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When it comes to the issue that students can study much more efficient by working together than working alone on the assignments, different people have different ideas. Some people holds the view that it\'s better for students if their teacher give assignments as independent projects, from my point of view, students would achieve more when they complete the teamwork assignments for the reasons that they can fulfill the tasks more quickly and make new friends as well as improve their communication skill.

The most obvious merit by doing teamwork is that students can cooperate with each other and finish the assignment more effectively. People have different advantages among various backgrounds, when they work together, they can take their own strong points to do their best. Take myself as an example, my teacher once asked us to complete an experiment team project on the flower development. It is very difficult for one person to fulfill the whole work. Nonetheless, due to our teamwork, we could collaborate and utilize the virtue of each person. Some of my team members are good at experiment designs and operations, while others are proficient in the data analysis of the experimental results, so we divided the work into two parts and different members carried out diverse tasks, eventually we submitted a perfect accomplishment and spent much less time than we work alone. What\'s more, I have learned a lot from my partners.

Another important benefit by working together is that students have the opportunity to keep in touch with more people, which may bring new friends to the students and improve their communication ability. No one can deny the importance of making friends during students\' school life. When students finish the teamwork, they have a chance to discuss with each other on the assignment and help each other to overcome the potential difficulties. Therefore, students can improve their linguistic expression ability and make good friends during the process. In fact, one of my best friends is just made when we accomplish our teamwork.

Admittedly, students may enhance their independent ability by working alone on the projects to some degree, for instance, they have to solve the problems on the work and seek new ideas by themselves. However, they may overwhelm by the frustration and lose their confidence or unable to finish the assignment. In addition, the two above virtues of teamwork are more appealing to the study of students.

In summary, it is more beneficial for students to do teamwork than independent work. Teachers should give students more opportunities to work together. Only in this way can students study more successful.