2017 高三年级话题作文
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商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 1




指本人、家人、邻居、同学、老师、朋友和其他人的情况介绍。包括姓名、年龄、生日、出生地、地址、电话号码、QQ 号、电子邮箱、职业、品格、性格、习惯、毅力、责任、个性心理、意志品质、业绩或成就;所在学校、年级、班级,等等。

球星影星、同时代的出现在各领域的名人(contemporary famous people)、科学家、领袖人物、历史人物(historical persons)及其趣闻轶事。


年龄 : (1)a five-year-old boy一个五岁的男孩(2)a boy aged five 一个五岁的男孩

(3)in my teens /twenties在我十/二十多岁时(4)at the age of five在五岁时

(5)As a child, I liked to... 我小时候喜欢……

出生 : (1)was born in ... 出生在……(2)be/come from a wealthy family出生于富裕人家

(3)was born into a peasant family出生于一个农民家庭

外表 : (1)a 1.80-meter-tall boy 一个高1.8米的男孩

(2)overweight胖的;thin 瘦的;slim 苗条的;strong 强壮的

(3)look young for one’s age 显得比实际年龄年轻

(4)good-looking 长得好看;plain-looking 长得一般

(5)well dressed 穿得漂亮;neatly dressed 衣着干净整洁

能力 :(1)efficient办事高效率的(2)intelligent有智力的;creative 富创造力的

(3)a boy with great ability 能干的男孩(4)a qualified teacher 一名合格的教师

(5)speak fluent English 讲流利的英语(6)have a gift for 有……的天赋

(7)be skilled in 在……方面熟练(8)be experienced in 在……方面有经验

健康: (1)be in good health/shape/condition 身体健康(2)energetic精力充沛的;well-built 身材健美的

(3)suffer from... 患上……

经历 :(1)graduate from... 从……毕业(2)major in 以……为专业

(3)gain scholarship 获得奖学金(4)get good grades获得好成绩

(5)get a master’s degree 获得硕士学位(6)be given the title of... 获得……称号

(7)win a gold/silver/copper medal 获得金/银/铜牌(8)gain/win the first prize/place 获得一等奖/第一名 ☆ 专题练析


来自学校学生会板报上的消息,学生会干部(包括学生会主席、文娱部长、体育部长、学习部长、生活部长、纪律部长等) 即将改选。假设你叫李明,有兴趣去竞选某一部长,请用英语写一份演讲稿。 [写作内容]

1. 曾任班长二年;2. 选择竞选某一职位,并说明理由;3. 如果当选,你将为本校同学做些什么。 Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon. Thank you for coming to this election campaign today. I am Li Ming, from Class 3, Grade 2. With the trust and complete support of my class, I am delighted to announce that I am running for the Entertainment Secretary of the Student Union.

As a diligent boy with great organizing ability, I have always been considered to be a good team member and have served as monitor for 2 years. I not only perform well but also do well in singing and dancing. I once won the first place in Guangzhou Singing and Dancing Contest and was given the title of Excellent Student Leader in Guangdong.

If I am elected , I believe I will cooperate well with my fellow members of the Union and organize colourful activities to enrich our school life.

Thank you very much!

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 2 任务写作:虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后

以约120个词就“虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后 ( Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one fall behind )”进行议论,内容包括:

(1)你是否赞同上述观点, 为什么? (2)你今后应当如何做。

As is known, modesty is one of Chinese traditional virtues. We were taught early in our lives that modesty helps one go forward whereas conceit makes one fall behind. This advice is of great value and I can’t agree more with the saying.

Being modest, one tends to be aware of his shortcomings and would like to learn more so as to become more capable and competent.

And a modest man gets along well with others while others would respect him and help him when he meets difficulties. In contrast, a conceited person tends to swell with pride and over-estimate himself. Consequently, he would stop where he is, making no more progress. Meanwhile, people may dislike him and he may feel lonely.

Personally , I’ll stay modest even though I may have achieved something in life.(135 words)







居住环境:包括各类房子(楼房、平房、洋房、别墅、公寓、宿舍、酒店等) 及其方位、大小、用途、室内设施、价格、建筑年份、建筑风格及其配套设施等。

银行与购物场所:各类银行与银行卡、杂货店、专卖店、时装店、超市、药店和农贸市场等。 娱乐休闲场所:公园、影剧院和文化广场等。


1. 对周围环境的描写,通常按空间顺序进行,表示方位的短语有:

(1)on the left /right在左边/右边(2)at the back of在……的后面

(3)in front of在……的前面(4)in the north of在……的北部(内部)

(5)on the south of在……的南方(接壤)(6)to the east of在……的东面(相离)

2. 描写环境,倒装句是非常经典的句型,如:

(1)Behind the street lies a small river.街道后面有一条小河。

(2)On the top of the mountain stands a 50-meter- high tower. 山顶上矗立着一座50米高的塔。

(3)There is a bed, a sofa, a desk and a chair in the bedroom. 卧室里有一张床、一张沙发、一张桌子和一把椅子。





商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 3 Twenty years ago, at least 80 percent of people in our village lived in one-storeyed houses which were 8 to 20 square meters per person in size. Only 5% of the villagers had villas to live in. What they hoped most was to live in bigger-size buildings. But nowadays, no one-storeyed house exists, almost half of the people in our village own their own villas and the size for each person has also doubled. To live in more comfortable and safer houses with our own characteristics is our greatest goal in housing conditions. 任务写作:在广场上打羽毛球会留下许多隐患


(1)简单描述这种现象;(2)分析其不良后果; (3)提出合理的建议。

At present, some people like playing badminton in the square regardless of so many senior citizens and children. Perhaps, they regard the square as a playground. Something unfortunate would happen if things go on like this.

First of all, they would hurt others especially the old and the young because they focus on not passers-by but their own happiness while playing badminton. Besides , they would speak and laugh loudly in the course. At the same time, what they do has a bad influence on the image of a city.

So, I’d like to suggest that those who play badminton in the square think more of others instead of themselves and that stricter measures should be taken to stop this behavior from now on.(123 words) 高中英语话题作文归纳与训练3





1. 常用单词

(1)campus校园(2)canteen餐厅(3)laboratory/lab实验室(4)dining hall食堂(5)dormitory宿舍(6) club俱乐部(7)competition竞赛(8)rewards奖励(9)achievement/result成绩(10) marks/grades/scores分数

2. 常用短语

(1)school dining hall学生食堂(2)teaching building教学楼(3)lecture theatre阶梯教室

(4)the Students’ Union学生会(5)social practice 社会实践(6)part-time jobs业余工作

(7)vacation jobs假期工作(8)prepare lessons 备课(9)have lessons上课(10)miss a lesson误一节课

(11)prepare for lessons预习功课(12)stay away from school旷课(13)work hard at 努力做(学)

(14)put one’s heart into专心于(15)concentrate on 全神贯注;专心于(16)graduation ceremony 毕业典礼

(17)English evening 英语晚会(18)after-school/extracurricular activities课外活动

(19)social investigation社会调查(20)voluntary labor义务劳动(21)physical activities 体育活动

(22)see the sights of看景点(23)have a picnic/barbecue去野餐/烧烤(24)have a party举行晚会

(25)hold a sports meeting举行运动会(26)have an outing at the seashore在海边郊游

(27)learn... by heart记住(28)keep... in mind记住(29)work out 计算出

(30)make progress in ... 在……方面取得进步(31)have a good command of精通于

(32)pass the examination通过考试(33)get full mark for得满分(34)cheat in the exam考试作弊

(35) fail (in) the math test数学测验不及格(36)win the first (prize) in maths competition数学竞赛第一名

(37)get /take the first place in the English speech contest英语口语竞赛第一名

(36)lay a good foundation in在……方面打下良好的基础

3. 参考语句

(1)A child poor at math may be talented for painting.一个数学差的小孩,可能是艺术天才。

(2)I prefer to fail rather than cheat in the exam.我宁愿考不及格,也不愿意考试作弊。

(3)The extracurricular activity is a necessary part of the school lives.课外活动是学校生活不可缺少的一环。

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 4 ☆专题练析







专家建议:(1)早上晨读30分钟~1小时;(2)朗读单词、短文、诗歌、课文;诵读名言、格言、警句(epigram);唱英语歌曲;(3) 举办英语晚会,英文歌曲比赛,英文剧表演。



1. 采访的时间、对象和主题;2. 朗读的重要性;3. 朗读的时间、内容和实践活动。

Last Friday, I had an interview with Linguist Professor Zhang about How to Improve Our Oral English. According to Professor Zhang, reading English aloud can not only help us improve our oral ability but also develop our language skills, such as listening, speaking , reading and writing. This is because reading aloud, which is the basis of memory, can make the sound, form and meaning of an English word strengthened and consolidated.

Therefore , the linguist suggested that for thirty minutes or an hour in the morning we should read English words , passages , poems and texts, recite famous English sayings and mottos and even sing English songs. He also recommended that we should hold English evenings, English song competitions, and English drama performances.



2009年7月12日《法制晚报》报道“2009年834万应届毕业高中生,报名参加高考的只有750万,有84万人退出高考”,除了外国抢生源和别的原因外,但有些地方掀起了“上大学无用论”。针对这一话题, 你班英语老师给你推荐了这篇故事,读后你很受启发,想写一篇演讲稿在班上演讲。

1. 以约30个词概括Rose 老人上大学的经历;

2. 然后以约120个词就“上大学”这个话题进行讨论,内容包括:

(1)你觉得究竟是什么鼓励着Rose 读完了大学; (2)你对上大学深造的看法; (3)你对中学毕业后的打算。

Rose realized her dream of getting a college education at 87. She became a campus icon, finished the college degree and graduated. She stayed young by finding the opportunity in change. She left no regrets. (35 words)

I wonder why Rose couldn’t go to college at a younger age, but actually she reached her original dream at

87. Laughing and finding humor, she became a campus icon. Finding every opportunity in change, she finished the college degree. All this lies in her taking such an active attitude towards her life.

For students who finish high school ,one of the choices they will have to make is whether to continue higher education. Different people will have different choices of their own,but for me,I think I should attend university. Going to college is to get a higher level of education. To acquire a professional knowledge, I take Rose as a model and I’ll go to college whether I will have difficult challenges or not. (127 words)




指音乐、舞蹈、表演、体育运动、游戏(包括网络游戏) 、集邮、阅读、烹饪、看电影、看电视、听收

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 5 音广播、欣赏戏剧、音乐会、观光旅行、招待客人、访问博物馆、饲养宠物等。




(2)假设你有一位英国笔友叫Jack ,请你给他写一封信简介你在课余时间的兴趣爱好,并询问他在课余时间的兴趣爱好。



(1)surf the internet上网(2)chat online 在线聊天(3)enjoy popular music 喜欢流行音乐

(4)be fond of/be keen on喜欢…(5)have some hobbies有一些爱好(6)be interested in对……感兴趣

(7)take an interest in对……感兴趣(8)be crazy about... 对……着迷(9)come to like... 越来越喜欢

(10)develop a great liking for... 渐渐爱上

(11)I prefer watching a TV show to going to a concert.我宁愿看电视表演,而不愿去听音乐会。

(12)He goes for playing on-line games. 他喜欢玩在线游戏。

(13)Shopping is my favorite hobby in my spare time. 购物是我闲暇时最喜欢的爱好。

(14)I hate visiting museums, for I think they are boring.我讨厌参观博物馆,因为我觉得它们让人感到无趣。




1. 你的意见:(1)增长知识;(2)减压;(3)挣钱。2. 家长意见:(1)浪费钱;(2)占了学习时间。 Dear Sir,

I’m a Grade-Two student in a senior high school. I’ve always been fond of collecting stamps since I was a child. As far as I’m concerned ,collecting stamps is a meaningful hobby, helping me to know a lot. Besides , dealing with my collection of stamps not only gives me great satisfaction but also helps me relax under the great pressure of studies. What’s more ,I even earn money by selling some stamps and my collection will be more valuable as times goes by.

However , my parents are strongly against it for they consider it as a waste of money and they also think that sorting out my stamps may take up too much of my time, which should be spent on my studies. I don’t want to argue with them any more. Could you help me out? Looking forward to your early reply!

A Worried Reader



1. 你是否赞同上述家长的做法; 2. 以你或你朋友的经历说明你的观点; 3. 呼吁家长们要尊重孩子的意愿。

Today’s children are lucky to have many opportunities to develop their talents. But on the other hand, a lot of parents push their children too hard.(26 words)

In that case , I don’t envy them. It is true that good hobbies make life more colorful and enjoyable. However , things are different if children take no interest in the “hobby” that their parents choose for them. Without interest as motivation, they find it a burden rather than a hobby. My 6-year-old neighbour often cries while practicing the piano. She is busier on weekends than on weekdays because she has to attend

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 6 many extracurricular activities. Her mother complains that she even sleeps in class.

Therefore, parents should see the bad effects from their over-effort to cultivate children’s talents. Parents are supposed to help children learn what they are interested in. Only in this way can they learn well and be happy!(121 words)








(1)be happy / sad / upset / nervous / lonely高兴/难过/不安/紧张/孤独(2)be pleased with对……感到高兴

(3)be worried about / worry about 担心,担忧(4)be / get angry with sb. about sth. 因某事生某人的气

(5)be disappointed at sb. 对某人感到失望(6)be confident of sth. / in sb. 对某事/某人有信心

(7)We are deeply grateful to you for your support. 我们深深感谢你的支持。

(8)It is a pity that we shall have to leave tomorrow. 我们明天必须离开,真是遗憾。


(1)learn from each other 互相学习(2)promote the friendship 增进友谊

(3)improve the relationship改善关系(4)show love and concern for sb. 爱护和关心某人

(5)Good listening can really enable us to get closer to each other. 善于倾听使我们彼此走得更近。

(6)A good relationship between teachers and students is of great importance for our studies.良好的师生关系对我们的学习很重要。

(7)To build a good relationship, we should trust in each other. 要建立良好的关系,我们应该彼此信任。

(8)Only in this way can we enjoy an equal relationship. 只有这样我们才能享有平等的关系。

(9)They find it easy to communicate with their teachers. 他们发觉很容易和老师沟通。

(10)With their help, I tried my best to study hard and succeeded in entering a key university. 在他们的帮助下,我努力学习,成功地被一所重点大学录取。

(11)We should value this harmonious relationship between teachers and students. 我们应该珍惜师生之间这种和谐的关系。

(12)With the encouragement and support of my father, I have overcome many difficulties in our life. 在父亲的鼓励和支持下,我克服了生活中的许多困难。








Dear Li Ming,

I’m sorry to know that you feel distressed at your new class. One of the reasons, I believe, is that you might be too shy to talk confidently with your classmates and maybe you are afraid that your classmates will make fun of your accent.

I am sure, with your effort, you can manage to overcome these difficulties. In my opinion, learning to

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 7 speak Putonghua and comparing notes with your classmates frequently are good ways for you to make new friends.

In our spare time, I’ll invite you to play basketball or go to some parties. Also, I’d like to introduce my good friends to you.

I hope you can adapt to the new school life as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Li Hua


假设你是李华,昨天你出乎意料地收到你的好朋友Jack 寄给你的生日礼物——一本电子词典。请根据以下要点,写一封感谢信。






Dear Jack,

Yesterday, I received your present, a useful electronic dictionary, very unexpectedly and excitedly.

Believe it or not, what you sent me is the very electronic dictionary I am anxious for. I have been looking for it in almost eve ry store in my city. I’m sure this electronic dictionary must be of great help to my English learning. Thank you for your timely help and fine present, and I will work harder at English in return. If you have time this summer holiday,I’d like you to come to my home and let’s study English together.

Best wishes to your parants.


Li Hua





An ideal relationship between parents and children is very important for our growth. Parents always show love and concern for us. They are our good listeners, advisers and supporters. With their help, we can overcome many difficulties in our life.

In my opinion, the relationship between parents and children should be one filled with love, care and understanding , in which parents and children show respect for each other and exchange ideas freely. To build a relationship of this kind, parents should become friends of their children while children ought to place more trust in their parents and give voice to their feelings frankly.

Only in this way can we enjoy a harmonious relationship between parents and children.(117 words) 任务写作2:描写老师或朋友帮你克服困难的一次经历


(1) 叙述你遇到困难的一次真实或虚构的经历;(2) 你的老师或朋友如何帮助你解决困难的?

(3) 你的老师或朋友对你产生了什么影响?你对老师或朋友的态度是什么?

I had such an experience when I was in junior school. I was doing badly in maths at that time. However hard I tried, I just couldn’t catch up with others. I almost lost heart when we had a new maths teacher, Mr Hu. Now and then he talked with me, telling me the ways to learn maths and encouraging me to keep on trying.

Only then did I realize that I was not studying maths in a scientific way. With his help, I was doing a little better gradually. One year later , I made amazing progress. Now I am in a key senior high school and always one of the top students in my class. I am always grateful to Mr Hu.(123 words)

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 8 高中英语话题作文归纳与训练6



计划与愿望包括的内容非常广泛,如:对学习、工作、班级活动、校级活动、团队活动、假期、节日、生日晚会、旅游、做义工等社会活动的具体计划,还包括人生计划、奋斗目标或理想等长远打算。以及表达某种愿望或期待,如理想的大学、理想的专业、理想的大学生活、理想的工作,等等。 ☆命题预测


(1)口头通知“Going for an Outing”。





(1)feel like doing想要做(2)be prepared to do准备做(3)decide/ be determined to决定

(4)mean /plan/intend to do计划做(5)look forward to doing盼望做(6)have a desire to do希望做

(7)long/hope/wish/want to do渴望/希望/想做

(8)He planned to go abroad for further studies.他计划出国学习深造。

(9)So I am determined to meet the challenge. 因此,我准备迎接挑战。

(10)There’ll be a football game in our school this week.本周我们学校有一场足球比赛。

(11)Think twice before you do. 三思而后行。(12)Great hopes make great man.伟大的抱负造就伟大的人。(13)Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 抱最好的愿望,做最坏的打算。



某海外学校举办英语夏令营, 开设了如下课程:园艺(gardening)烹饪(cooking) 防身术(self-defence)护理(nursing)。




Dear leader,

I am very glad that your school will hold the English Summer Camp that contains many courses, such as gardening,cooking,self-defence, nursing and so on. I want to register to attend a course about gardening because I have liked flowers and grasses since I was a little child. I especially like playing in the garden where I can enjoy the beauty of nature. For one thing, I hope to gain a bit more knowledge of gardening so that it can help me to major in the gardening after attending college.

Besides, I can realize the bitterness of the gardeners to treasure the plants much more, and at the same time, I wish to get much more information about gardening so as to study it more easily when I enter university. For another, after graduation from college I will devote my life to cultivating the flowers and grasses to turn our country into a more beautiful state and attract many more foreigners to visit our country.

Yours ,

Wang Yuehua



(1)可以不与社会上各种各样的人交往; (2)在教学中可以不断充实、提高自己;


商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 9


I Want to Be a Teacher

I dream of being a teacher. I love the job and believe it is the best one in the world.

Firstly, I don’t like associating with all kinds of people, which is not safe. Being a teacher, I don’t have to get in touch with the people I dislike. Secondly, I have more chances and time to enrich myself in dealing with my students’ questions. People sometimes need to be pushed to learn new ideas. Thirdly, in students’ eyes,most of their teachers are trusty and respectable and this is what I am after and value a great deal. Lastly, different students have different characters and ideas, from which I can gain benefit for my life. Above all, education would be more and more important, together with the teachers’ position. That’s why I love to be a teacher. (138 words)






1. 中国节日名称

(1)The Spring Festival春节(2)The Dragon Boat Festival端午节(3)The Mid-autumn Festival中秋节

(4)New Year’s Day元旦(5)National Day国庆节(6)International Labor Day五一劳动节

(7)Teachers’ Day教师节(8)Children’s Day儿童节(9)Women’s Day妇女节(10)Tomb-sweeping Day清明节(11)Double Ninth Festival重阳节(12)Lantern Festival元宵节

2. 西方节日名称

(1)Christmas day 圣诞节(2)Thanksgiving Day 感恩节(3)Valentine’s Day 情人节(4)April Fool’s Day 愚人节(5)Halloween Day 万圣节(6)Easter Day 复活节(7)Mothers’ Day 母亲节(8)Fathers’ day 父亲节

3. 相关句子

(1)National Day is coming. 国庆节快到了。

(2)National Day falls on Monday this year.今年国庆节是星期一。

(3)We celebrated the New Year with a dance party. 我们举行舞会来庆祝新年。



假设你是李华,曾在美国学习半年,现已回国。你想联系你的美国老师Mr. Smith,但没有其联系方式。[写作内容]

请根据以下要点给你的美国同学Tom 写一封信:

1. 感谢Tom 对你英语学习的帮助;2. 询问Mr. smith 的近况并索要其联系方式;

3. 邀请Tom 在春节期间来中国感受中国文化。

Dear Tom,

I am now back to China and sound.In this letter I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation to you for your kind assistance in my English learning when I was in New York. Additionally, I have been missing our English professor, Mr. Smith. I desire to contact him for some suggestions on improving my listening ability. However, his e-mail address is not available, so would you mind delivering it to me via the online mailbox

I am more than delighted to invite you to join us to celebrate the Spring Festival-Chinese Lunar New Year so that I can repay your friendship.

I assure you that the grand lantern festival parade will be bound to impress you and you would enjoy visiting here as I did at your home.

With my best regards!

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 10 Yours cordially,

Li Hua



1. 用大约30个词概括短文内容要点;2. 然后以大约120个词发表你的观点,包括如下要点:



Love our Mothers

On Mother’s Day, the author found it hard to say “I love you” to his mother. However, th inking of the kindness of his mother, he was determined to give her an unexpected card with love.(34 words)

What the writer did this time is very dutiful. In my opinion, boys can show their respect to their parents as well as girls. They both can express their appreciation to them, because, after all, each parent has paid out so much for their children’s growth.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I bought a bunch of pretty flowers with a card on it, reading, “You are the best mom that a daughter has ever had. I love you, Mum!”

From now on, to express my love to my mother, I am going to do more housework , cooking, washing, cleaning and shopping, which seems to be endless. By doing these, I will come to realize that, as a matter of fact, mum is very toilsome(辛苦的)all the time. (128 words)








(1)shopping mall/centre购物中心(2)department stores 百货商店(3)second-hand stores旧货店

(4)discount折扣(5)change零钱(6)cyber ordering 网络订购(7)fake products 假冒商品

(8)on-line shopping 网上购物(9)poor/ high quality糟糕/优异的质量

(10)poor service 糟糕的服务(11)buy in group 团购(12)wrap up包装(13)pay in cash以现金支付

(14)pay by credit card通过信用卡支付(15)free of charge不收费(16)be all sold out /out of stock售空

(17)avoid being cheated 避免受骗(18)bargain with attendant和服务员砍价(19)effective and convenient 高效率、方便(20)complain to sb about sth就某事向某人投诉




home. Besides, the large varieties of goods on the net are effortlessly comparable and easy to choose. However , you have to spend extra money on the goods. And sometimes the incomplete payment system will result in revealing your personal information, which is not safe. What is more, it is unsuitable for consumers to purchase the goods in eager demand on the net.

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 11 读写任务:购买衣服的经历与建议


1. 以约30个词概括短文的要点;2. 然后以约120个词谈谈你购买衣服的经历,内容包括:

(1)你对作者关于购买衣服建议的看法;(2) 你的一次购买衣服的经历;(3)你对购买衣服的建议。 By giving us an example of how to buy clothes at a discounted price or cheapest price, the writer advises the best time to buy the satisfactory goods to save money.(31 words)

I totally agree with the writer about the tips on buying clothes. As a teenager, I haven’t got any income to pay for the high cost of the fashionable clothes in season. Personally what I should do is to spend money I get from my parents effectively.

During the winter vocation I went shopping with a good friend of mine. I’d like to buy a pair of jeans. After I went through some trousers shops, fortunately, I found a desirable and fashionable kind of jeans. I tried them on and they fitted me very well. However, to my disappointment, the price was much too high, and they cost 300 yuan. At that time, I knew I couldn’t afford it, but I believed I would come again during the Spring Festival when some clothes are sold at the discounted price. Finally I got it for 150 yuan.

In my opinion, when we buy clothes, we should wait until a holiday comes when many goods were sold at a discounted price.(168 words)







读写任务:西式快餐的利与弊;中西饮食对比;锻炼与健康;你对健康食品的认识;你为什么喜欢某种饮食;怎样保持心理健康;怎样保持身体健康;什么是真正的健康;以“The Organic Foods”为题写一篇短文,阐述你对“绿色食品”的认识,分析人们越来越热衷于“绿色食品”的原因,以及怎样才能保证“绿色食品”的质量。


(1)suffer from 遭受, 患上(2)near-sighted 近视的(3)feel stressed/depressed 感到紧张/沮丧

(4)have a pain in ... 某处疼痛(5)mentally unhealthy 心理不健康的(6)relax oneself 自我轻松

(7)relieve pressure 缓解压力(8)go on diet 节食;proper diet恰当的饮食

(9)take three meals on time 按时吃三餐(10)eat much junk food 吃很多的垃圾食品

(11)(un)healthy eating habits (不) 健康的饮食习惯(12)be high /low/rich in ... ……含量高/低/丰富

(13)be optimistic/ pessimistic about 对……乐观/悲观

(14)physical and mental condition 生理和心理状况

(15)feel weak (well, terrible, sick) 感觉虚弱(健康/很糟/恶心)

(16)face difficulties/setbacks with courage 勇敢面对困难/挫折

(17)An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 每天一只苹果不用看医生。(谚语)

(18)Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.早睡早起使人健康、富有和聪明。(英国谚语)



你从电视上看到美国正流行甲型H1N1流感(A/H1N1 flu),部分学校停课。你为你正在美国上学的笔

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 12 友Mike 的健康与安全担心。


请给Mike 写一封email ,内容包括:

1. 建议

(1)尽量呆在家里,少去人多的地方;(2)勤洗手,讲卫生;(3)多开窗,保持空气新鲜;(4)多吃水果蔬菜。 2. 安慰他不要担心.

Dear Mike,

From the TV I know many A/H1N1 flu cases are reported recently in the United States and many schools are closed as a result. I’m so worried about you. Are you all right? Are there any HINI flu cases in your school?

To stay away from the disease, you’d better stay at home as much as possible and not go to places where there are many people. Besides, you should wash your hands more often so as to keep them clean. Also, keeping the windows open to have more fresh air in the room is helpful. And above all, it does a lot of good to you if you eat more fruit and vegetable, for doing this can help keep you fit and strong.

The disease is not so deadly as it seems to be, so do be at ease! Take care and you’ll be OK.

Yours truly,

Li Hua



1. 以约30词概括所阅读短文的主要内容;

2. 以约120词就“面对挫折(setback)时如何保持心理健康?”发表看法,内容包括:

(1)请举例描述你遭遇过的挫折; (2)你是怎样看待挫折的?


Despite the efforts made by the government, many college graduates failed to get a good job this year and felt depressed and ashamed. What’s worse, some of them committed suicide, just like Miss Liu in this report.(37 words)

I came across many setbacks in my study and life. For example, I failed in my math final exam when I was in Senior One. Knowing the result, I cried hard. I analyzed the situation and studied harder. With all my efforts and the help of others, I finally became good at math and passed many exams.

In my opinion, setbacks are harsh teachers, but the lessons we learn from them can be invaluable. When setbacks happen, we should be brave and stay optimistic. It is a good way to relieve the pain to turn to our trusted ones for comfort, see a funny movie, listen to music, or visit a beautiful place. After we cool down, maybe we can gain something out of this painful experience.(127words)




文娱与体育是指电影和戏剧、音乐和舞蹈、影视节目、体育锻炼、球类运动、田径运动、文体竞赛(包括奥运会Olympic Games, 世界杯Wor1d Cup 、足球联赛Football League 、全国运动会 National Games 、世界大学生运动会 World University Games; Universidad等) 、观众与粉丝等。









商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 13 ☆必备词句

1. 文娱类

(1)a cross talk相声(2)lines台词;director 导演(3)character人物,角色(4)TV programs 电视节目

(5)TV series 电视系列片(6)comedy喜剧;tragedy 悲剧(7)Oscar Awards奥斯卡奖

(8)cartoon / animation卡通片/动画片(9)instrument 乐器(10)folk music 民乐

(11) science fiction film科幻片(12)romance爱情片

2. 体育类

(1)event体育项目(2)game/competition 比赛(3)champion 冠军(4)championship锦标赛

(5)stadium运动场、体育场(6)ground/field场地;track 跑道(7)tennis网球;court 网球场

(8)gold medal 金牌(9)performance 表现(10)break the record打破记录(11)record holder记录保持者

(12)audience/spectator 观众(13)coach教练员;judge 裁判(14)competitor/player/athlete运动员,参赛者

(15)applause (n.)/ applaud (v.) 鼓掌欢迎,热情称赞


假如你是Do Re Me音乐培训班的老师,请你为前来咨询的家长做一个演讲,说说学音乐对培养小孩的好处。内容包括:

参考词汇:coordination n. 协调

benefits of music. Researchers acknowledge that certain types of music can aid relaxation by lowering heart rates and blood pressure. In addition to improving creativity, learning music cultivates many skills that will continue to be useful to your children throughout their lives. Besides, learning a musical instrument will help your children develop concentration, patience and perseverance, which will help them later in life to tackle difficult challenges. What’s more, practicing musical instruments improves your children’s hand -eye coordination. Finally, the encouragement of a teacher and the enthusiasm of parents will certainly build in a child a sense of pride and confidence.



1. 以约30个词概括短文的要点;

2. 以约120个词就“要做一个文明的观众”这个主题发表你的看法,内容要点包括:

(1)以射击,艺术体操(artistic gymnastics)或网球比赛等为例,说明保持安静的重要性;



The passage implies that it is important to be a good sports spectator. It also advises audiences to control themselves during games, to be careful with their words and applaud warmly and properly.(33 words)

To be a good spectator, you should take time to learn the game-specific rules and related culture of each event. Enjoying artistic gymnastics requires silence and mobile phones are not allowed in shooting centers, because the noises you make will certainly distract the athletes’concentration, which will cause them to fail in the game.

In my opinion, the audience who annoy the players in games should be punished. That’s because not only do they break the rules for spectators, but also their bad behaviour would lead to the players’ failure in the game.

If I were the athlete who was annoyed by the audiences, I would be unhappy and upset. I might even play

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 14 badly and finally lost the game. Besides, I would complain to the referee about the noises.(129 words) 高中英语话题作文归纳与训练11











1. 旅游与探险(tourism and adventure)

(1)相关名词:travel, journey, trip, tour, travel agency (旅行社), guide, airlines/airways, flight ticket, passport, visa, identity (ID) card (身份证), tent, camp, hotel, tourist attraction(旅游景点), places of interest, scenic spots (景点), national park, DIY tour(自助游), space tourism(太空旅游), group/organized tour(团体游), a self-driven trip(自驾游)


go on a wildlife tour/a hiking trip参加野生动物之旅/去远足/ be on holiday/a visit 度假/旅行/ see sb off 送行/explore a forest/ a desert/ another planet 森林/沙漠探险;外星球探险

(3)相关形容词:interesting, exciting, attractive, fantastic, boring/dull, tiring, comfortable, funny, well-organized


The scenery is charming! 景色迷人!

Great changes have taken place in the ways that people spend their holidays over the period from the year 1990 to 2009. 在1990至2009年间,人们的度假方式已经发生了巨大的变化。

2. 交通方式(methods of transportation)

(1)walk/ on foot 走路,步行(2)ride a bike/by bike 骑自行车(3)drive a car/by car 开小轿车

(4)take a bus/by bus 乘公共汽车(5)take a taxi/by taxi乘出租车,打的(6)by boat/ship/water/sea 坐船/走水路(7)transfer(在旅途中) 转乘、换乘

3. 指路(showing the way)

(1)It’s about five minutes’ walk.走路约五分钟。

(2)Take bus No. 2 and get off at the next stop.坐2路车,在下一站下车。

(3)Turn right at the second turning. / Take the second turning on the right.在第二个拐弯处右转。

(4)Go / Walk down /along the road and turn right. You’ll see the post office.沿着这条路走,再向右转, 你就会看到邮局。

4. 交通安全(safety rules and warnings)

(1)safety first安全第一(2)traffic light交通灯,红绿灯(3)traffic rules/ regulations交通规则

(4)keep left/ right靠左/靠右(5)crossroad/crossing十字路(6)wait until the green light 等到绿灯再走

(7)traffic jam交通堵塞(8)traffic accident交通事故



假设有几位印度客人将在2010年广州亚运会期间游览广州市陈家祠(Chen Clan’s Academy),向你征询如何前往该景点。有关该景点的的信息如下:

地 址:广州市中山七路


商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 15 门 票:10元;70岁以上持老人证者免票;学生、退休人员凭证半票。

交通: ①乘地铁在陈家祠站下;②乘出租车到陈家祠站下;③有近30路公交车可达。

客人所在位置:广州中山大学南校区大门口,即地铁“中大站”旁边,距离该景点好几十公里远, 地铁线路见书242页.



1. 景点的位置及距离;2. 如何到达该景区; 3. 开放时间与票价。

It’s my pleasure to tell you how to get to Chen Clan’s Academy. You can’t miss it.

Chen Clan’s Academy is located on Zhongshan 7th Lu, which is quite dozens of kilometers away from where we are now. To get to Chen Clan’s Academy, there are several means of transportation available, going by bus, by taxi or by tube. Since you are next to the Zhongda underground station, the best way for you to get there is going by tube.

Get on the tube at Zhongda station on Line 2 and transfer to Line 1 until it reaches Gongyuanqian station, and finally get off the underground at Chen Clan’s Academy station, taking you less than 20 minutes. By the way, Chen Clan’s Academy is open to the public from 8:30~17:30, with an admission ticket price of RMB10 yuan for each but free for the elderly who are over seventy years with certificates and half price for students and the retired with certificates.



1. 以约30个词概括短文的要点;

2. 以约120个词写一篇短文,就“游客可付费在仿造长城上涂写留言”发表你的看法,内容包括:



It is reported that tourists to China’s Great Wall can now leave their mark on a fake wall recently built near the real wall in Badaling if they pay 999 yuan.(31 words)

n China, many visitors have the hobby of carving graffiti on places of interest, especially on some famous cultural relics. Last year I went to the Great Wall and found many people had left names and ugly words on the Wall, which destroys many historic bricks. In my opinion, such people should feel ashamed of leaving their marks on the great relics which were created by our ancestors.

So personally I quite agree with this brilliant project though it has caused criticism from some people. The Great Wall would be ruined one day if we didn’t take any steps to protect it. The fake wall is a really good idea because it will protect our relics as well as making profits from the project.(124 words)






1. 英语学习体会

(1)enlarge one’s vocabulary扩大某人的词汇量(2)refer to the dictionary... 查字典

(3)focus on learning grammar强调语法学习(4)form the habit of reading养成阅读习惯

(5)reading skills/ strategies/abilities... 阅读技能/策略/能力(6)My experience tells me... 我的经验告诉我……(7)I practise listening two hours a day.我每天练习听力两小时。

(8)I find it hardest to learn English grammar.我觉得学习英语语法最难。

(9)The stronger the motivation is, the more quickly a person will learn a foreign language.一个人动机越强,学习外语就越快。

2. 英美英语差别

(1)American /British English 美国/英国英语

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 16

(2)There is little/ much difference in grammar.在语法方面有一点/很大的差别。

(3)I’m confused about the difference between... and... 对于这两者的区别,我感到很迷惑。

3. 语言与文化

(1)language learning语言学习(2)culture difference /diversity文化差异/多元文化

(3)cultivate cross-cultural awareness 培养跨文化意识

(4)Respect others’ culture and custom尊重他人的文化和风俗

(5)Culture plays an important role in language learning.文化在语言学习中担任重要角色。

(6)Culture understanding enables us to ... 文化的了解使我们能够……

(7)It is high time for us to treasure and protect culture relics.是我们珍惜和保护文化遗产的时候了。 ☆专题练析


Hanban is short for the Office of Chinese Language Council International, a non-governmental and non-profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. Hanban is committed to making the Chinese language and culture teaching resources and services available to the world, to meeting the demands of overseas Chinese learners to the utmost, and to making contributions to the formation of a world of cultural diversity and harmony.

For example, the project “the Volunteer Program for International Chinese Teachers” has been carried out to fulfill its aims since 2004. Besides, the programme of Chinese Bridge Competition is very popular among the foreign friends learning Chinese. Nowadays, Hanban has gradually become the focus of the world.




1. 以约30个词概括以上短文内容。

2. 然后以约120个词谈谈你的观点,并包括以下要点:




Protect Traditional Chinese Culture

The passage mainly tells us the importance of protecting traditional Chinese culture, which is challenged or facing extinction because of the developing society and changing lifestyle. Besides, China is nationwide sparing no efforts to do it.(36 words)

The protection of national and folk culture is of great significance to Chinese cultural diversity and also to the harmonious development between local economic and social development. It is reported that the Guangdong government pays special attention to protecting Chaoju(潮剧) , a local drama born in Chaozhou in the eastern Guangdong province.

In my opinion, some measures should be taken to protect traditional culture effectively. To start with, we should make a law to regulate the society’s performance. Besides, we should draw more people’s attention

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 17 to it, for the more they know about the importance of culture protection, the stronger the support we can get from the public.

In a word, it is high time for us to treasure and develop our own valuable culture.(126 words)




该话题涉及到动植物的保护、人与自然的和谐相处、自然灾害、环境保护、全球变暖等问题。 ☆命题预测


(1)就“全球变暖 ”发表看法或写一封倡议书。




1. 灾害种类:

flood(水灾), drought(干旱), landslide(山崩), earthquake(地震), tsunami(海啸),typhoon(台风) ,hurricane (飓风) ,tornado(龙卷风), volcano (火山), snowstorm (暴风雪)

2. 袭击某地:(a typhoon) hit/ strike ...

3. 造成后果:

(1)失踪:missing(2)受伤:get injured

(3)死亡:be killed/ lose one’s life/cause sb’s death/claim 302 lives(造成302人死亡)

(4)电力中断:cut off the power/ electricity; have the power cut; the electricity was cut off

(5)房屋倒塌:houses collapse / fall down

(6)冲走房屋、道路、桥梁:wash away buildings, roads and bridges

(7)成为废墟:... be in ruins; fall into ruins(8)菜地被毁坏了:vegetable fields were ruined.

(9)引发泥石流及其他灾害:trigger landslides and other disasters

(10)造成巨大损失/经济损失:cause great damage /economic losses

4. 救援捐赠:

(1)受灾地区:stricken district/ area(2)救灾工作:rescue work(3)恢复正常:return to normal

(4)地震灾民:The quake-afflicted people(5)被困人员:trapped persons

(6)受害人:victims(7)拯救:rescue... From(8)防汛抗旱:flood control and drought relief

(9)呼吁人们捐赠:call on people to make donations

5. 有关报道常用句式:

Tuesday, Morakot, the worst typhoon to hit the island in 50 years, had claimed 461 lives and left 192 missing and 46 injured, according to Taiwan’s disaster control center. 据台湾灾害应变中心消息,星期二,“莫拉克”,50年来袭击该岛的最严重的台风,已造成461人死亡,192人失踪,46人受伤。

6. 环境保护

(1)保护环境,人人有责:Everyone should take the responsibility to protect the environment./ It’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment

(2)提高环保意识:raise the awareness of environmental protection

(3)保护生存环境:conserve natural habitats

(4)采取有效措施:take effective measures; effective measures should be taken/adopted

(5)采取积极措施保护珍稀动物 take active measures to protect rare animals

(6)环保产品:environment-friendly products



商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 18 “莫拉克”台风袭击台湾,灾情严重,各界人士都十分关注。请根据以下表格内容,写一篇关于台湾“八

with scores of people injured or missing. Officials said Taiwan’s military went all out for the rescue work, and about 300 people were rescued from the flood-stricken area. It’s reported that the heavy rainfall caused rivers to break their banks,washing away bridges. What’s worse, power lines were cut off and more than 10,000 houses collapsed. Consequently, the economic losses are estimated to be more than 9. 7 billion yuan.

读写任务:就“endangered animals”的主题发表看法


1. 以约30个词概括短文的内容要点;

2. 然后,以约120个词就“endangered animals”的主题发表看法,内容包括:



From the passage we know that thousands of endangered animals are facing the threat of being bought and sold on the internet. Traders make a great profit from it,which is illegal.(33 words)

As is often read in the newspaper reports , wild life especially the rare species are threatened with extinction. Human beings are making attempts to hunt wild animals for a big profit, which , of course, results in a sharp decrease in the number of animals.

Therefore , it is high time for us to take quick action to protect them. First of all, it’s quite necessary for every citizen to realize the importance of animal protection. Only by knowing its importance can people develop a sense of responsibility. In addition, the government should pass some laws to forbid any hunting of rare animals.

If I were one of the endangered animals, I would hope that man could be a good friend of mine rather than my enemy.(125 words)




指对各个国家(China, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zea1and, Japan, Russia, India, Egypt, Cuba, etc. )的介绍(包括历史、地理) ,以及对人口增长(popu1ation growth)、土地(land)、粮食、住房(housing)、污染(pollution)、环境保护(environmental conservation) 等问题发表意见。就公共场所吸烟、随地吐痰、随地扔纸屑、课本资料回收等发表意见。珍惜水资源、使用再生资源、实现经济可持续发展、创建绿色学校。


1. 环境污染的原因

(1)cut down trees 砍伐树木(2)pollute the environment/air 污染环境/空气

(3)lead /water /noise/air /white pollution铅/水/噪音/空气/白色污染

(4)The rubbish was everywhere.到处是垃圾。

(5)send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air排放烟雾和有毒气体

(6)pour waste water into rivers without being treated往河里排放未经处理的废水

2. 破坏环境的后果

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 19

(1)acid rain 酸雨(2)abnormal climate气候异常(3)global warming 全球变暖

(4)sea level rise 海平面上升(5)greenhouse effect 温室效应(6)extinction of animals 动物灭绝

(7)be harmful to/do harm to... 对……有害(8)flood many low-lying cities 水淹低洼城市

(9)drought/flood/sandstorms sweep across... 干旱/洪水/沙尘暴横扫

3. 环保措施

(1)plant trees 植树(2)sort rubbish 垃圾分类(3)protect the ecology 保护生态

(4)save energy/water节约能源/水(5)go green生产或使用绿色产品

(6)protect the environment 保护环境(7)ride bicycles to work 骑自行车上班

(8)develop renewable resources可再生资源(9)fight against pollution 与污染作斗争

(10)sustainable development 可持续发展(11)eco-friendly products 生态友好的产品

(12)deal with rubbish properly正确处理垃圾(13)recycle textbooks/trash 课本/垃圾回收利用

(14)ban smoking in public 禁止在公共场合吸烟(15)improve our living conditions 改善居住条件

(16)keep the balance of nature 保持自然界的平衡(17)stop / keep/ prevent sb. from doing 阻止某人做

(18)ban the abuse of plastic bags 禁止滥用塑料袋(19)don’t litter/spit everywhere 不随地扔垃圾/吐痰 ☆专题练析

基础写作: 介绍“世界环境日”


1. 以上表格的所有内容;2. 你对设立世界环境日的看法。

Every year on June 5 people all over the world take part in World Environment Day (WED). The day was first established in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. It is intended to remind the world to be aware of the harm that human activities do to the environment and calls on the governments to organize varieties of activities to stress the importance of protecting and improving human environment.

The world theme for WED 2009 is “Your Planet Needs You—Unite to Combat Climate Change” while the Chinese theme is “Reduce Pollution—Take Action. ” The Chinese government hopes the public will realize the importance of pollution control and prevention and take an active part in energy-saving and emission reduction. I think it very necessary to celebrate World Environment Day, which can make people pay more attention to protecting the environment in their daily activities.

读写任务: 就“经济的可持续发展”发表看法


1. 以约30词概括短文的主要内容;2. 以约120词就“经济的可持续发展”发表看法,内容包括:



As lakes, rivers and air in most places are still seriously polluted, Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection is considering a policy to urge the enterprises to take measures to stop pollution.(31 words)

To make a greater profit and save the expenses on environment facilities, many factories go against the law

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 20 of protecting the environment. Some of them pour dirty waste water directly into rivers, making the rivers not only undrinkable but also unusable. Others release poisonous gases into the air, causing residents to suffer a lot.

In my opinion, economic development should not be at the expense of the environment. Sustainable development should be adopted.

Without a sustainable environment, a country’s raw natural resources will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, without a healthy environment, how are people supposed to live? Therefore, stop doing such things as benefit us now but harm us later. We don’t want future generations to suffer for our benefit.(120 words) 高中英语话题作文归纳与训练15



本话题在新课标中涉及的内容很多,如医药的进步、技术的革新、计算机技术、太空旅游和探索、未来世界、机器人、航天知识、最新科研发明、科学与生活、科技与人文、网络、传媒等。 ☆命题预测



1. 短语

(1)对……产生很大影响: have a great effect on(2)起很大作用:make a great difference

(3)改变人们的生活:change one’s life(4)得益于、从……获益benefit from

(5)与……有关联:relate to/ be linked to(6)能使用:have access to/ be accessible to

(7)代替:take the place of(8)致力于:devote oneself to

(9)实现:come true(10)赶上:keep/catch up with

(11)与……不同:be different from/differ from(12)使某人能做:enable sb to do sth

(13)把……考虑进去:take something into consideration

(14)引起某人的注意:catch/attract the attention of sb

(15)导致:lead to/contribute to/result in/ bring about

(16)在某方面起重要的作用:play an important role in

(17)提高人类的生活质量:improve the quality of life for humans

(18)为治疗疾病而进行一项研究:carry out a research in the hope of curing the illnesses

2. 句型

(1)科学技术是第一生产力。Science and technology are a primary productive force.

(2)随着互联网、个人电脑、3G 手机的日益普及,我们的生活发生了巨大的变化或我们的生活精彩无限。(一句多译)

○With the Internet, PC, 3G cellphones becoming more and more popular, our life has greatly changed. (with复合结构)

○The popularity of the Internet, PC, 3G cellphones makes our life colourful. (make +复合宾语)

○Due to/Thanks to/Owing to/Because of the popularity of the Internet, PC, 3G cellphones, our life is becoming more and more colourful. (介词短语)




商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 21

from the past. And what will life be like in the future?

Living in houses made of wood or grass in the past, people now live in tall buildings or flats and maybe they will live underwater or in other planets in the future. Riding a horse was common in the past, which was too slow but today most people travel by motorbike, car, train or plane and will travel in spaceships in the future, which will enable them to go anywhere at any time they want.

People used to wear clothes made of silk or cloth by hand, but now the clothes are made of wool, nylon and cotton and we can imagine that in the future people will not have to wash the clothes they wear.

As to reading, people read only scrolls or paper made from bamboo in the past but now we can read not only books but online books while in the future people will read electronic materials or on cellphones. With a very small machine in hand, they can take out whenever they want to read.

We live a happy life now and the future is wonderful. We should value what we have today and work hard for the bright future.



1. 以约30个词概括这段短文的内容;

2. 然后以约120个词就“面对日新月异的电子产品该如何选择”的主题发表看法,内容包括:




Varieties of electronic gadgets, without which some of us can’t live, come into being. Despite their conveniences, they bring people much stress, so people have to balance their advantages and disadvantages before buying them.(34 words)

I can’t agree more with the author. With the development of science and technology, more and more fantastic electronic gad gets come into being, which dazzles people. People can’t resist the temptation to buy and update them since these gadgets become outdated too quickly.

I have a lot of favourite electronic gadgets, one of which is a video MP3. As well as carrying my favourite music , a video MP3 player can play up to 150 hours of movies and TV programmes. However, it cost me 2,000 yuan. Besides, the loud volume will damage my hearing if I overuse it.

If I want to buy a necessary electronical gadget, the first factor that should be taken into consideration is whether it’s practical.(120 words)








(1)The Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life.网络在我们的生活中扮演着越来越重要的角色。

商河弘德中学 高三英语 启用前绝密Every effort counts. 22

(2)On the one hand, it’s risky to make friends and shop online.一方面,网上交友和网上购物存在风险。

(3)On the other hand, being lost in the Internet may affect our study and work.另一方面,沉迷网络会影响学习和工作。

(4)A survey shows that 52% of students are lost in the Internet.一项调查显示,52%的学生沉迷网络。

(5)In my opinion, the Internet does bring us a lot of benefits.我认为,因特网的确给我们带来了实惠。

(6)It remains a question how we can solve the problems concerning making friends on line.如何解决网上交友所产生的问题依然是个疑问。

(7)The problems that Internet has brought to us do exist, but we have to be rational.因特网给我们所带来的问题的确存在,但是我们必须要理性看待。

(8)Every coin has two sides, so does the Internet.凡事都有两面性,因特网也是如此。

(9)As for the government, it should take strong measures to punish those who cheat people on line.作为政府,应该采取强有力措施惩罚那些在网上行骗的人。



因特网在日常生活中起着越来越重要的作用,请以“On the Internet”为题写一篇短文。

The Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. We can not only read news from home and abroad, but also get information, send emails, make phone calls, attend on-line schools, read various books and study English by ourselves. What’s more, people can enjoy music, watch sports matches, play all kinds of games and go shopping on-line. However, it’s risky to make friends and shop on -line. What’s worse, some students who are addicted to the Internet don’t study hard and even quit school. 读写任务:就“网上交友”发表看法


1. 以约30个词概括短文要点;

2. 然后以约120个词就“网上交友”发表看法,内容包括:

(1)你如何看待这件事? (2)你对“网上交友”的观点; (3)你觉得应该如何解决这些网络问题?

The story that a kind girl was cheated by a boy met on line,tells us that there are a lot of cheats on line and we must be cautious.(30 words)

I am greatly shocked by this story. Such a kind-hearted girl was cheated and laughed at by the cheat. She wanted to help the boy,but what the boy said was a trap.

In my opinion, making friends on line is a good way to communicate with people from all over the world. However , every coin has two sides. When people try to make friends on line,they have to be very careful and cautious. Before meeting an on-line friend,they have to ensure that all the information concerning him or her is true.

To solve the problems concerning making friends on line, I think, the government should take strong measures to punish those who cheat people on line. As for those Internet users, they should be cautious when making friends on line.(134 words)