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Put Down Your Smartphone 拒绝成为手机「低头族」

It is often said that smartphones have made our lives easier. Thanks to these handy devices, we can take our work with us anywhere. However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. 人们常说智能型手机令我们的生活更方便。由于这些便利的装置,我们可以带着工作到处走。然而,这不见得是件好事。

A recent survey found that two-thirds of office workers continued to work on their smartphones outside office hours. These so-called “screen slaves” are glued to their smartphones on the way home and at home. This can lead to health problems. For example, using a smartphone on the train or sofa can cause back and neck pain. What’s more, looking at a small screen for a long time can cause vision problems.


In Taiwan, there was even a man who lost the use of his index finger because he played games on his smartphone for up to six hours a day. People who use their smartphones too often also complain of headaches, increased stress, and losing sleep at night. So perhaps we need to learn to be less dependent o n our smartphones, and put them down once in a while.


【Vocabulary 】

handy adj.便利的

The repairman takes his handy tools with him everywhere he goes. 这位修理工不论到哪里都随身携带他的便利工具。

survey n. 调查研究

A survey found that there were about 900 homeless people in the c ity.


so-called adj. 所谓的

So-called “card slaves” work just to pay off their credit card bills. 所谓的「卡奴」工作只为了要偿还卡债。

vision n. 视力

Bill’s vision isn’t so good, which is why he wears contact lenses. 比尔的视力不好,那是为什么他要戴隐形眼镜的原因。

headache n. 头痛

After a long day of studying, Jack had a headache.


dependent adj. 依赖的

Most teens are dependent on their parents for money.



necessarily adv. 必定;必然地

index finger n. 食指


Can you live without a mobile phone? It is indeed difficult to live without a mobile phone as it helps us in day-to-day activities. I cannot live without a mobile phone. Today's generation uses mobile phones for chatting, surfing and playing games. They don't use the mobile phone for the real purpose. I admit that living without a mobile phone is extremely difficult but I

can live without addicting apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. The iPhone is a gadget that is encouraging to use social apps and addicting games. These gadgets though facilitate our work but are making us their slaves. For example, if a person's iPhone is not working properly, he will be filled with anger. As new technology is creating new gadgets, so are people raising new demands. They also hamper academics. Buy a mobile phone but use it for something productive.


Can you live without a mobile phone? I have heard a beautiful poetry, written by a nove list, Amy Cheung. With a little adjustment, it can vividly depict the alienation among people in realit y - "The further distance in the world is not betw een life and death. But when I stand in front of y

ou, your eyes turn to your smartphone; don’t kno w that I love you."The smartphone has been gaining a great popularity, becoming a toxic 【toxic 有毒的】 compulsion 【compulsion 难以克制的欲望】. It has invaded 【invaded 侵略】 our lives and occupied all our interstitial 【interstitial 空闲】time . It is so commonly seen that the smartphone addicts attend to their phone, ignoring everything. Even meeting with friends, they often pull out the phone in order to take a photo, check a message or even play with a game. Seeming connected with the whole world, they have actu ally fiddled the conversation and done harm to t he relationship.It is high time that we threw away the phone and raised our heads up. Do cherish 【cherish 珍爱】 the ones around us and appreciate the splendid scenery ahead of us. 范本4

Can you live without a mobile phone?

没有手机你能活着吗? A sage used to say, the 21st century is the era of smart phone. As the man who made up this sage, I’m so glad to see that the smar t phone plays a significant role in people’s daily life.

Today, you can see people who bend their head and use their fing ers to prick the keys of the phone everywhere. More and more peo ple have become totally dependant on this little gadget. If there’s some dysfunction happened on the little thing, its master would de finitely turn agitated, nervous and sometimes depressed. This is th e syndrome of mobile dependency which is epidemic especially in y oung people.

We people invent a lot of things to make us convenient. However these things finally become new yoke for us. This is the doom of h uman being who continues to break down old shackles and at the s ame time forge new shackles. The invention of smart phone, it’s a gift for us and also a curse.


Stop Phubbing

Last month, Justin Valdez, a college student was shot in subway in San Francisco, the U.S. The surveillance video showed that before Justin was killed, the killer pulled out the pistol several times, and even wiped his nose with it. However, nobody noticed the killer. T he surrounding passengers all focused on their cell phones.

上个月,一位名叫贾斯汀. 瓦尔迪兹的大学生在美国旧金山的地铁里遭到枪杀。监控录像显示,就在贾斯汀被杀之前,凶手曾数次拿出手枪,甚至还用它蹭了鼻子。可是,没有人注意到这个凶手。因为周围的乘客都把注意力集中在自己的手机上了。

We may see the same scene everywhere in the life: in subway, res taurants, elevators, roads, people are watching their mobile phones. From family reunion to date with a friend, people couldn't stop ch ecking their twitter, WeChat, facebook on the mobile phone and sn ubbing the persons in front completely. Phubbing trends not only t o involve the young people, but also the elderly and kids. 生活中任何地点都会出现这样的场景:无论是在地铁、餐厅、电梯还是路上,人们都低头关注着自己的手机。从家庭聚会到朋友相约,人们无时无刻都在刷新推特、微信、脸书,完全无视身边的人。低头症不仅蔓延到了年轻人,甚至是波及老少。

"Phubbing" is a newly coined term which comes from the words "p hone" and "snub". It describes the habit of snubbing someone in f avor of a mobile phone. The word "phubbing" was included in the Australian National Dictionary in 2012. Apparently, the indifference and rudeness of the information age are spreading globally. A Sto p Phubbing campaign site has been launched. You can find the slo gan of the website as follows: "stop twittering, stop posting photo s…enjoy your food, enjoy the music and respect your campaign."“phubbing”是一个新造词,来自“phone”和“snub”。它形容的是人们只顾低头玩手机而经常忽略身旁的人。该词在2012年被编入了澳大利亚国家字典。显然,在信息时代里这种漠然和无理的病症已蔓延全球。一家抵制低头症的网站也因此成立。其网站口号就是:“停止推特,停止上传照片... 享受你的美食,享受当下的音乐,还有尊重你的聚会。”

Phubbing appears innocuous; however, it does disturb our life. She n Hongfei, an epicure, wrote in his blog:"I can no longer focus on what I am eating since I started twittering. My skill of food photog raphy has improved very fast, while my interest in food drops corr espondingly." 低头症无关痛痒;然而,它却影响了我们的生活。沈宏非,一个享乐主义者,在他的博客上写道:“自从我开始用推特后,就再也不能一心享用美食了。我食物拍摄技巧突飞猛进,而对食物的兴趣却渐渐下降。”

Let us put down the cell phone and re-savor the real taste of food and the warmth of interpersonal communication. 我们何不放下手机重新体验食物的美味,并感受交流的温馨时刻呢?


With the advent 【advent 到来来到】of mobile phone and computer , the phenomenon that people always are phubbing are becoming more and more popular.So many students phubbed in the coach ,train or restaurant even walked on the road.

As to this issue,different people has different ideas .Some take the view that it is no use connecting but may cause the big events .Such as the accident or fight.There is no doubt that phubbing is a false behavior .While others think the opposite,they agree that there is no way but have to do it because the time is limited. As far as I am concerned ,every coin has two sides .while most people prefer it,the phubbing is a bad habit .As a matter of fact ,a few person mostly do a good deed.


As is seen by us all, the smart mobile phone has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life . It has influenced us a lot, especially on our communication. Because of playing mobile phones, more people become silent.They do nothing but bow to play mobile phones.What it brings to us addicted us to it.Many people spend too much time on the phone, and they don't have time to interact with person in real life, which result in the absence of ability in communication in reality. As we become more and more indifferent, many bad things will happen . We should talk with people and develop our ability to communicate in reality.