It was really a good day today
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Today is an exciting day. In the morning we had the singing contest. Everyone did well in it. Somebody sans lyrics and somebody didn’t. When the result came out, only Audrey and Ellison could be in the second run. Vanessa was very sad. But finally she was in the second run. It was really great news for her.

We stayed in our rooms for the whole afternoon. We played cards, slept, read, practiced some English songs for the contest and did out homework. It was a little boring.

In the evening, we had the final singing contest. It was really great. At last, Vanessa got the second prize. Congratulations to her! All of us were proud of her. Edle gave her a bunch of flowers! Then we returned to our rooms.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

It was really a good day today!