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考点跟踪突破38 基础写作



1.like ,sweater ,you ,a ,would ,to ,buy 2.for ,like ,you ,what ,breakfast ,would w 3.laugh ,poor ,at ,don't ,the .

4.is ,a ,singing ,the ,tree ,there ,bird ,in

5.find ,to ,it ,learn ,I ,important ,English .


1.this ,yours ,dictionary ,is 2.show ,cinema ,the ,way ,me ,to ,the

3.how ,may ,I ,the ,book ,long ,keep 4.he ,his ,spent ,on ,time ,hardly ,subjects

5.we ,our ,teachers ,great ,respect ,show ,for


1.love ,do ,animals ,you

2.what ,me ,useful ,she ,information ,gave

3.test ,how ,study ,does ,for ,he ,the

4.has ,a ,after ,short ,John ,supper ,walk .

5.be ,information ,online ,can ,much ,received .


1.you ,talking ,mind ,not ,would ,loudly 2.well ,volleyball ,he ,plays ,how

_3.to ,where ,father ,work ,your ,did ,use

4.weather ,for ,is ,the ,fishing ,good

5.my ,prepare ,was ,to ,meeting ,task ,for ,the


1.Mary ,interested ,science ,is ,in 2.enjoys ,the ,my ,playing ,sister ,guitar .

3.us ,not ,dinner ,why ,go ,with ,for

4.leave ,lock ,remember ,when ,door ,to ,the ,you

5.weekend ,we ,have ,last ,a ,picnic


1.this ,you ,in ,sing ,can ,English ,song

2.look ,does ,your ,what ,friend ,like

3.Jenny ,a ,photo ,sent ,friend ,her

4.me ,father ,my ,little ,than ,is ,a ,taller

5.at ,right ,second ,turn ,the ,crossing


1.there ,glass ,is ,in ,any ,the ,milk

2.tomorrow ,will ,home ,we ,fly


3.is ,green ,who ,girl ,in ,the 4.be ,try ,again ,not ,late ,to .

5.sing ,no ,her ,better ,one ,than ,can .


1.they ,or ,not ,are ,married

2.my ,take ,I ,after ,mother

3.star ,movie ,favorite ,who ,is ,your

4.useful ,you've ,what ,found ,information

5.kitchen ,my ,cooking ,is ,mother ,the ,in .


1.please ,water ,could ,the ,flowers ,you

2.highest ,what ,the ,world ,building ,is ,the ,in w orld?

3.days ,me ,happy ,sunny ,make

4.to ,bring ,don't ,guitar ,your ,forget

5.politely ,to ,old ,should ,people ,speak ,the .



请以“My Favorite Teacher”为题,根据以下提示,用英语写一篇不少于60词的短文。标点符号不占格。

提示(短文须包含下列要点) :

1.What subject does your favorite teacher teach?

2.What does he/she look like?And how about his/her personal traits (性格)?

3.Tell a story about how he/she helped you.

4.What do you want to say to him/her when you meet in the future?

注意:短文中,老师的姓名请一律使用Mr.Wang 或Ms.Wang ,不得出现任何真实人名、校名及其他相关信息,否则不予评分。

My Favorite Teacher

Mr.Wang is my fav orite teacher.He teaches me math.He's of medium build and young.He has short straight black hair and small eyes.He is outgoing and funny.His classes are al w ays li v ely and interesting.And he is v ery kind to us.

Last year ,I failed a math exam.I w as sad and upset ,but Mr.Wang encouraged me.He al w ays told me,“You can do it!” Because of him,I became more confident about math and w orked harder.Finally,I did w ell in math.

When I meet Mr.Wang one day,I'll be excited and say hello and thanks to him.



提示:1. 学生课业负担重,几乎没有时间锻炼身体;



要求:1. 要包含提示中的要点,可以适当发挥;


参考词汇:body condition (身体素质)

Dear Editor,

I'm shocked at the sur v ey result.The reason that Chinese students' body condition is dropping is because of their hea v y school learning tasks.Under too much pressure of study ,students aren't allow ed to do lots of after-class sports activ ities.Also ,they hav e little time to take exercise.

For the future of our country,impro v ing students' body condition is v ery important.Here are some suggestions to share w ith you.Firstly,enough sleep and healthy food are good for our health.Secondly ,taking more exercise can make us stronger.“The less you exercise,the w orse your physical health w ill be.”Remember it and do more daily exercise.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ning





●交通安全: 过马路要当心,不在马路上玩耍。

提示词:electricity (n . 电)

注意:1. 词数80-100;






最近,某中学生英文报开设了“After-class Activities”的栏目。请你根据以下提示,为该栏目写一篇英文稿件,并鼓励同学们积极参加课外活动。

提示:1. 你校开展课外活动的情况;



注意:1. 词数80以上;


3.稿件的开头已为你写好(不计入总词数) 。

提示词:take part in,sports ,interesting ,favorite

After-class Activities

Nowadays ,after-class activities are becoming more and more popular in junior schools.In our school there are v arious kinds of activ ities ,for example,arts and sports.We enjoy them v ery much.Playing football and reading are my fav orites w hich do me lots of good.Besides building my body and improv ing my skills,they also free me from the heav y w ork of study.

Here I hav e some suggestions.To students,w e'd better choose the activ ities w hich interest us and suit us ;Schools should organize more acti v ities for students and lea v e more time for acti v ities by giv ing us less homew ork.

Dear friends, please activ ely take part in after­acti v ities ,w hich w ill not only make your school life colorful,but also improv e your learning.


假如你是高中一年级新生王丽,开学之初,你的英语老师Mr.Liu 希望了解每一位同学对英语的看法和英语学习情况,并征求教学建议,请按以下要点用英语给他写一封信。


1.What's your idea about English and how is your English?

2.What are the main problems in your English study?

3.Give your teacher some advice on his English teaching.





Dear Mr.Liu,

I am very happy to have you as our English teacher. As the w orld is becoming a global v illage ,English is getting more and more important,so learning English w ell means w e can see the w orld through a new w indo w .My English is just OK and the main problems in my study are that I feel it difficult to learn w ords by heart,and I often feel nerv ous w hen I speak English.

I really hope that you can giv e me good adv ice on how to remember new w ords.Another suggestion is to giv e us more chances to practice speaking.I believ e w e can make much progress in English w ith your help.

Thank you!

Yours ,

Wang Li




1.What's your idea about taking after-school classes?

2.Why do you think so?

3.What would you like to do in your spare time?




3.词数60~80个。(短文开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数) I love you.Thank you so much for bringing me up.

It seems that many students go to take after­school classes.You w ant me to go there,too.I think taking after­school classes isn't helpful to me.In fact,it is just a w aste of time and money.I used to go to different kinds of these classes,but I didn't do a better job than others in study.So in my spare time ,I think I should spend more time reading ,doing sports ,taking some social acti v ities and doing some housew ork.These can help increase my know ledge and enjoy my life.

Learning by using is a real practice.I ha v e leaned a lot from it.I'm sure I w ill be more creati v e and confident in my study.


你即将升入高中,面临寄宿 (a boarding school) 和走读 (a day school)两类学校的选择。请你以“A boarding school or a day school?”为标题,写一篇 80~120 词的短文,内容须包括:



3.你的选择和理由(理由不得与上述两点内容重复) 。

注意:1. 短文必须包括所有要点;



One possible v ersion :

We are going to graduate from our middle school,and w e w ill make a choice to enter a boarding school or a day school.Both kinds of schools hav e their adv antages and disadv antages.

If w e choose a boarding school,w e w ill sav e more time to study.How e v er ,w e may hav e less time staying w ith our family.If w e choose a day school,parents can know more about our studies.At the same time,computer games may take a bad influence on us.

As for me,I prefer a boarding school.We should concentrate on our study to get good grades in high school.