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Topic:Water resources around the world are falling deficient. Analyze the possible reasons and provide your suggestions.


Access to water is vital to every living creature on the planet. Despite the fact that approximately two thirds of the earth surface is covered with all forms of water bodies, countries worldwide are faced with different levels of water shortages. Some reasons can be cited to explain the emergence of this problem.


A trigger for water crisis is people’s lack of knowledge of the value of the water. Given the ready availability of water in many countries, people tend to believe that the reserve of water in the world is infinite. Notwithstanding the

increased expenditure on water supply, water is perceived as a cheap commodity by many families. Many people see water a perpetual resource. For this reason, the unbridled use of water is commonplace, accelerating the exhaustion of this valuable resource.

第一句话是段落的中心句,后文为展开论述支持论点。第二三四句话讲的是人类对水资源重要性的认识是如何的缺乏,最后一句话是前面论述的逻辑推论,句与句之间逻辑性强, 连接顺畅。

Rapid population growth is another force contributing to the water crisis. Not only does it reduce the amount of water available for manufacture, farming and households, but also has a profound effect on the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems. Massive urban and industrial growth fuels unprecedented demands, often at the expense of aquatic ecosystems. Many water resources are not replenished before being re-used and depleted.

第一句话是段落的中心句。后面的分句逐层论述为什么人口增长助长了水资源危机。使用了not only ……but also 的句式,巧妙地连接两个原因。

Human-induced pollution is worthy of concern as well, a factor regarded by many as the root cause of the rapid loss of drinkable water. The untreated discharge of various pollutants such as heavy metals, organic toxins, oils and solids in water bodies is believed to have severe impacts. Industrialization, meanwhile, results in abnormal climate and

biological destruction. While some areas have become barren, other areas are hit by floods. Floods ravage everything, including reservoirs, dams and cannel. The water supply problem will intensify.


这三段是文章的主体部分,在一般情况下,原因通常可以归分成三段。一般来说最重要的,最有说服力的原因应该放在第一段,第二段第三段的重要性依次降低。这样可以使文章具有逻辑性和层次性。每段的段首用一句话简明的概括本段的中心论点。接着对每段的主体句进行支持性论述,分别使用了推理和例证的方法。这样不仅段落之间逻辑严密,段落内部也逻辑明朗,使文章整体富有说服力。文章注重了长短句的变换,富有节奏感。表示同一个意思时作者也变换了不同的表达方式以增加文采:如表达……的原因时使用了“a trigger for…., another force contributing to…, worthy of concern as well”。

As noted above, the steady loss of water is attributable to inappropriate usage, population growth and pollution. In order to tackle the above-mentioned problems, one can adopts various approaches, besides the existing strategies, such as restoration of ecosystems, rainwater harvest. New technologies can help ease water shortages, by tackling pollution and making used water recyclable. In agriculture, water use can be made far more efficient by introducing new farming techniques (e.g. drip irrigation). Drought-resistant plants can help cut the amount of water needed.

按照逻辑顺序,分析原因之后应该提出对策,文章最后一部分即对策部分。作者用 “As noted above……”承上启下,接下来用举例的方式给出对策。


Granted,many virtues could be gained via undertaking those risky sports activities.Primarily,the extreme adventures can be taken as an effective way to help players relieve their pressure and vent their negative emotions,for the

occupied modern life often deprives one's right of seeking relaxation.The popularity of bungee jumping accounts for risky sports'significant function in terms of reducing stress.Imaginably,one's working efficiency could be highly

enhanced after doing his or her favorite sports events.Moreover,not only can the extreme adventures exert wholesome impacts,but it also could foster one's skills,chasten one's tenacity and forge one's frustration toleration.Some extreme adventures,such as rock climbing and surfing,requires high techniques or much stamina.Ultimately,the extreme adventures could be developed into tempting tourism items,which could generate immense economic value.


Some people believe that personal happiness is directly related to economic success.

Others believe there are other factors.

Discuss the two sides and give your opinion.


The pursuit of happiness has long been the dream of generations of human beings. They have always been puzzled Get Word ("puzzled"); by the essence of happiness. What is happiness? Is it closely related to one’s economic success? Will one’s financial success lead to happiness directly? Personally Get Word ("Personally"), I don’t agree that one’s economic success is the only prerequisite of one’s happiness in life.

对幸福的追求一直都是人类世世代代的梦想,尽管人类一直困惑于幸福的真谛。幸福是什么? 幸福和经济的成功有密切联系吗? 个人经济上的成功能够直接带来幸福吗? 就个人而言,我不认为经济上的成功是人类幸福的唯一前提。

Happiness may fall into different categories Get Word ("categories");. An old saying goes like this: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Happiness may mean being a successful and respected leader of a company, or a stable and comfortable job in a large international company, or a big flat downtown, a fantastic set of furniture, etc. However, happiness can also be a harmonious and peaceful family, or a hospitable and considerate friend, or just a smile, a gesture, a hint. In fact, happiness may be composed of anything you could ever think of. At least, we may have two types of happiness: [wv]spiritualGetWord("hospitable and considerate friend, or just a smile, a gesture, a hint. In fact, happiness may be composed of anything you could ever think of. At least, we may have two types of happiness:

[wv]spiritual"); happiness and materialistic happiness.


One’s materialistic happiness is dependant on one’s economic success, though not completely. Without a strong and steady economic background, one could never imagine an easy and simple life, let alone an affluent and luxurious one. If you aren’t able to afford a house, a car, or even a book, anybody would be horrified at the mere mention of this kind of life. Definitely, some people will feel happy right away if their basic demands for life are satisfied. However, we have to admit that these people still need to be successful materialisticallyGetWord("materialistically"); to some degree.


On the other hand, one’s success in economy may not necessarily lead to one’s spiritual happiness. As we all know, money doesn’t get you everything and some even say that money is the root of all evilsGetWord("evils");. One’s

financial success may be built on the sacrifice of time, health and love, which are the three most essential elements of spiritual happiness. All of us are not new to this picture: a successful business man tasting loneliness alone with a broken heart.


In my point of view, one’s economic success is only one of the key factors of happiness, but never the only one. To be happy, one needs to be both spiritually and materially satisfied Get Word ("satisfied"); though each of us may have a totally different picture of happiness.


Generally speaking, gun is recognized as a emblem of power and justice of police. It is clear that a police with gun on is able to prevent those potential criminal activities. For instance, a pistol on the belt works effectively to stop crimes range from those robbery, theft, and rape and it can also force the criminals to be arrested.


大作文:some people say the purpose of education is to prepare individuals to be useful adults for society. Others say the purpose of education is to achieve personal ambitions.Do you agree or disagree?

我的观点是教育的短期目标是实现学生技能和思维能力的提升,从而实现个人梦想; 而终极是必然是为了服务于社会,甚至人本身存在的意义就是在于服务社会。教育只是一种手段,而人更多的是通过实现个人目标而对社会有意。

My personal answer to the purpose of education is that students and teaching staff should hold critical attitudes. It means that education involves the temporary and ultimate goals. The ultimate goal of education is the service of society. However, whether or not achieving it should take the accomplishment of personal goals as the prerequisite.

On one hand, students are expecting to acquire the survival skills with the aid of schooling training in the professional skills and thinking abilities. Personal ambitions also consist of the access to their preferred working fields and the progression in the professional fields. Besides, they finally win the social respect and acknowledgement.


When it comes to whether or not taking the social service to the society as the education goal,views differed greatly. However, I firmly believe that the accomplishment of personal wishes does not contradict to the willingness to the service of society. Graduates have to acquire the decent jobs, reasonable salary and social respect first and

simultaneously contribute to the society. Take the excellent architects as an example, they design the fashionable structures for people’s living and aesthetic demand while they can acquire adecent income as well.