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Grads need to take important factors into account when looking for a job. One of these factors is the location of their future employers.

大学生在毕业找工作时,往往需要考虑诸多重要因素,其中之一便是工作地点。 Li Chenxi, 22, a senior student from the School of English and International Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University, lives near Beijing West Railway Station and hopes to find a job nearby. Anything within a one hour commute is fine. The adjacent China Central Television would be ideal.


“I’ll definitely live at home. Why should I rent a room?” she said. “My parents told me that I could pay them 1,000 yuan to stay, but if I live outside the cost would be much higher - perhaps twice or even three times as much. ”


There’s a growing trend of recent graduates choosing jobs close to their homes, especially among those in first-tier cities. It’s regarded as a way for them to avoid the rapidly rising living and transportation costs, and to enjoy a bit more stability and convenience in life. 越来越多的应届毕业生选择在家附近找工作,尤其在一线城市中。他们认为这种方式可以免除不断飙升的生活与交通成本,也让人可以更多地去享受一份安稳便捷的生活。

According to Shao Haisheng, HR director at Ctrip, an online travel service company, many post-90s job applicants are very vocal about their location preferences. They never fail to mention that they wish to work at a branch near their home.

携程网的人力资源主管邵海生(音译) 表示,许多90后求职者都直言不讳地表达出对于工作地点的喜好。他们总是提出希望能够在家附近的分公司工作。

“That’s good because it means young people know their needs and are

quite articulate about that,” she said. “It’s reasonable as long as they don’t see it as the main or only criteria in finding a job and are flexible.”


But for those graduates from small and medium-sized cities, living at home is more about finding a job in their hometown. Xu Li, 24, a law major at China Youth University for Political Sciences, from Golmud, Qinghai province, is thinking along these lines. “I want to become a civil servant in Qinghai province, working either at the municipal government or the local people’s procuratorate,” she said.


“Although it will be challenging to pass the exams, I’ll be happy to live close to my parents and be able to visit them frequently.”

“虽然公务员考试很有挑战性,但能陪在父母身边,经常去看看他们,我就很开心了。” But Wang Yanqun, 24, an accounting major at Dongbei University of Finance and

Economics, changed her mind about working close to home when she faced a future of limited possibilities.


The recent graduate found a position at Guizhou Linquan Aerospace Motor Corporation in her hometown. “But I’ve decided not to restrict myself to this location and I will make an effort to look for jobs in big cities,” she said.


“The employment outlook isn’t good, so graduates should cast their net wide,” said Yu Chengjie, a student instructor from the School of English and International Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University. “They should emphasize more important aspects, such as personal interest or potential for growth when looking for a job.”