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1. Just as an old Chinese proverb says,...Aspire to inspire until I expire 就像一句中国谚语:生命不息 奋斗不止

2.simple as the picture is,the symbolic meaning behind it is as deep as ocean.尽管图画很简单,寓意却非常深刻

3.with current state of affarrs so sorry ,it is high time that we took effective initiatives to put the situation on hold 情况是如此令人遗憾,是马上采取措施控制的时候了。

4. It is imperative that corresponding laws and regulations be introduced and enforced to curb and harness this urgent problem.我们必须制定并执行一些法律来解决这个问题

5. 在中国,文化交流现象是最明显的In no country other than China,it has been said that,is the phenomenon of cultural integration more obvious

6. 在报纸上有幅图画引起了人们广泛关注.There has been a heated discussion about this picture in the newspaper.

7. 教育在当下是最重要的.Never in any era of our nation have the stakes involving education been higher than now.


考研英语写作常考话题 (98-15)







1. 二到三句 30—60字

2. 四到九句100—200字

3. 二到三句 40—60字


一、句式正确 复杂多变

五种方法:1. 加形容词 副词 2. 加同位语3. 加介词短语(作状语)4. 加定语5. 将两个句子写成一个句子


1. 时间状语:

...in the time of knowledge explosion when news, facts ,opinions and even rumors have been bombarding us from every corner of the world.

2. 地点状语:

,in China,a nation with huge population striving to assert itself after decades solid economic growth.

3.be it A or B .无论A 或B

the road to the victory may not be so long as we expected ,but we have no right to count upon this .Be it long or short, rough or smooth,we mean to reach our journey's end.

4. 状语结尾

traffic and pollution from vehicles have become huge problems,both in cities and on motor ways

5. 状语开头(增强句子间衔接)

to do this 、to become successful 、by doing so 、obviously 、in many ways 、in some cases 、Unfortunately 、Surely 、Specifically 、Undeniably (不可否认的是)



(一)正能量动词:enhance. promote improve facilitate stimulate upgrade boost enrich generate (提升)reinforce strengthen consolidate hone sharpen intensify(加强)cultivate foster nurture(培养)perform conduct implement(执行) formulate introduce(制定)value treasure cherish(珍惜)harness combat address solve tackle curb(解决) optimise (优化)


erode 侵蚀 exhaust 耗尽 undermine 破坏jeopardize 危害 degrade 下降 ruin 毁灭 stifle 使窒息、扼杀 violate 破坏 spoil 溺爱 breach 破坏友谊

corrupt 破坏 distort 歪曲 aggravate 恶化hinder impede obtruct 阻碍


第一段. 描述图画

第二段. 阐释寓意

第三段. 给出评论或例子

第一段第一句的写法:图画描述句KK 三部法 目的:1. 展示语言能力(完全倒装、非谓语动词、独立主格、定语从句)2. 为主题而描述(描述为主题服务)

例子:As is shown above,on the thick pile of papers,proudly stands an old professor,seeming satisfied with his success in academic research,neglectingthe demand of students.

As is shown above,in the river dangerously floats a paper boat,symbolizing the moral training,containingsone bread and fruit,which is symbolic of food safety

As is shown above,in the middle of the picture. and on the computer screen stands a so-called famous and influential star,hawking a medicine,boasting its magic function and exaggerating that it can cure all disease,with a caption reading that celebrity endorsement.

As is shown above,in the middle of the pucture walks a man,failing to detect water for several times due to lack of adequat effect to dig a deep enough well.

As s shown above in the middle of the picture stands a college student,carrying a desk,holding a pen ,which symbolizes that he is occupying a seat

in the reading room of hisself



1.Reportedly ,the great concern among the public has been aroused by this picture.

2.The topic illustrated in the picture will make good copy in the newspaper.

3.This picture has stimulated a heated discussion on the wechat ,the most influential social network ,these days.



This picture carries a profound message that demands our devoted attention and instant action.


段落展开的方法:1. 科学论据法 2. 举例法 3. 虚拟语气法



according to a survey......

according to one of the latest surveys conducted by a certain international organization.....

according to the lastest survey,money spet on the pets in the city if Beijing is as much as 1.73 billion dollars,which can feed all the Japanese in the world for a whole year


money spend on sth is as much as....

money spend on sth has reached as much as...

money earned/collected/raised is as much as....


1. ( ),for example,( )

2.Our society has been filled with a variety of examples concerning(主题),with the following one being the foremost.

3.Among all the touching facts relating to(主题)that I have heard,noticed and experienced,the most impressive one is(例子)

4.Sb (个人信息) tells with his life story that(观点)

5.Sb/Sth(个人信息) serves as a shining and fitting example

6.Having been brutally imprisoned for 27 years for his unwavering belief in human equailty ,Nelson Mandela,a giant and a great hero,one of the most inspiring examples of strong will,who finally transforms his mother nation into an open society,tells with his life story that the fortitude in the face of adversity and the perseverance on your dream,however ,whanever and wherever are the golden rules to the success.

7.Google ,the star Internet company attaining a string of prominent feats with some unrivalled products serves as a shining and fitting example.It is the adventure spirit that helps this firm create enormous value to both its shareholders and the general public. put it the other way around,it is impossible that a Google without the creative spirit can ever achieve these phenomenal deeds. 虚拟语气法(表明观点)

Were there no sth,sb would not do sth.

Were this trend to continue as it is,we would pay the high price,our future generations would not bother to think of excuses for us.


1.our society has been failed with a variety of examples .concerning love,with the hope project being the foremost

2.In the west of china exist some families,being so poor that hardly can they support their children's education

3.Pathetic as they are,people from all walks of life provide them with not only financial aids,material support but also mental comfort,which is well known as the Hope project.

4.Money raised by the project ,according to the latest surgey,has reached as much as 16.8 billion,which can⋯⋯

5.Were there no such precious help,those children would never taste the knowledge or receive education and be vulnerable to control and exploitation due to lack of ability to understand other's ideas and to defend their own opinions.



第一句:取其精华(absorb the essence and neglect the drawbacks)

It is imperative that the essence be absorbed and drawbacks be neglected during this process especially in the times of globalization.


The general public are supposed to enhance and promote their awareness that ➕主题观点 第三句:多角度考虑

In view of the importance and complexity of such a phenomenon ,we must treat it socially ,economically and culturally.


only in a reasonable,prosperous and healthy atmosphere can we hope to witness the ideal scene in which people can enjoy their life to the uttermost




1. 制定法律(背诵句4)

2. 专家想办法:researchers ,scholars and experts in the relating areas are expected to work out or optimise up-to-date solutions to this problem

3. 提升意识(正面第二句)

4. 多角度考虑(正面第三句)


with the proper law,prompt proposal,alert public and approriate perspective ,it will only be a matter of time before the problem becomes things of the past.



the past decade has witnessed a huge development in economy owing to some policy being carried out ——the sunshine,bringing the shadow at the same time——the damage to the environment 第一句:论点提出句





第五句:展开(句群)1. 科学论据法2. 举例法3. 平行展开法 P55

最后一句:结尾句1. 虚拟语气法 2. 利弊句型P62


the picture tells us that……

the picture demonstrates that⋯⋯

the picture does reveals that⋯⋯

1.this human quality is part and parcel to the social development of our nation and its absence will inevitably inflict great losses on us.

2.the environment preservation is in the best interests of the whole society.

3.the education plays a pivotal role in individual growth and success

4.they cultural integration has become an indispensable part of our lives and it has been exerting

profound influence on the way we live,work play and learn

5.this great character,doubtless,is the steel that forges the supporting structure of this society,which will not be able to grow steady if this invaluable asset is ever neglected in any possible manner.

6. 主题has become indispensable to the health of the economy,the stability of the polity and the pursuit of private happiness

7.the picture demonstrates us that,young students tend to find traditional schooling unmotivating or even frustrating

8.the picture reflects that curbin food safety problem with morality education is neither attractive nor productive.


1.indeed 2.it is also universally acknowledgeed 3.that…4.just as sb once said 5.furthermore 6.put it mildly 7.put it strong 8.that is to say 9.in other words


the public

the individuals,organizationsandgovernments +p55重视和不重视的表达P127背诵 P155背诵 P58 背诵

we have been fully informed that smoking may bring various hazards ,but we are still lack of sufficient awareness of necessity of banning smoking in public area


1.more than +名词 表示对肯定的强调 this is more than a challenge

Internet is more than a form to get information,but an instructive mode of entertainment as well

2.far from being 对否定的强调

this is far from being a challenge 远不是一个挑战

china is far from being a leading nation of world economy

3.Contrary to a popular assumption

contrary to a common belief,+观点

contrary to a common belief,environmental preservation should have priority over economic growth.

4. 双重否定的使用

it is not unrealistic that job satisfaction ,a crucial indicator of employees' sense of well-being,can be promoted in any kind of job

these days,it is not uncommon that many graduates will elect being a civil servant as their top choice when hunting a job for many clear advantages(e.g.,secured position,stable income or better social welfare)

5.not surprisingly(肯定), +结论

6.anything but 否定 nothing but 肯定

7.be 动词 被替换成被动态

Internet is a form of entertainment.

Internet is well received as a form of entertainment

Internet has been well received as……

be well considered as

be well seen as

be well deemed as

be well regarded as

Rinascimento (意)Renaissance (英)文艺复兴

Leonardo Da Vinci达芬奇

P170 背诵

8.not the least 最高级

Not the least of the factors that make for success in any field of endeavor is……在任何领域中取得成功最重要的因素是……

9. 并列动词的使用

physical exercise can shield us from damaging effects brought by sedentary life style,and stressful working conditions and prevent us from collapsing in front of a screen every night

10. 连接三个以上动词

do A,doing B and thus doing C

11.not only ……but also……连接动词

not only will they accumulate their wealth,but they also will fit into the society.

12. 连接三个以上名词的方法

not only A,but also B,and such benefits(problems) as C and D

13.in terms of.就什么而言

主题 will give them an advantage in terms of coping with the challenges of student life

14.Admittedly(可承认的) …….Nevertheless (但是)……

Admittedly,as a source of entertainment,advertisements are very popular among children. Nevertheless, they may give young viewers some misleading impression

15.sth is not restricted to ……,but is also evident among.

The benefits of being independent are not restricted to improving one's academic performance,but are also evident among promoting one's energy,enthusiasm and charm.

16. 加强句间的连接

indisputably. undeniable. it is true that. it is apparent that. it is obvious that. it is clear that. Clearly. there is no doubt that. more importantly. in addition. it may be tempting to argue that. admittedly. by that I mean. in fact. it seems that.more precisely. specifically. it is true that.


1. 如果题干要求举例, 则必须举例, 可以在第二段也可以在第三段,但是最好在第三段。举例后可以再加评论,评论可以借用平行展开法语料。举例可以只举例不展开。

2. 没有要求举例时也可以举例,评论也可以借用第二段语料。

numerous cases exist to illustrate this point.take sb for example,for 主题,sb could not have done sth,let alone doing sth

take sb for example,(without 主题) ×3 ,how can sb do sth?

3.instances like Steven Jobs, Elon Musk,and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg could be easily multiplied,but these will suffice to show that(intense interest plus persistent effort is primarily essential to the highest success in any sphere of human activity.)(结论)


图画作文练习网站newscartoon 中国新闻漫画网。


三段话,第一段 引入:描述图表

第二段 论述:阐释原因

第三段 呼应



pie chart饼状图. bar chart.柱状图 line chart. 线状图 table chart 表格



The pie chart shows that there four main causes of farmland becoming degraded in the world today.

A makes up 34%. 51%stands for B. 9% refers to C. 6% is defined as D

关注单复数问题 抓住主要部分。

Globally,65%of degradation is caused by too much animal grazing and tree clearance,constituting 35% and 30% respectively.

The total…is divided into four parts,with A and B making up _% totally



As is shown above,the past decade has witnessed a great change that the private cars are playing the increasingly important role in people's means of transportation.

积累上升和下降的表达方式 p68

The graph shows that the percentage of state-owned houses in a big city decreased considerably,dropping from 75% in 1999 to 25% in 2015,while the corresponding figures for private houses increased dramatically,rising from 25% to 75% over the same period.



Isolated as the figures seem to be,as a matter of fact,they are connected to one another closely.

Why do so many years youngsters elect pursuing master degree as their choice after graduation from the university?


因果句型P61+列举原因:1.具体原因具体分析2. 借用平行展开法






1. 信息点的覆盖(仔细阅读题干要求)

2. 语言正确即可,内容完整(100字写满,不要犯语法错误)

3. 格式



Dear sir. Dear madam. Dear sir or madam. Dear friends




告示的格式:P35题目首字母大写 一段两段皆可。

四、分类讲解 P4七字诀


投诉信:P7 必须背两三个 P4范文

建议信:可能和欢迎词一起考P13 注意去信回信区别


道歉信 P17. 辞职信 P19积累万能理由




聪明:Intelligent Ingenious Talent Gifted Have insightful opinions

勤奋:Diligent Industrious Hardworking

性格:Humorous. Amiable. Social Enthusiastic. Ready for help. Cooperative. Team spirit leadership



P27最后一段 祝新年快乐凑字数



86个平行展开法➕笔记句子 每天背三个