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Dear Tom,

I’m glad to receive your letter. And I want to share something with you. I find that we should learn English well.

I t plays an very important part in every person’s life and is an official language in the world, it’s widely used by us. Besides,when we travel ,we have to communicate with foreigners in English. I f we feel tired or bored, we can watch English movie or listen to English songs to relax.

So, we should realize the importance of English and try to learn English as well as possible. Give my best wishes to you.



I have a good / close/best friend. Her name is Lily.

On June 20, 2009, she graduated from Chongqing University. She is an outgoing, hard-working and kind girl. She gets along well with all the people.

When she is free/not busy, she prefers travelling, cooking and reading .

She always encourages her friends to travel.

At home, she persuades her mother to join/take part in a piano club.

She makes full use of every/each chance to live better. Actually, it is excellent who/that she is.

I have a good/close/best friend named/called Lily. On 6.20, 2009, she graduated from Chongqing University. She is

outgoing, hard-working and kind, and gets along well with all the people.When she is free/not busy, she prefers travelling with her friends. She always encourages her friends to travel. At home, she persuades her mother to join/take part in a piano club. She makes full use of every chance to live better. Actually, it is excellent who/that she is.

On Monday our school held a sports meeting on the playground.(A sports meeting was held by our school on

Monday on the playground.)

Although/Though our class got zero point, our headteacher still takes pride in /is proud of us. We are hard-working,successful and excellent .

In my heart, Jiang Hongchuan is heroine of/in our class, and ______ is hero of/in our class.

Miss Jiang has a lot of photos and videos about us. Mrs

There is a lot of photos and videos about us have

Monday our school hold a sports meeting on the playground. Finally, we have 36 points. we take pride in ourselves.

I think that we are hard-working,successful and excellent. In my heart, ____ is heroine of our class, and ______ is hero

of our class.

Our English teacher has a lot of photos and videos about us.

Boys and girls:

I have an important announcement to make.

Next Saturday, we’ll visit Beijing Happy Valley. All the students should meet at the school gate at 8:00 a.m. We’ll go there by bus. Please take enough drinking water and lunch. What’s more, every one must hand in /pay 230 yuan for the ticket. In the park, you can visit every place and take photos freely. Please take good care of the facilities there, and protect

the environment. You must pay attention to your safety, when you take part in some important activities. We will return at 5:00 p.m.

Taht’s all. T

hank you.

Dear teachers, How time flies! It’s more than half a month since my senior school life began.............

I am grateful to you for your help. You were concerned about me very much, and I learned a lot from you. In the new school, I meet more new teachers and classmates. We are get along well with each other, they are friendly and kind.

However, it is difficult for me to learn all the subjects. I can’t follow my teachers. I hope that I can make much progress later.

I’m looking forward to receiving your letter and suggestions as soon as possible. Best wishes.



请你根据以下要点给你朋友Tom 写一封信,介绍你和家人上周末晚上在哈尔滨游览的情况:

1. 游览时间:上周末

2. 游览景点:哈尔滨冰雪大世界(Harbin Ice and Snow World), 哈尔滨极地馆(Harbin Polarland),东北虎林园(Siberian Tiger Park)和黑龙江科技馆(Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum)

3. 体会:学到了新东西,交到了新朋友。


2. 词数100 字左右。

Dear Tom,

Last weekend, my family and I visited Harbin, which is a beautiful


When we arrived Harbin, we were attracted by many different kinds of buildings. We first visited Harbin Ice and Snow World and Harbin Polarland. It was funny to skating there with my families . Then we visited Siberian Tiger Park and found found more than 500 tigers living there. We enjoyed wonderful performances given by the animals. All the visitors were excited at the performances. At last ,we visited Technology Museum.

This travel helped us learn something new. Besides, we made new friends with visitors from different parts of the world.



假如你叫李华,你发现你的英国网友Lucy 的生活方式不太健康。你想给她提些建议。请你用英语给她写封电子邮件. 内容包括:


注意:1. 词数100左右,短文的开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总词数;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 短文中不能出现与本人相关的信息。

Dear Alice,

Hope everything goes well with you. Do you still stay up very late every night? I'm writing to share my ideas on how you can live a healthy life.

First of all, I think it's a good idea to eat more fruits instead of snacks. Also, you need to get rid of the habit of drinking cola only. Why not drink more water? If you spend less time on your smart phone, you can have more time to get together with friends. What's more, don't you think doing sports often can make you look well-built and feel energetic at the same time?

All in all, a healthy life style makes us healthy, wealthy and wise in the future. Hopefully you can follow my advice and make a change from now on.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

假定你是李华,你的美国老师Mr. Evans要求你们明天下午去听一个英国历史的讲座。你因故不能参加。请你写一封信向Mr. Evans道歉并说明情况。要点如下:

1. 表示歉意。

2. 理由:父亲去北京出差,母亲生病住院需要人照顾。

3. 询问:是否有视频,以便补听讲座。

注意:1. 词数100左右。2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。3. 开


D ear Mr. Evans,

I am/feel sorry that I won’t be able to attend the lecture on English history tomorrow afternoon./ My mother suddenly fell ill and was taken to hospital last night,but my father is on a business trip to Beijing now. I am afraid that I will have to take care of her these days./

However, I am very interested in English society and history. I wonder if it is possible for me to learn from a video.If possible, could I borrow the tape?

Please allow me to say sorry again. I sincerely hope that you will be able to understand my situation and accept my apology.

Yours ,

Li Hua


Mid-autumn Festival is one of the Chinese traditional festivals, which/it is usually held in September or October at lunar calendar. Tom is very interested in Chinese festivals,and he can’t wait to learn about the origin and customs of Mid-autumn Festival . During the festival, we will enjoy our traditional food mooncakes with our families.There are various kinds of mooncakes, which taste delicious and look like the moon. At night, people get together in the open air, eat delicious mooncakes, appreciate

the beautiful moon hanging in the dark sky. I believe that we will have great fun together.

英语报正在开展Unforgettable Summer Vacation征文活动。假如

你叫李华,请你为此写一篇英语短文,介绍你所参加的全国中学生英语夏令营的活动(the National English Summer Camp for Middle School Students)。要点如下:

1. 夏令营的目的

2. 夏令营的活动

3. 你的收获和感受 注意:

1. 词数100字左右

2. 可适当增加细节,使行文连贯。

Unforgettable Summer Vacation

This summer vacation I joined the National English Summer Camp for Middle School Students. It was designed to improve our English and develop our skills/abilities.

At the camp I took an active part in many activities, such as the English speech contest and English story telling. Later I found my English improved rapidly and I ’m no longer afraid

to speak English in public. Besides, I made many friends with the teachers and students, who were very helpful and kind. And we kept in touch after the camp.

In a word, it was an unforgettable and meaningful experience, from which I learnt too much . I hope that more activities like these will be held in future.

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