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1 / 10 2014英语高三一模作文

Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

【宝山区】II. Guided Writing

在中学阶段,英语课外阅读有许多材料。比如:小说、杂志、报纸、网络、系列读物和习题等。请写一篇关于中学英语课外阅读的文章,内容必须包括: ● 介绍你喜欢的英语阅读材料

● 简单阐述你在英语课外阅读中的收获和感受 【评分】15/20

I prefer the newspaper online. As we all know,it is hard for us to getthe paper media,due to the high cost. Therefore, the most feasible way to get access to the foreign language is the Internet.

It is because the words on the online newspapers is more suitable for a high school student to read that we can benefit from it more easily. Another reason why we choose newspaper website is that there is not only one type of article. For example. BBC Homepage involves articles of all types ranging from news and world to literature and science.

Reading only the text books for knowledge cannot truly enable us to use a language. By reading the newspaper website, I can not only learn to use a languages but also can be more exposed to a variety of knowledge.

As the online newspaper is free, relatively easy to read and rich in knowledge, I love it best.


如今微信(WeChat )走进了人们的生活,为大家带来了诸多便利,但有些人也随之成了“微信控”(WeChataholic ) ,请你就此事写一篇文章。你的文章必须包括:

● 对此现象的描述

● 你对“微信控”看法 ①In present-day society, Internet has played an important role in our daily the new form. of communication “WeChat” is Naturally, a great number of people have bec ome “WeChataholic” or “phubber”, which means they keep staring at the mobil e phone all the time and can’t live without it.

WeChat surely brings us a lot of convenience of keeping in contact with o thers, To begin with, the frequent use of electric devices does great harm to our health, especially for teenagers who are physically immature. In addition, may easily neglect the peopl e around them and being isolated from their surroundings, which int erpersonal relationships. the ove

2 / 10 ruse of WeChat

interferes with the normal running of our lives, directly reduci ng the efficiency of people’s daily work and study.

In conclusion, we should make full use of the merit of WeChat, and reduce it s demerit to the minimum as well. 【崇明县】

Dear Jerry,

Thanks for your letter! As you’ve recently heard of from the Internet that the air condition in Shanghai is rather bad, I would like to share with you my ide a about the haze.

① The word HAZE used to be a common entry which could only be found in dictionaries;

however, it has become in some major metropolitan c ities like Shanghai in China. open the window in the morning, y ou will seldom see blue sky and white clouds. jog on the school p layground, you will find it rare to freely breathe fresh air. like me not only began to wear masks to self-protect but took some measures to crack it down.

So, what are the reasons resulting in such terrible haze? I am sure no single c ause is responsible for such a big issue, but about the gases off from the tall chimneys in the chemical factories and the water out from some illegal small workshops, no one would doubt the responsibilities these pollution sources should take.

No matter how serious the haze is now, it is no use complaining about it all day without any practical actions. our government took some forceful measures to combat the air pollutions and the individuals raised their awareness to make their due contribution to a clean environment.

Anyway, everything is changing better and so will be the air condition. Best regards!

Yours sincerely,

3 / 10 Huang ming



• 就前三种苦恼选择其中之一,具体描述这一苦恼的具体表现、产生原因; • 用你本人生活中的一个具体事例,说明你是如何应对或排除这一苦恼的。 (报告中不能出现你的真实姓名和校名)


某国际青少年互动友谊营正在招募志愿者,要求能安排并接待一位与你年龄相仿的外国青少年在上海游玩一天。你对此很感兴趣,请写一封E-mail ,申请担任志愿者,并告诉主办方你的一天安排。(文中请不要出现真实的校名人名)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the volunteer of your since I am rather interested in the reception part f or a foreign friend of my age.

After full consideration, I have designed a perfect day tour in Shanghai for this new friend. In the early morning, he or she will be sitting at the table with my friends in the sidewalk snack booth, the most tra ditional Shanghai local breakfast.

③As is always said, one can never say he has been in Shanghai without v breakfast, I will show him around the bund, the well k nown scenic spots for tourists. I will try my best to be a qualified tour guide, introducing to him the histori es and interesting stories behind every architecture.

In the afternoon, we are going to visit the former site of Shanghai Expo 2010, appreciating the magnificent China Pavilion, the Crown of the East. The s hape of is so well designed that it has attracted a lmost one million visitors until now. What’s more, I am sure that my new frie nd will be definitely all over China.

A perfect day ends with a delicious homemade dinner with dearest family. And I hope my company could leave him or her a good memory of Shangha i.

Thanks for your consideration!

Yours sincerely,

4 / 10 Mary







According to the reform program of the college entrance examination that the Ministry of Education has made,some of the subjects will be examed many times in a year.People have different oppinions about this.

Some say that this program give students more free time.Students can choose the exam time themself and it's obvious an effective way to improve their grades of the university entrance examination.On the other hand,if some of the subjects are finished ahead of time,students will be in less pressure during the time.

There are also many people against the program while others are in favour of it.It wil increase the burden of the students by the frequently tests.Also,it is a waste of the education resource cause the exam costs more in this case.

In my oppinion,to pass the exam before the reference time is a good way to relax ourselves while we are all under the pressure of the university entrance examination.So I'm looking forward to see the reform program to be brought into force.

What about you?What's your idea of the program?


假如你是启明中学(Ming Qi Middle School)的李明,想申请成为“爱共线”的暑期志愿者。根据以下启事,写一封申请信(信中不能提到真实姓名和学校)。

5 / 10 Dear Sir or Madam:

Hello! I’m Li Ming, who is a student from Ming Qi Middle School. After seeing your advertisement, now I’m writing this letter immediately. I want to apply to be a volunteer in your organization. The job I want to take is webpage editor.

First of all, I really want to devote myself to helping children in poor areas. Once upon a time, I saw some news about these poor children who had no access to education or lacked assistance of daily necessities, which left a deep impression on me. So I thought I would do something for them one day.

Secondly, I’m good at programming. I have learnt programming for a long time. The prizes which I wo n in competitions are numerous. In my class, I’m responsible for designing my class’s webpage. As you can see, I think I have had much experience. Working as a webpage editor is easy for me.

Last but not least, in summer vacation, I have no extra classes. So I can contribute all my energy to this job.

As reasons above, this job is suitable for me. And I assure you that I will do a great job. Please let me join your organization!

Yours sincerely

Li Ming


目前,某某学校正在开展推选“校园形象大使”(image ambassador on campus) 活动。假定你是该校的一名学生,请以书信的形式向校长推荐一位同学或者进行自荐,并结合具体事例阐明推荐的理由。(信中请勿出现具体校名和姓名)

Dear Mr Princcipal,

With the recent “Image ambassador on campus” campaign launched,a suitable candidate just comes up into my mind and I cannot wait to introduce this my dear fellow to you heartily.

The guy,named Ben,has been class monitor since his first debut.He is such a person with a high sense of responsibility as is always ready to offer people a helping hand

志 愿 者 招 募 爱共线是由民间发起的爱心公益组织,主要致力于贫困地区儿童相关的援助项目。 我们期待你的加入!

岗位1:网页编辑(webpage editor) 岗位2:影像制作(cameraman ) 岗位3:论坛管理员(forum administrator)

岗位4:活动组织(event organizer) 有意者请来信告知: 1) 你个人的基本情况; 2) 你所申请的岗位和申请的理由;

6 / 10 with no hesitation and reluctance. He is also a role model possessing precious virtues which we all are endeavoring to learn from.Never is he arrogant no matter what achievements he has made in study. So he is never tired of learning from all that he finds a point in improving himself. He is always on the run of clarifying his own soul as well as ours.

If you share the same opinion as mine, please take Ben into account. I’m sure he can assume the role of image ambassador on campus and maximize his positive energy for us students’ deeper internal development in the mean time.

Anyway,thanksfor your reading time.




● 请具体描述一次你参与过的校园活动

● 并谈谈你对此次校园活动的看法或它对你的影响


学校将组织“‘光盘’行动”的活动(“clear your plate” campaign),你将就此谈谈自己的想法。(“Eat-It-Up ” campaign!)


● 简要描述身边存在的浪费粮食的现象;

● 进行“光盘”行动的必要性;

● 你的“光盘”行动的具体内容

The human society has developed to the point where most no longer have to struggle with the food shortage. Accordingly, a string of scenes showcasing the food waste are commonplace in daily lives: diners leave the KFCs with their chips unfinished, party members fail to consume an excessive amount of meal prepared, or chefs occasionally dump the already-cooked dishes not up to consumers ’ expectations. In light of this, a clear-plate campaign, intended to minimize squandering, is to be launched by our school.

7 / 10 Apparently, the campaign aims to cultivate people ’s awareness of cutting food waste and eliminating deserted leftovers. But more significantly, the successful implementation of the campaign ensures that the energy and resources that went into the culinary process are equally saved, thus reducing the carbon emissions involved in it. Moreover, the positive effects generated by the action serve as decent learning material in morality and ethics, especially for the younger generations.

What should be entailed in the campaign, as far as I am concerned, can be listed as follows: first, some drastic approaches such as on the spot fine should be imposed upon individuals who are found wasting excessively. Alternatively, students can be privileged to gain a 5% discount in price provided they round off meals with a clear plate. Also imperative is that the ways the courses are sold be altered: the dishes might as well be prepared in smaller portions so that the potential waste can be curbed.



● 谈谈你对目前实施的独生子女政策的理解;

● 对未来实施夫妻中一方是独生子女可生育第二个孩子的政策的想法;

● 你对未来中国的人口问题有何期望,简述原因。

“One Child” policy has been implemented for decades, which has benefited China ①since the struggle of an imbalanced development of population and economy in the late 1970s. ②Not only has it released the child-raising stress for each family, but it has lessened the burden on the whole society. ③However, every coin has two sides. Though “One Child” policy has been proved an effective way to control the size of our population, it has generated various consequences, such as ④aging problem, “empty nest ”syndrome, deficiency of young labor, to mention just a few. In consideration of the current phenomenon, ⑤a new policy that couples with one spouse being an only child will be permitted to have two children is right on its way. ⑥There is no doubt that it will bring about some advantages, including ⑦alleviating the pressure of pension as well as lowering the risk of child loss. In the long run, it will definitely transform our social structure. ⑧Yet due to the profound impact of “One Child ” policy, it still requires great effort to change

8 / 10 people ’s concept of childbirth, which will consequently ⑨give rise to the ⑩achievement of harmony between population and society.


Wisdom, wealth, truth, power and beauty are all important things in our life, As far as I am concerned ,wisdom is the most essential thing.

Wisdom is a tool which helps us handle daily things effectively and do our work perfectly. It is like a ladder which leads us to other important things such as truth and wealth in our life. What's more, the people with great wisdom may have deep understanding of the value of life. Instead of being aimlessly busy, great wisdom lets us know what we are pursuing and how we can do it .

That's why I believed that wisdom is the most important quality for a successful and meaningful life.