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1. 表示相似性的句型

①Moral corruption(A)is to the State(B)as physical disease(C)is to an individual body(D).(A之于B 犹如C 之于D)

②Just as woods are indispensable to birds ,so is the earth to human beings.(正如…,…也如此)

③As far as personality is concerned ,Tom (A) and Peter (B) have almost everything in common.(A和B 有共同之处)

④My hobby (A) is similar to his (B) in that we both like collecting records,foreign and domestic. (A与B 相似)

⑤As the economies of all countries are closely interrelated no country can develop in self-seclusion. The same is true of China. (The same is true of. The same can be said of... 也是如此)

2. 表示相异性的句型

①Beijing (A) is populous and crowded ,while Canberra (B) is just the opposite.(A与B 正相反)

②China’s condition (A) differs from ours (B) in that China has the largest population in the world. (A不同于B 在于)

③While it may be true that basketball and volleyball share certain features,the excitement each arouses in the spectators is not the same.(…是不相同的)

3. 表示权衡性的句型

①It seems safe to say that the advantages of marriage outweigh the disadvantages of divorce.(利大于弊)

②Perhaps nothing can rival the pleasure from reading. (…是无与伦比的)

③There could be no doubt that job-hopping has its drawbacks as well as merits.(既有优点也有缺点)

④Men (A)may be superior to women(B) in physical affairs. Yet,there is no difference in intelligence.(A优于B)

⑤People’s attitude towards drugs varies from person to person.(…是因人而异的)

4. 表示过渡性的句型(承上启下,使新观点不至于显得突兀、步断)

①Some people argue as if it is a general truth that ,I cannot agree with them for the following reasons.. But to be frank

②According to/As can be seen in figures/statistics /the findings/data released/provided by the government/an institute, .

③There are several/many causes/reasons for this dramatic/significant growth/change/decline/increase in .

④There are no less than three advantages in as rendered below.

⑤The reasons are chiefly as follows .

⑥Another reason why I advocate the attitude of is that.

⑦Last but not least, .

⑧What is more, .

5. 表示倍数与比例关系的句型


①Asia ranks first both in area and in population among the seven Continents.Europe is second to Asia in population,but in area it is the last but one.

②We all hope that a country’s population should be in proportion to its area, unfortunately the reality often goes against our will.

③A is a far larger university,being over three times as big as B.

6. 引用图表内容时的过渡句型

图表式作文经常使用as 从句做解释性描述的过渡,它的运用,可以使短文由图画的说明解释,陡然一转,由客观说到主观,由一般说到个体,过渡自然。

①This picture shows , ,as we can see in the upper half of the picture. However ,the lower half of the picture shows that .. At the beginning

②As is revealed in the graph .

③As the survey results show .

④As we could find out later in this unit,his plan was not quite as he had expected.

⑤This table provides several important points of comparison between the two universities.As can be indicated in the table,the housing space for the staff of

A in 1995 was 34 500 square meters,which nearly doubled the B’s corresponding figure.

7. 描述图表常用的概括性句型


①This table provides,several important points of comparison between the two key universities.

②The two graphs depict the same thing seen in two different ways. The first diagram simply records . The second graph throws a new light on .

③The key findings taken from the surveys are as follows: .

④If drivers continue to drive more carefully and further strengthen their sense of safety,the rate of accidents can be expected to decline even more dramatically in the year 1998.

8. 引论或得出结论的句型

①As the proverb goes,“ ”. It is quite understandable that .

②Along with the development of society more and more problems are brought to our attention,one of which is that .

③Admittedly ,there are merits to both sides of the argument.

④Contrary to widely held belief,I believe that .

⑤Now ,it is commonly believed /some people think that ,but I wonder whether .

9. 表示转折的句型

①On the surface of it,this may seem to be a good solution,but if thinking again ,we would point out some drawbacks.

②At first thought,it may seem to be an attractive idea,but it does not bear closer analysis when we find .

③Superficially ,it seems to be a sound solution,but when carefully weighing in the mind,we find that .

④A close inspection of these arguments would reveal how flimsy they are. ⑤The undeniable deficiency in this remark is that it is negligent of the bare fact that .

⑥However ,we also cannot deny that .

10. 表示解释、分析、引申的句型

①One very strong argument for is that .

②It is an obvious fact that .

③One of the most important things about is that .

④A particularly notable case of this matter is .

⑤We may look into every possible reason,however ,foremost reason for is . ⑥is mainly/ partly/ also responsible for the rise/increase/ decrease in . ⑦We may cite/quote/mention a single/common example of .

⑧A recent/nationwide study/survey/poll conducted/ taken at a university/ by scientists indicates/reveals/ suggests that .

⑨Of course,this will have some negative effects on .

⑩ is a case in point.

11. 表示得出结论的句型

①From what has been discussed above ,we may safely draw the conclusion that . ②Taking into account all these factors ,we may safely reach the conclusion that . ③Judging from all evidence offered ,we may safely come to the conclusion that . ④All the evidence/analysis supports a (an) sound/ unshakable/just conclusion/ view that .

12. 表示建议、采取行动的句型

①It is necessary/ essential that effective actions/ quick steps/ proper measures should be taken to prevent the situation/ correct tendency / end phenomenon. ②There is little doubt that serious/ considerable/ special attention must be called /paid /devoted to the problem /shortage of .

③It is high time that we placed/put great/special/considerable emphasis on theimprovement/ development /increase of


I. 用于文章主题句

1. 不用说,…

It goes without saying that子句

= (It is) needless to say (that)子句

= It is obvious that子句

= Obviously, S. + V.

6. …无论如何强调都不为过

… can not be overemphasized


The importance of traffic safety cannot be overemphasized.

15. 在讨论…,一个人不得不承认…。

In dealing with …, one cannot but admit (that)子句


In dealing with one's future career, one cannot but admit that it is very important to decide one's future career as early as possible.

16. 世上没有什么比…更令我高兴。

Nothing in the world can delight me so much as …


Nothing in the world can delight me so much as having hamburgers in fast-food restaurants.