

十二根据下面的提示写一篇不超过120词的说明文,题为:“The Value of Time”⑴时间是抽象的(abstract ), 看不见,摸不着,它一去不复返。⑵举日常例子说明人们都是在争取宝贵的时间⑶今天,时间就是生命。由于人的一生是短暂的,我们必须致力于学习,准备为社会服务。⑷今天的事情得今天做。(lesson53)

Time is abstract. We can neither see it nor touch it. Once it goes by, it will never come back.

In our every life, we can see that most of us are making good use of time. Workers go to work by bus; students go to school by bike; housewives wash clothes with washing-machines. All these are exxamples of saving time.

Today, time is life. Since life is very short, we must seize the day to devote ourselves to studying. Only in this way can we serve the country and society better in future.

So we mustn’t leave today’s work till tomorrow. Time is more valuable than money.




⑵你将在北京迎接(greet )他们,然后乘飞机到成都。

⑶乘汽车到有熊猫(giant pandas)的松潘和九寨沟旅游。





Dear Mr and Mrs White

Sichuan is in the southwest of China. It’s known both in China and abroad as“the home of giant pandas. ”Every year a great number of visitors both in and outside China come to tour Sichuan.

I ’ll greet you in Beijing. Then we will fly to Chengdu and visit some beautiful places by bus, such as Songpan and Jiuzhaigou, where we can see some pandas. After visitng these places we ’ll come back to Chengdu again and fly to Chongqing. Then we will travel along the Yangtze River to Wuhan by ship. We will visit some places of interest and do some shopping in Wuhan. I wish you would enjoy your two-week stay in China.