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Shoucheng Yang

He was sitting alone with his thought when a phone rang. It’s Ruoxi Chen. She called to ask his view of her today’s show.

Yang not only felt bored but even want to sew her mouth with needles just as what a criminally insaneBritish had done many years ago when Chen was chattering without stop on the phone.

However, at the sight of Lanqiu Ye in television, he had to agree that Chen had exploited a good loophole together with her colleagues, that is to expose the girl’s face by the public’s right to know. Through Ye’s eyes, Yang felt more than her sadness, anger and anxiety to vent, but her helplessness and powerlessness. Actually, he empathized with her.

“We ’ve gotten a tremendous response. A few mainstream sites have set up topics for this event and someone has offered ten thousand yuan to the man who finds the girl on the internet. Moreover, our leaders have allocated one hundred thousand yuan for the show and assigned me to do in-depth features. Now, I ’m a producer, not a reporter any more. ” Chen said excitedly.

Feeling tired, sick and indefinite annoyed, he said: “Ruoxi, I’m tired. I want to go to bed earlier. Let’s sleep on it.”

“Is it not enough for you to have a rest for a whole day?” Chen felt puzzled.

“I have something to do.” Yang didn’t want to share his hesitation in

making a deal with a robber or venting his anger to the customer-service staff and the policeman.

He felt self-contemptuous, self-condemned and even self-abandoned for lacking manliness and courage because he did nothing after having thought for a day.

But Chen knew nothing. She lost in her thought. After the news about a girl refusing to give up her seat, she had received a lot of unexpected attention and eagerly needed an enthusiastic man to praise her or a patient listener rather than to listen to and care for his trouble. In fact, she was so busy with her lots of follow-up work that she had no time and no energy to do that.

Yang, in that state, is obviously not the right person. However, as the boyfriend or fiance of Chen, he should be the right one.

“It ’s a pity that you go on your holiday right now. Tonight, both our director and vice president of TV station who seldom go out with us have come for dinner. If only you can stay with me.” Chen complaint in spite of herself.

“Alright, that’s it!” Yang interrupted, “Leave it to tomorrow, OK?” “Aren ’t you happy for me? Today is the most important day in my career. ” Chen said in astonishment.

“OK, congratulations.”

“You are being perfunctory.” She was disgruntled.

Finally Yang burst out: “What do you want me to say? To praise you for raping a girl and then ask her feeling surrounded by a crowded of onlookers? You have done a wonderful job, haven ’t you? ” Actually, he was scolded himself rather than Chen. Having thought about himself and the whole thing, he only concluded that his life was raped. What’s worse, instead of getting concern and comfort from his family, friends and onlookers, he was ridiculed, scolded and complaint by the ill-wishers surrounded him for his defiance.

Chen was shocked. She hadn’t thought that her moral integrity was so bad in his mind.

Driven by the sense of loss, he had vented all his frustration, but then he had to clean up the mess situation. Chen ’s silence made him feel guilty. However, he couldn’t say a word to apologize in time due to his self-esteem as a man.

“Well, I’ll come back in two days. Then let’s have a big dinner in the Earth Nightclub for celebration. ” Yang said. He regarded his words as another kind of sincere apology, at least he thought so.

“I won’t presume to trouble you, because I am afraid I’ll be ill after eating the meal. So, keep the meal for yourself! ” She hung up with a bang.

Yang was supposed to call her again and said some sweet words as usual after she hung up. Thus, she was waiting for his call and planned to

forgive him when he called back. But somehow he thought of the day when he was teased by the girl in telecommunications office and the policeman in police station after his phone was stolen. He went home early to receive her comfort but only to find she was not in. Then he was told on the phone that she was being in company with her president’s wife. They would have dinner, practice driving and do beauty care together. Chen didn ’t come back until 12 o ’clock that night. Therefore, Yang thought he had rights to choose not to make a phone call as punishment. Before he went to sleep, he even took his battery out of his mobile phone to ensure not to be disturbed.

Xiaoyu Mo

Mo left her job and worked as a full-time housewife at the age of 35. In her friends’ opinion, she began to enjoy her life. But as for Mo, her life wasn ’t perfect, just a kind of balance between happiness and anxiety, as the life that all people lived.

While she was happy for the large business done by his husband, Liushu Shen, she was worried about his heart occupied by Lanqiu Ye, a beautiful and bewitched lady.

She would turn a blind eye to his change and keep peace with him when she was happy over anxiety, otherwise, she would mention something unimportant and trivial to deepen his memory.

One day, Shen came back much earlier than usual.

“Are you busy today?” Mo asked by the way.

“Ye has left her job. Have you said something to her? ” That ’s the main reason why he came back early.

“Ye has quit! ” To be honest, she was delightful at this surprising news.

Shen was unhappy for her joy, because Ye ’s sudden left not only meant a loss of a beautiful lady, but also an efficient assistant in his office, though he knew she was nothing to do with the thing from her expression.

“You are so paranoid that you often go to my company and find the fault caused by the girls.Now you must be happy about her resignation, aren ’t you? “

“I won ’t be paranoid if you haven ’t done anything. Ye is not your heart. Need you come home and argue with me?” Due to his blame and grievances over the years, Mo was getting angry, too.

“Just leave me alone. ” He had planned to tell her about Ye ’s resignation to clear himself and warn her not to trouble his office when he had dinner at home, but now Shen knew it would be worse if they continued. He stopped and looked up at the clock. It’s almost time for the business appointment with his customers.

Shen didn ’t mind the reason why their marriage got into such a

situation. He only knew his feeling had gone away and he was just accustomed to their marriage. But he was not sure when he would end this marriage.

He got up to leave, but carelessly knocked over a compote dish with apple slice, which was cut into pieces and stuck toothpick by MO.

What ’s worse, the dish made of glass broke in two. It was a carefully selected gift presented by her friends to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary.

Shen was going to apologize for his incaution. However, he hesitated because he was unaccustomed to do that when Mo had been furious. “Ye is a bitch. Her resignation is none of our business. Nobody knows whom she has hooked up with. Why do you get angry with me? Get even with her man if you can!”

Mo ’s words make his regret disappear as bubbles.

“You are crazy!” Shen left and slammed the door, leaving Mo alone at home.

The house was shocked as if there was an earthquake because of the powerful slam. After a fit of hysterics, Mo felt tired and turned on the TV with tears to add some voice or noise to this quiet house.

Watching at the TV, she was so astonished that she forgot to cry and close her mouth.

She saw Ye in the TV news and heard someone commenting on the

news, which said: “One of the Chinese traditional virtues is to respect the old and take care the young. Offering the seat to those in need is the basic requirement for our character and cultivation. Our reporter has interviewed some passers-by about this event. Now, let’s listen to their opinion about giving seats in bus.”

She was not in the mood for watching or caring their view. She only minded the heroine of this event. That is Lanqiu Ye, the bitch who caused Shen lost his temper at home, destroying her family.

Hotline numbers were announced on television to involve audience. Mo called the number.

“Hello? Is it TV station…After watching the feature program, I want to tell you I know the woman who refuses to offer her seat to the old. She is Lanqiu Ye. I believe she has done that many times because she was a mistress. She never has ideas on morals.”

Ruoxi Chen, the TV site host, was stunned. She asked: “Do you have evidence? ”

“You will get the truth if you do some investigations. Everyone knew her scandal.” Then she hung up.

She made a cup of tea for herself and looked at the green leaves rolling up and down in a clear glass. With the white steam out of the glass, she seemed to feel relaxed.

Lanqiu Ye

She sat down on the lawn in the Downtown Square with warm sunshine on her body. She kept still as if she was dead, without thinking anything about her life and hardship.

She was required by a call from the hospital to handle her admission formalities as soon as possible and she didn ’t want to say she had no medical insurance, no relatives, even no sympathy.

Shen had called her to discuss something about her resignation. Actually, she wanted to tell him that their dubious relationship was just a means of keeping her job. That ’s not her real intention. But then she thought the men who would remember her was so few that it’s no need to reduce one.

She was selfish because she wanted someone to mention her name or have a sigh occasionally after her death, then she heard a dialogue unconsciously.

“Have you brought some money?”

“Of course, three thousand in all. Where is my cell phone?”

“Cut the cackle! Give the money to me!”

Out of curiosity, she turned back and saw two men tugging back and forth in the place which was no more than 10 meters away from her. She was going to die, so she could announce she was fearless no matter what she would face. She took a couple of steps closer to feed

her curiosity.

Ye saw two other men rushing up quickly and forcing one of the men to the ground with the other man. Three of them got a wad of banknotes from him and was going to leave, laughing. The man who was robbed was lying down on the ground without any move. The smell of death seemed to be in the air.

She turned around to the passers-by who also witnessed the event. There were many passers-by, but none of them paid attention to the man. They just quickened their pace and left in a hurry.

Ye took photos of the robbers on the sly by her cell phone and then called 110.

It ’s the first time for her to call the police. Though she never communicated with robbers and police, she had experience of meeting those men who enjoyed their life and facing death.

She screamed into the phone: “Help! Someone has been robbed in the city center. He is dead!”

Her voice was high and sharp, but her expression was smooth. After the phone call, she looked at the man lying in the ground and the curious pedestrians nearby.

The pedestrians didn’t stop and came forward until the robbers had left.

Ye thought they were all curious about the man, who was lying

without moving. They wanted to know whether he was alive or dead. “They are devils!” An old man was sighing.

“Hey, sir, how about you?” A warmhearted man came up to check his body.

“Shall I take you to the hospital??” A practical man suggested. “Is there any doctor?” A realistic man asked.

Nobody answered. Maybe doctors were busy in the hospitals, spending no time in wandering in the square.

When we were talking about, policemen showed up with harsh alarm. The crowds gave way to the policemen.

Obviously, police were more experienced than the pedestrians. One of the policemen put out his hand to his nose. He was breathing. “He is alive.” The policeman said.

Both policemen and pedestrians felt a sense of relief.

The victim lying in the ground sat up slowly.

“What ’s your name?” A policeman asked.

“Shoucheng Yang.” The victim answered.

“Who called the police?” Another policeman asked.

“Me. ” Ye answered.

“Have you said there is a homicide case?” A policeman said seriously. “I see him still, so I think he has died.” She said innocently. The policemen couldn’t blamed her for anything.

“How many robbers?” The policeman asked as a formality.

Yang shook his head. He no longer had any hope on the police. Ye interrupted, “I have taken photos of those men.”

Yang was surprised. Now his feeling was the same as the drowning man who had seized a final wood.

It ’s the first time that he focused on Ye. He looked at her carefully. From her expression, he knew she was indifferent and apathetic about this event, but surprisingly, she interfered by her way.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. He knew who she was.