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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Nowadays, a lot of students want to choose subjects in foreign countries, they seek a good education in order to secure a good job. I also want to study in America, and then I can learn something more important. I want to apply for the economics degree program at Stanford University. Stanford University’s economics is a rigorous discipline to which I find myself intensely attracted. Economics represents an integral part of my everyday life. It is about trying to understand the world and making real and personal decisions; something I can relate to on an emotional level. I can attest to how economics affects the lives of relatives and friends around me.

I am very interested in economics. Understanding the great importance of economics in the world today, I have chosen to pursue my higher education in this field. The excellent career opportunities and the prospect of a high paying job has certainly acted as an incentive for me to choose this area of study but this is by no means the only reason. The most important reason I have chosen this subject is because of the enjoyment I derive from studying economics and the opportunity I would get of making a positive contribution to the world. I believe that by studying economics, I can help my own country and the world. I wish to be recognized as someone who is open-minded and well educated. That is why I want to achieve a top degree in the rigorous, but always changing discipline of Economics. Studying this subject at university would allow me to understand how combinations of complex economical concepts can help to tackle poverty and welfare, the main issues of 21st century. Furthermore as well as studying economics I would be able to study modules in finance, accountancy, international trade, monetary policies. I believe that, it would help me to develop a broad understanding of the whole economics.

Economics has been taught at Stanford since the University opened for classes in 1891.The Stanford University’s economics department's purposes is to acquaint students with the economic aspects of modern society, to familiarize them with techniques for the analysis of contemporary economic problems and to develop in them an ability to exercise judgment in evaluating public policy. There is training for the general student as well as for those who plan careers as economists in civil service, private enterprise, teaching, or research. The undergraduate program provides an excellent background for those going on to graduate work in the professional schools and may also be structured to prepare students for a PhD program in economics. The department's curriculum is an integral part of Stanford's programs in International Relations, Public Policy, and Urban Studies. If I can study in Stanford University’s economics department, I think I will have a very beautiful future.

My persistence and diligence at school, coupled with the supportive attitude of my teachers have led me to brilliance in all of my school studies. Additionally, during my education in the English Major of Liaoning University of Technology, I managed to achieve proficiency in the English language certified by my excellent performance at the CAE and TOEFL tests. Moreover, my passion for mathematics encouraged by my parents from early childhood has developed my critical thinking faculties and analytical knacks. What is more, I have been ranked in the top 5 in several mathematical competitions. After assessing my qualities my teachers have chosen me

to represent my class at the Student Council. Furthermore, I am an active member of the local Interact Club in which we organize various charity events and exhibitions. As a part of my additional studies, last year I took up a course in rhetoric, which proved to be an exceptionally valuable experience. Through the debates we carried out, I improved my abilities to express my ideas clearly and concisely and learnt to think “out of the box”. In my view, these are the vital skills without which no manager could achieve success in the constantly evolving world of business.

I was born in a common family, and my parents taught me very well. Now, I am studying in Liaoning University of Technology, and I study very well. I have a lot of hobbies, and all the versatile hobbies and sports I’ve been involved in such as web designs, Photoshop graphics, karate, swimming and football have boosted my endurance, developed my mentality and made me more passionate about everything I do. And another important hobby of mine is debating. This hobby has helped me to improve my skills of speech writing and public speaking. Furthermore it encouraged me to do research on various topics, that way broadening my span of interests. Outside of school I have always led a very active social life. When I was five years old I was invited to join a music school to learn singing and later on to perform in my school choir. Through these lessons at the music school, and singing in the choir, I have learnt patience, discipline, and teamwork. At the age of 16 I was elected to be president of my school student council. As a leader of the team and a representative of the student community, I also developed skills in areas of negotiation and public speaking. When I am a student council member, I had the opportunity to attend many different courses on time planning, project writing, management and many more. As a summer job for the last two years I have been an Entertainer at hotels in a nearby resort. What I like about this job is that I can fully express my joyful nature and spread it among the guests. Since we had to prepare lots of dance, comedy and guest-orientated shows I have highly improved my ability to work as a part of a team and have had the chance to put to action my acting skills.

In terms of global economics, China still has much to learn. The government is far from reconciling itself with many of the principles that underlie the modern market. I also feel that the Chinese situation is unique, and, that in order to be successful, policy makers must take into consideration regional characteristics, historical tradition and social psychology when defining the course of the future. However, it is also essential that the future generations of leaders, administrators and teachers learn from other countries in order to better understand the complexity of China’s role within the global economic situation. The more China’s economy is prosperous, the more it needs its own economists. Therefore, at the end of my graduate study, I intend to return to my country and contribute to China’s economic progress. My ultimate goal is to teach introducing advanced Western research methods to my country and, if possible, tackle some of the economic problems faced by my country.

I am really looking forward to university where I would like to contribute to all aspects of university life, and where I can develop my academic studies in conjunction with my existing and new interests. I am a hard working and

goal-orientated person. I hope that studying Economics at Stanford University will provide me with necessary knowledge and will create an environment for me to develop the set of skills required for a successful career in a modern business environment.