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Seeking Personal Independence

Nowadays, an increasing number of young people want to leave home and try to live an independent life on their own. As for us university students, when we enter university, we have started our independent life. It is necessary to be independent, especially in a competitive society. Independence is very important for young people. To start with, independence is not just being able to do things on our own, but it also means being considerate to others, taking care of ourselves and people around us. Away from our parents and living on campus, we should try to give our parents less financial burden and maintain a good relationship with our classmates, helping each other in study and everyday life. At the same time, we should be aware that independence does not mean absolute freedom. We need to be responsible for our own actions and any harm we do to others. We should make decisions by ourselves because we should take care of our own future.

In view of the significance of independence, we should try to live an independent life. We should make a specific plan for the future, take others' needs into consideration and learn to grow up through different experiences. Only in this way can we young people have a real, meaningful independent life.

Banning Smoking in Public Places

Nowadays millions of non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke. Smoking should be banned in public places because of health risks to others and the negative effects on children.

Most smokers may think the public smoking ban would sacrifice their freedom, but actually smoking in public takes away non-smokers' right to breathe fresh air. Studies show secondhand smoke causes unnatural deaths in non-smokers from lung cancer and heart disease.

The negative effects on children make the situation even worse. Before babies are born, smoking begins affecting children. If the pregnant woman is exposed to secondhand smoke, the risk of birth defects would increase. Furthermore, children tend to imitate what they see, so they may regard smoking as a proper style of life and behave as so.

So in conclusion, smoking should be banned once and for all in all public areas. It will improve the quality of life and will ultimately better our society as a whole.

Creating a Green Campus

Recently a debate about "Green Campus" has aroused public attention. Undoubtedly, everyone knows that a green campus has a profound impact on both individuals and society, but what does the real "Green Campus” refer to? And how could we devote ourselves to the construction?

Needless to say, a green campus includes not only the places where the students live, but also the mental environment. The preservation and protection for the environment, such as planting more trees and flowers and using degradable plastic containers, is needed for campus construction. Meanwhile, we should make efforts to improve the moral standard of university students in order to create a civilized atmosphere for the sake of students' mental health.

As a college student, I get several practical measures to present. In the first place, it is essential that law and regulations be worked out by the authorities. Furthermore, it is high time for us to increase the awareness of the importance of creating a green campus. At last, we must take prompt actions to carry out the regulations. I believe after doing these, we'll get a more harmonious and green campus.

Due Attention Should Be Given To Spelling


Nowadays, students attach less importance to the spelling of words in the process of English study. This phenomenon greatly influences students’ writing and brings on worries among teachers.

There are possibly three reasons contributing to this phenomenon. First, exam-oriented

education makes the students pay less attention to spelling. Second, some teachers should also be responsible for it because they don’t emphasize the importance of spelling during teaching. Last but not least, some students are too lazy to recite words.

Since spelling is one of the most important factors in English study, due attention should be given to it. As for me, I think, first, exams should be modified to add some factors into it, which would help students pay more attention to spelling. Then, schools should also set effective mechanisms to help teachers as well as the students to realize the importance. Finally, for students themselves, they can, through other ways, make them be interested in word spelling. Only by these can we surly realize the importance of spelling and make improvement.

Today in China, many families have only one child. So the children usually doted upon by all family members. Gradually some of them get used to depending on their parents and family members, as a result they lack the ability to face their lives by themselves.

There are some ways to help children to be independent. First, the child should have a chance to see the world around him individually to understand that there are various people and competitions in their lives, and learn to find his right position in the society only by individual efforts. Second, it is impossible to ask a child not to depend on parents at once.The parents may give the child enough help and space to make him feel comfortable. A child needs help from their families. Because without any help, the child may lose his faith. Thirdly, parents can help their children make their own decisions, which can challenge his ability to deal with problems. A child should be praised when he is successful or encouraged when he fails.

To be independent is vital for the children, because no parents can go with their children for the whole life. Only an independent person can live and enjoy a full and meaningful life.

Doing Shopping Online

With the development of the Internet, shopping is no longer a tiring thing. Just click your mouse to choose the articles you like, and the purchase is done. You don't even have to step out of the room. It seems all easy and quick.

However, people's opinions vary on this trend. Some believe that on line shopping is time and money saving. With plentiful selection options, they can buy whatever they like at any time convenient. Still others insist that mis-purchasing alone is annoying enough, not to mention the credibility of the sellers and the safety of their accounts.

In my opinion, the convenience and excitement of on line shopping is beyond all doubts. In the meantime, we must always bear in mind that certain traps do exist, so we'd better make sure the sellers are trustworthy before buying. In addition, we should also guard ourselves from the potential hackers who might steal our account information.

Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will

It is known to us all that where there is a will, there is a way.1 A person can probably

accomplish nothing without a strong will.2 We can't deny that sometimes people can reach a goal

by playing tricks; however, that definitely won't last long.3

People with strong wills cannot be defeated by difficulties easily and they will never give up until they succeed. Take Nobel, the inventor of explosive, as an example, before inventing explosive he took thousands of explosion experiments.4 We can name quite a lot of famous people like Nobel, but we can also list some people like the "smoking quitters".5 To them, making a plan

is so easy as they don't have to keep it. Therefore, they will never realize it.

To sum up, a strong will is an important character people should cultivate since it plays a key role in people's success.6 The resolute make resolutions once and for all; the irresolute keep

making resolutions all for once.7 To be the winner, try to be the resolute.8




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