Today was a day for music
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Today was a day for music, because we had the preliminary contest in the morning and we would have the final contest in the evening. After the preliminary contest, we thought that only one program could go on next at first. It mad Vanessa sad. This result gave us a big surprise. At last, we knew that she got the first place of girl’s vocal music. Why she couldn’t pass at first was because she didn’t use the match music. Just like a joke! However, we all thought that she sang well all the time no matter whether she could pass or not. In the evening, Vanessa, Ellison and I took part in the music contest. Vanessa sang almost perfectly and she go the second prize and last. I don’t think Ellison and I sang well. Ellison forgot the words of the song and my voice was a little dumb. Maybe Ellison felt a little nervous and I didn’t feel very natural on the stage. We haven’t got any prize. It was a little pitiful. Besides, my mother and uncle came to see me last night, so they could hear the song I sang by chance. I thought I should take part in activities more and be on the stage more. After the music concert, my mother, my uncle and I talked a lot in my room. I felt happy to see them and talk with them.