TODAY 今天 英语作文
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Today is Sunday, all the classmates in our class went to the park.The weather was very good, sunny, we played very happy, we play a lot of games,we all enjoy ourselves.We should take part in more extracurricular activities, and go outside to have a look at the world, we can learn more things and Enrich our own knowledge.


Today is Sunday.My classmate went to the park near here.The weather of today was quite cool and cloudy.And we went there,had a rest at the beginning .After that ,we enjoyed ourselves by doingkinds of games.


Yesterday was my birthday. I had a lot of fun with my family and friends.

I got up early to take a walk with my friends .Because I wanted to enjoy the first morning in my 16th year. During the walk I talked happily with my friends about the past year. All of us believed that I can do better in the following year. In the evening, my family prepared delicious meal for me. Certainly, there was a big cake with candles on it. My father helped me light the candles and I made a sweet wish which was only known by me.