carnation 康乃馨(花) 英语作文
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Flower is a symbol of beauty and love. Peony represents rich and honor, lily represents pure friendship, sunflowers represents hope and enthusiasm. But my favorite flower is carnation, cause it represents my love to my mom.

Carnation is not as bright—colored as roses. It just quietly send her fragrance to your heart and mind, like my mother’s love——simple but great and selfless.

Every morning, my mom gets up early and prepares yummy breakfast to me. Every night, my mom tells stories to me, so I can have a good dream. Tell the truth, I am a naughty girl, but my mom is always patient with me. She teaches me to draw pictures and plays piano with me. Even when I want to give up, my mom is still patient with me. It is also my mom that gives me the courage to stand here today.

Even though I can’t afford a bunch of carnations as a pupil, I bought a piece of flower to my mom at last mother ’s day. Today I want to thank my mom for her great love to me. I will buy a large bunch of carnations to my mom in the future.