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1. 爱国主义(patriotism )

2. 努力工作(hardworking )

3. 勤俭(plain living)

4. 相信科学(belief in science)

5. 为人民服务的意识(consciousness of serving the people)

6. 团结互助(solidarity and helping each other)

7. 诚实守信(honesty ,credibility and being trustworthy)

8. 遵纪守法( observation of the law)

9. 中华传统美德(traditional Chinese values)

勤 hardworking 俭thrift 信 honesty 孝 filial piety/filial duty/filial respect

礼courtesy 忠loyalty 仁 benevolence/ humanity/ humaneness爱 affection

10. 现代美德(modern virtues)

志愿者精神(volunteerspirit )

契约精神(spirit of contract, observation of the law, abiding faith of the law)

无形社会 (负面)适用于不好的社会问题:社会责任、传统美德、品质的缺失 Recently, such kind of graph has draw much attention and generated a heated discussion(激烈的讨论)on Sina Weibo the most influential social media(社会媒体)in China.

The picture does reveal that lack of credibility is in large measure(在很大程度上) detrimental not only to the personal life, but to the further development(进一步发展)of the whole society. The past three decades have witnessed our overwhelmingly excessive emphasis on material benefits (物质利益) and unawareness of the importance of credibility which has been increasingly becoming indispensable to the health of economy, the stability of polity and the pursuit of happiness(追求幸福). (过去的三十年中,由于过分强调物质利益,忽视了诚信的重要性,而诚信对于健康的经济,稳定的社会和对于幸福的追求而言都是必不可少的。)

More specifically speaking(更具体的说), individuals, enterprise, organizations and even the whole society fail to notice the damaging consequences of dishonesty when undergoing the dramatic social transformation(社会转型).


No thinking man would refuse to admit the fact that the commitment to(投身于,致力于)national individual prosperity requires a prevailing and flourishing trend of the driving force(驱动力) of credibility. Put it another way(换句话说), were there no credibility never could we taste the real happiness of the success in the long run(最终,终究).


Facing with such a threatening reality, we are expected to(被期待,有望) enhance the sharp

awareness of(清楚的意识到)consequently damaging effects(危害作用) of ignoring honesty. It is imperative that this negative trend, constituting a permanent menace to harmonious society(和谐社会) construction, be harnessed and reversed by the corresponding laws and regulations(法律法规). Only in a reasonable, prosperous and healthy atmosphere can we hope to witness the ideal scene in which people can enjoy their life to the uttermost.


无形社会 (正面)

文化融合(Cultural integration)

社会公德(public morals)

The picture tells us that volunteer spirit is and remains to be an integral pare in this ever rapid changing modern society. 这幅图画告诉我们在如此快速发展的现代社会中,志愿者精神将一直是不可或缺的部分。

It is the modern virtues(现代美德) that spark and fuel the sustained social progress(社会进步) and continuous betterment of culture when we are undergoing the ever most rapid economic growth. Volunteer spirit emerges as the most thriving one among them.


People in the need can obtain financial aids(经济援助), material support (物质支持), mental comfort (精神安慰) or spiritual back from volunteer’s work.


Being the beneficiary of a kind of volunteering deeds inspires us to act that way toward a third person and provides a huge boost to the sound evolution of a nation. In other words, were there no volunteer sprint, never would we taste the civilization of the modern society. (Simply put, it inspires and boosts the sound evolution of our nation.)


Any thinking man would admit that our ardent love for life will further guarantee the prosperity of this life-affirming force which will usher a completely new horizon for the great renewal of our nation. In view of the importance of such a positive phenomenon, we must, doubtless, establish a coordinated mechanism to ensure its everlasting rewarding effects on our society. Only in a reasonable, prosperous and healthy atmosphere can we hope to witness the ideal scene in which people can enjoy their life to the uttermost,(I argue.)





1. 资源保护(energy and resource saving/reservation)

2. 环境保护( environmental protection)

3. 人口增长(the growth of China’s population)

4. 家庭暴力(the problem of domestic or family violence)

5. 社会保障系统/资金(social security system/fund)

6. 假冒伪劣产品问题( counterfeits and unqualified products)

7. 食品安全(food safety)/粮食安全(grain security)

8. 消费者权益保护问题( the protection of consumers’ rights and interests)

9. 知识产权保护问题(intellectual property protection)

10. 学术剽窃(academic plagiarism)

11. 节约粮食(grain conservation)



方式一: The picture presented above is quite notable. As is shown in it, the characters in the middle of (在什么中间)it are doing something thought-provoking(发人深思的,引人思考的) and this will enlighten (启发V ) us persistently. The author’s real purpose is not the fact itself, but to lead us to find the informative information behind it.


方式二: The picture presented above is rather upsetting(令人苦恼,心烦意乱). As is shown in it, such thought-provoking scenes abound in(富于) our daily lives and usually prevail with (劝说,说服)the ever-rapid economic growth(经济高速发展)/social progress(社会进步), which will draw our attention /enlighten us persistently. The author’s real purpose is not the fact itself, but to lead us to find what hides behind the iceberg (冰山). /Simple as the picture is, the informative information is revealed in it.





With our adequate exploration of the meaning of the picture, the problem that lies beneath the surface will unfold and definitely get a lot of publicity.


The reasons for this problem, if the possible ones are enumerated one by one, may be numerous. 至于这个问题产生的原因,如果把可能的原因都一一数出来的话,可能是数不清的。

Nevertheless I hold that the main/leading reasons derive from the given social and economic circumstances.



Our country is expected to realize its goal of becoming a moderately prosperous(小康)country and is required to establish a socialist market economy system to bring about rapid economy growth, social progress and people’s living standard(人们的生活水平) continuous improvement of.


Meanwhile ,the market economy system(市场经济体制) is revealing its ugly faces either, among which are not only environmental pollution(环境污染) but also cheating, and such problems as food safety(食品安全), corruption, taking bribes , compromising their conscience(良知缺失) and the like.

与此同时,市场经济体制的负面影响正在凸显,诸如环境污染、欺诈、食品安全问题、 腐败问题、受贿问题以及良知的缺失等。

The problem reflected in the picture is just one of them.





In summary, despite of the social and environmental challenges facing us, we should have the abundant confidence in our ability to address such problems. Firstly, it is imperative that corresponding laws and regulations be introduced and enforced to harness and curb this urgent problem. Secondly, it is high time that the campaign was initiated by authorities to raise people’s awareness of this reality. In retrospection(回顾) of our long history, we, Chinese people, have, working with diligence, bravery and wisdom, created a beautiful homeland and developed a great and dynamic culture(伟大的,充满活力的文化), with our shared efforts, it will only be a matter of time before the problem becomes things of the part, I firmly believe.

“有形社会话题”(正负)科技发展所带来的影响:(手机,互联网,微博, 名人代言)


第一句:The picture does send us a distinctly clear message that our ordinary life is reshaped / has been greatly influenced by the mobile phone/internet/ micro blog /celebrity endorsement. 第二句:介绍主题的出现和发展

Of all changes that have taken place in daily communication, during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the invention/introduction of____.


Indisputably, shave indeed made communication convenient and quick, but they have also brought about negative consequences. For example, students obsessed with apps perform poorly in school. Moreover, some college students waste hours, lavish days and even squander years for indulgence with some time-consuming games. Even some adults become estranged from relatives and friends because of their obsession Those who are unaware of the bad effects can hardly fit into society, let alone establish their careers. That is not to continue as it is, we would pay the high price.


Come what may, in one form or another, is here to stay; the risks of running/employing/living with it are far less threatening than the dangers of closing it down/abandoning it away, an act which would not only be impossibly unpopular, but also would be as counter-productive as draining a pond to catch fish and burning down the forest to hunt game. So, we must treat it socially, economically and culturally, with the essence absorbed and the drawbacks neglected. 无论如何,(主题)都将会以一种形式、或者另一种形式存在于我们的生活之中,经营它/使用它/或者与它共存的风险都要比关掉它/抛弃它的风险小很多,关掉它/抛弃它的行为不仅非常不受欢迎,而且所产生的副作用将好比是涸泽而渔,焚林而猎。因此我们必须取其精华去其糟粕,从社会、经济和文化方面仔细对待。




1. 顺境与逆境( favorable circumstances and adverse circumstances)

2. 勤奋(hard working, diligence, painstaking efforts)

3. 谨慎(prudence and determination)

4. 坚持/毅力(perseverance ,persistence, determination)

5. 热情和乐观(enthusiasm and optimism)

6. 博学和求知(learnedness and seeking knowledge/pursuit of knowledge)

7. 活力(vitality )

8. 身强体壮,充满活力(bursting with vitality and good health)

9. 独立 (independence)

10. 感恩(gratitude ,gratification)

11. 创新( creation, innovation, creative mind, creative thinking )

12. 鼓励 (encouragement)

13. 真诚(sincerity )

14. 仁慈、博爱、理解和宽容(humanity, love, understanding and tolerance)

15. 自满和谦逊(being self-satisfied and being modest)

16. 勇敢(courage and bravery)

17. 敬业精神(professional dedication and professional ethics )

18. 业务水平(competence )

19. 苦难(suffering and hardship)




The author of the picture attempts to convey with a certain amount of(一定数量的) confirmation the distinctly clear message that the spirit of seeking knowledge seems to underlie almost all(几乎

所有) human success.


Due attention to this quality has been attached by individuals and even the whole society, otherwise, we can not witness such a prosperity.


People with spirit of independence cannot only accumulate wealth, but will also establish their career, fit into society, and even attain social status.


For example, newly-re-elected US President, Barack Obama, the excellent embodiment of American dream, who went through an unusual growth history but gained far-ranging recognition and admiration, perfectly exemplifies with his own glorious personal accomplishment the 例如,新近连任的美国总统奥巴马,他是美国梦的完美化身,成长经历很不平凡但却最终获得了广泛的认同和崇拜,用其辉煌的个人成就完美的例证了独立的重要性。要是没有这样的素质他是不可能取得成功的。

Mo Yan, the newly-selected Nobel Laureate in Literature,the excellent embodiment of Chinese dream , who went through an unusual growth history but finally to be a writer who facilitates Chinese literature to step into the spotlight worldwide ,perfectly exemplifies with his own glorious personal accomplishment the importance Hardly can he succeed without this attribute.


最后一句 successful life.



从某种程度上讲,这幅图画引发我们去反思传统的成功,启发我们去探究生命的意义和那些永恒的精神价值。独立的精神是一种必需的品质,不仅能使我们获得物质财富和权力,还能让我们找到使生命更有意义的道路。所以获得幸福和充满意义的生活的最可靠的方式就是找到对自己和对这个世界都重要的目标,并且在这种精神的伴随下,不断努力。 The picture, to some degree, makes us reflect the conventional success and enlightens us(启发我们) to wonder the meaning of the life and its permanent spiritual values(永恒的精神财富). The spirit of independence is widely acknowledged as(广泛承认的) the essential trait(本质特征)that will entitle us not only the material wealth or rank of power but also the way to make life meaningful. So, the surest way to have a meaningful happy life is to set goals mattering to(对……重要)us and to the world and commit ourselves to striving for (奋斗)it with this quality. 图表开头描述:

1. According to the table, the 文章主题 increased from数字 in 年份 to 数字 in 年份. Although this was a small increase, the way in which 修饰 changed greatly.

2. Since 年代, China has witnessed a great change in主题. As the graph shows, the percentage of 主题词1 decreased considerably, dropping from 数字 in 年代 to 数字 in 年代, while the

corresponding figures for 主题词2 increased dramatically, rising from 数字 to 数字over the same period.

3. As can be seen from the above graph, money value of annual global electronic commerce transactions is increasing gradually in the past nine years. In 2002, the money value of global electronic commerce transactions is almost $ 4 billion, while the number reaches $ 360 billion in 2011, 90 times that of 2002.

4. It can be seen from the pie chart that…

…accounts for the largest proportion.

主题词makes up 百分比of …

百分比represents 主题词

百分比is defined as 主题词

5. Isolated as the figures seem to exist, as a matter of fact, they are connected with one another closely.



As is shown above, China’s online shoppers reached 210 million by the end of June. The country is expected to become the world largest online retail market next year, overtaking Japan.


After my exploration of this graph and consideration of some related facts, I would like to present the following reasons. Firstly, according to a survey, China’s Internet population reached 538 million, and it is the number that ushers a great possibility of the online shopping’s boom. Secondly, E-commerce companies are paying increasing attention to technology development and innovation to attract more online shoppers. Consistent with the improvement of technology is investment banks cheering it on, with more money poured into the market facilitating sales promotion.


Impressive as the nu mbers are, there’s another set of statistics that’s even more striking: nearly one-third of the online shoppers in China fell prey to fraudulent websites during that period. Protection needs to be in place for everyone, starting with consumers, if China’s E-commerce industry is to grow as it can and should.