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1.Miss Smith, an American lady, has taught _______ English for three years.

A .we B .us C .our D. I

2.— _______ will you fly to Beijing? — In two days.

A .How long B .How often C .How soon D. How far

3.— I think I’ll take a bus to the meeting. — The bus? If you_______, you will be late.

A .do B .have done C .will do D. did

4.— What do you think of the movie Zootopia?

— Hmm… I think it is _______ movie that I have ever seen these years.

A .a good B .a better C .the best D. a best

5.—Your coat fits you well.

— Thank you. I_______ it when I was on vacation.

A .have bought B .buy C .bought D. had bought

6.— Did you win the game yesterday?

— Not really. ______we all tried our best, we lost it.

A .If B .Though C .Unless D. but

7.— Finally, they came back.

— They ______be hungry after such a long walk.

A .can’t B .must C .needn’t D. can

8.— Jane’s spoken English is pretty good.

— Yeah, she works hard and practices _______ it both in and out of class.

A .spoke B .to speak C .speaking D. speak

9.Now smart phones _______ in many ways in our daily life.

A .are used B .is used C .are using D. use

10.What a lovely toy race car! Could you tell me_____?

A. why did you get it B. when will you get it

C. where you got it D. how will you get it

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1.Lucy is interested in film making. Which park could be the best choice for her?

A .Universal Studios. B .Lego land. C .Ferrari World.

2.While an adult is visiting Legoland, what will probably be thought about ?

A .His or her childhood. B .His or her present. C .His or her future.

3.According to the chart(图表), we know that__________.

A .we can visit Universal Studios only in America

B .the buildings and dolls at Legoland are made of Lego bricks

C .we can get Ferrari cars for free when we visit Ferrari World


Why is clean water so important to developing countries ? A recent report shows that about 80 percent of diseases in developing countries are caused by poor water and low sanitation(卫生)conditions. In those countries, women and girls spend several hours collecting water, but often polluted, far away from their families. The polluted water more or less influences their health. In

第 3 页 共 八 页 this case, there is an urgent(迫切的)need for people in developing countries to have access to(有机会或权利使用)clean water to improve their health.

Here is a short story about Hadjara Zakari, a 12-year-old girl in Niger. Having access to clean water changed her life. She learned about the importance of hand-washing when the school first received clean water three years ago. That evening, she told her father, “You shouldn’t eat with me unless you clean your hands.” Her father was very angry and shouted at her, “It’s not up to you to tell me what to do!” Stunned(目瞪口呆的),Hadjara sat in silence. But she knew she was right. In , Hadjara refused to eat dinner that night. After her father questioned Hadjara’s head teacher, he understood the importance of hand-washing and his daughter’s intentions(目的). The girl really wanted her family to live longer and healthier lives.

For people in developing countries, clean water can change many things, especially improve their health. So, from now on, let’s avoid wasting water and take action to save water, which is

important to people all over the world.

4.According to the recent report, poor water and low sanitation conditions can cause _______.

A .traffic problems B .forest fires C .many illnesses

5.The key to improving people’s health in developing countries is _______ in Paragraph 1.

A .to get clean water B .to exercise often C .to refuse drugs

6.What can we infer(推断)from Paragraph 2?

A .Hadjara laughed at her father’s foolishness.

B .Hadjara refused to eat dinner that night in order to lose weight.

C .Hadjara’s father understood his daughter’s love and care for him later.

7.The underlined word “protest ” in this passage means _______.

A .抗议 B .保护 C .节约

8.The purpose of the writer is to _______.

A .teach people how to wash hands

B .call on people all over the world to save water

C .show developing countries rich in clean wate


It was a Christmas night. I was an unlucky nurse who had to work on such a beautiful festival.

When I was complaining(抱怨)about it, three people appeared at my desk — a tired woman and two children.

“Are you all sick” I asked doubtfully because they seemed all right.

“Yes,” the woman answered weakly and lowered her head.

But when they started to present their problems, things became unclear. One child had a fever, but his temperature was OK. The other child had an earache, but she could not tell me which ear hurt. It seemed that the mother was pretending(假装)to cough.

Something was wrong. But I only explained that it might take a while before a doctor could meet

第 4 页 共 八 页 them. “Take your time, please,” said the mother. I checked their charts — no address. Suddenly I knew, they were homeless while the hospital was warm.

The family huddled(蜷缩)together under the Christmas tree, smiling and talking with each other sweetly. Quietly, I went back to the nurses’ station and told them what happened in the waiting room. It was just like God sending us a gift on Christmas Day. The nurses’ station suddenly came back to life. All the nurses went into action for “a Christmas emergency(急诊)”.

We took out our meals for our Christmas “patients”. We also put together oranges and apples as presents. We tried to night. Later, the little girl kissed me and said, “Thanks for being our angel(天使).”

9.Before the family appeared in the hospital, the writer was very_______.

A .proud B .unhappy C .pleased

10.The family came to the hospital because________.

A .they came to visit a patient B .they were all sick C .they were homeless

11.The nurses offered the family meals and gifts in order to _______.

A .make them feel at home B .make them leave C .make them feel upset

12.What does the underlined word “exceed ” in this passage mean

A .降低 B .超出 C .拒绝

13.From the story, we learn that_________.

A .homeless people often tell lies

B .a hospital is a good place to spend Christmas night

C .we should always be friendly and kind to those in need


The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th of the first month of the lunar calendar(阴历). This day is always the first full moon in the new year. Ancient people also called it Shangyuan Festival.

Celebrations and traditions on this day began from the Han Dynasty(朝代)and became popular in the Tang Dynasty.

Watching the red lanterns is one of the main traditions. Lanterns of different shapes and sizes are usually put on trees, or along river banks on show. It is said that sky lanterns were first used by

Zhuge Kongming to ask for help when he was in trouble. Today, when the lanterns slowly rise into the air, people make wishes.

Another tradition is guessing lantern riddles. The riddles are usually short, wise, and sometimes humorous. The answer to a riddle can be a Chinese character(汉字),a famous person’s name, or a place name.

The most important thing is to eat sweet dumplings with different tastes. In northern China, they are called yuanxiao while in southern part they’re named tangyuan. Because making sweet dumplings is like a game or an activity, they are usually done happily by a group of friends or

第 5 页 共 八 页 family members.

In old times, the Lantern Festival was also romantic(浪漫的). Watching lanterns gave young people a chance to meet each other. A line from Xin Qiji, a poet during the Song Dynasty, shows this: Hundreds and thousands of times I searched for her in the crowd. Suddenly I turned, and there she stood, in the dim(昏暗的)light.

14.The traditional festival talked about in this passage is called “________” in Chinese.

A .春节 B .元宵节 C .端午节

15.When did celebrations and traditions of the Lantern Festival start from ?

A .The Han Dynasty. B .The Tang Dynasty. C .The Song Dynasty.

16.What were sky lanterns first used for by Zhuge Kongming in ancient times?

A .Making wishes. B .Celebrating birthdays. C .Asking for help.

17.Which of the following is NOT true about sweet dumplings

A .They have different tastes.

B .They are named “yuanxiao ” all over the country.

C .People enjoy the process of making them.

18.The line from Xin Qiji in the passage shows the Lantern Festival was________ in old times.

A .boring B .humorous C .romantic


1. I’d like to i____________ all my relatives to a big family dinner this weekend.

2. He is so clever that he can s_______ the problems easily.

3. Go out and do some o________ activities to keep healthy.

4. We should speak to the old man p__________ .

5. He has too much e____________ in teaching English.ish

6.This is one of the most expensive __________(字典) in the market.

7.We had a very cold _______________(冬天) last year.

8. The plane landed at the airport ____________.(安全)

9.Rubbish should be ___________(扔) into the dustbin.

10.December comes after ___________(十一月)



Think about two people you know. How would you describe their personalities? Are they the same? Of course not! Everyone is different. Some people are very outgoing and friendly. And some people are quiet, maybe even shy. Some people worry a lot. However, some people____1___(not worry) about anything! They never mind what ___2____(go) on next. These people are very relaxed. Some people are hard-working. They always do their best. They aren't lazy. They always get more chances ___3___(have) success.

And don't forget this: Everyone is different.

第 6 页 共 八 页 That means you are special.


One day an old lady saw a mouse running across her kitchen floor when she __4____(cook). She was very afraid of it. So she ran out of the house, got into a bus and went down to a shop. There she spent dollars 10 dollars ___5___(buy) a mouse-trap (捕鼠机). The shopkeeper said to her, "Put some cheese (奶酪) in it, and you will soon catch that mouse." The lady went home with her mouse-trap. But when she looked into her fridge, she couldn't __6____(find ) any cheese in it. She didn't want to go back to the shop, because it was too late. So she cut a picture of some cheese out of a magazine and put that into the trap.

To her surprise, the picture of the cheese __7___(be) quite successful.When the lady came down to the kitchen the next morning, there was a picture of a mouse in the trap.

六. 任务型阅读

visitors come here every year.

France is the largest country in Western Europe. It has a population of over 66 million. The country is home to many famous places of interest, like the River Seine as well as the Eiffel Tower.

Many visitors also come for the country’s art. Sculptor(雕刻家)Auguste Rodin and painter Claude Monet once created their great works here. If you visit France today, it is not a surprise to meet street artists in the city or come across a singer in the subway.

No visit to Paris is complete without a trip to Louvre, one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. Inside, there are 35,000 works of art, such as the painting Mona Lisa by Da Vinci and the statue(雕塑)David by Michelangelo. It would take nine months to enjoy all the pieces.

Besides, French food is world famous. Bread is very important in France. The best known French bread is called a baguette(法棍面包). They are long, delicious and taste salty. Snails (蜗牛)are also a must-have here. French people eat 40,000 tons of snails every year!

But France is not always good. Paris, the city of light, may also show its dark side to visitors. Chinese visitors feel sorry about the crowded subway in Paris.

1.How many visitors come to France every year?


2.Is it common to meet street artists in the city?


3.Besides bread, what food is also a must-have for French people?


4. 翻译文中划线句子

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亲爱的同学,你生活中有烦恼,学习有压力吗? 那我们应该如何正确面对烦恼,有效缓解心理压力呢? 请根据提示以“How to solve our stress”为题写一篇80词左右的短文,开头已给出,不计入字数;语言表述准确规范,语句通顺连贯;提示内容必须用完。

提示:1. 积极参加体育锻炼,有一个健康的身体.

2. 多与老师、家长和朋友交谈,说出自己的烦恼。

3. 多听听音乐,多看看书。

4. 尽自己最大努力学习,勇敢面对自己的成绩。

5. 如果经常压力太大,可以去看看医生。

How to solve our stress

We all have some problems and stress in our lives. How should we solve them?










How to solve our stress

We all have some problems and stress in our lives. How should we solve them?

Firstly, we should take more part in exercise. Sports can help us to have a healthier body and study better. Secondly, we need to talk with our teachers, parents and friends, try to tell them our trouble. They may give us some useful advice. Thirdly, we can also listen to music and read books. It’s a good way to relax ourselves. Fourthly, we should try our best to study hard and learn to face

第 8 页 共 八 页 our grades bravely. Fifthly, if we have too much stress, we’d better see a doctor.