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1. Welcome to Hainan!


2. Haikou is the capital city of Hainan Province.


3. Sanya lies in the south of Hainan.


4. Wenchang is well known as “the home of coconuts”.


5. Wenchang Chicken is delicious.


6. If you visit Qionghai, please don't forget to taste Jiaji Duck.


7. On weekends, you can fly a kite in the Ever Green Park.


8. Holiday Beach is about twenty kilometres away from the city proper.


9. Is it the first time you came to Sanya?


10. I have been in Hainan for about two weeks.


11. Great changes have taken place in Sanya since 1987.


12. How long does it take to go to Sanya from Haikou by bus?


13. It usually takes about three hours.


14. Wenchang High School is one of the best middle schools in Hainan.


15. Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to Hainan University?


16. The NO. 17 bus can take you right there.


17. Want to go shopping? You can go to the Pearl Plaza or the Oriental Plaza. 想购物吗?去明珠广场或东方广场好了。

18. I want to practise oral English. Could you recommend a training school in Haikou? 我想练习口语,你能推荐一所培训学校给我吗?

19. Hainan New Active English Training School is the best choice.


20. People in Haikou often go to the Volcano Park to eat lamb hotpot.


21.Boao is situated in Qionghai. It is the seat of the Boao Aisa Forum.


22.Sanya is the southernmost city in China.


23.Sanya is the habitat of several nationalities, including Han, Miao, Li, Hui.


24. How do western people say “Tianyahaijiao” in Engish?


25.The Edge of the Sea, the Rim of the Sky.


26. The name of the Turn-round Deer Park comes from an ancient fairy story of the Li nationality. 鹿回头公园的名字源于黎族的一个神话传说。

30. There are two big airports in Hainan. The Phoenix International Airport is in Sanya and Meilan International Airport is in Haikou.


31. Haikou is bigger than Sanya, but there are more visitors in Sanya.


32. Haina has no winter. The weather is warm in the winter time.


33. The trees and grass are green all the year round on Hainan Island.


34. Different from other provinces, Hainan is the second largest ocean island and the □□□allest land province in China.


35.People both at home and abroad call Hainan Island "the Oriental Hawaii".


36. The seafood of Hainan is very popular.


37. Hainan is an ideal place for you to be away from the cold winter.


38. The best time to visit Hainan is between November and March the next year.


39. Nandu River is the longest on Hainan Island.


40. At Xixiu Beach, you can enjoy the national saling and windsurfing teams training on the sea. 在西秀海滩,你能欣赏国家帆板队在海上的训练。

41.The streets of Haikou are lined with coconut palms. Haikou is also called “the coconu city”. 海口的街道两旁耸立着成排的椰子树,海口也被叫着“椰城”。

42. As a tropical seaside city, Haikou is pollution free.


43. Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton and Hele Crab are the four famous local dishes in Haiana.


44. Tasting the local dishes of Hainan is a must to a visitor.


45. Yalong Bay is really beautiful. It is worth a visit.


46. Miss World Competition has been held in Sanya for three times.


47. If you want to find a quiet place to enjoy the night beauty of Sanya, the Coffee Time Western Food Restaurant is recommended.


48. When you are in Sanya, don't forget to try scuba dive. It's really fun!


49. Before diving, you need to be trained.


50. With the sea on three sides, Sanya has abundant maritime resources.


51. The customs of Li and Miao Minority attract the tourists from both at home and abroad.- 黎苗族的习俗吸引了来自海内外的许多游客。-

51. There are more than twenty cities in Hainan and different city has different sceneries.- 在海南有20多个城市,不同的城市有不同的风景。-

52. Hainan Island has often been called the Chinese Hawaii, and indeed, it is the only tropical beach destination in China.-


53. So far, many international hotels like Mandarin Oriental have opened resorts in Sanya.- 到目前为止,已经有许多国际性的大酒店,像文华东方酒店落户三亚。-

54. Look round and you'll encounter weekend visitors from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, all seeking to escape the crush of big-city life for a quiet stretch of beach.-


55. For centuries Hainan Island only served as a place of banishment for criminals, exiled poets and political undesirables.-


56. Thirty minutes from Sanya is the famously scenic Tianya Haijiao, also called the Edge of the Sky and the Rim of the Sea.-


57. Today, as an international tourist island, Hainan is an immensely popular tourist attraction- 现如今,作为国际旅游岛,海南是一个广受欢迎的旅游景点。-

58. After Hainan separated from Guangdong to become its own province in 1988, a development boom was quickly followed by a bust that left many building projects on the island half-finished.- 自1988年脱离广东独自建省以来,海南省蓬勃发展一段时间之后,随之破灭,留下了许多未完成的半拉子建筑项目。-

59. In the last few years, Hainan has welcomed back investors and become a fashionable draw for Russian tourists looking to escape winter.-


60. It's the right time for the Chinese to get into surfing and Sanya is the ideal place.-


61. Along Yalong Bay, a lovely four-and-a-half-mile stretch of beach was developed as a national

resort district.-


62. Because of warm and humid climate, Hainan Island is an important producer of pineapples, coconuts, mangoes, sugar cane, coffee and rubber trees.-


63. In the countryside north of Sanya, you can see the hillsides heavy with mango trees and rice paddies worked by teams of farmers and water buffalo.-


64. Changes are happening all over China, and Hainan Island exemplifies this moment.- 中国到处都在发生着翻天覆地的变化,而海南岛则是体现这一时刻的样板。-

65. The boom in touri□□□ in Sanya is exposing mainland travelers to a foreign beach culture in new and interesting ways.-


66. Hainan is an easy flight from any major Chinese city.-


67. The new □□□ce launch centre, to be built on the eastern island province of Hainan, is scheduled to be completed in 2012 and starts operating in 2013.-


68. Known as Coconut City, Haikou is the capital city of Hainan and it contains interesting historic sites like the Five Officials Temple, Xiuying Fort Barbette and Hairui Tomb.-


69. Hainan cuisine is said to be "lighter, with mild seasonings."-


70. In most of the restaurants of Sanya, seafood predominates the menu, as shrimp, crab, fish and other sea life are widely available.-


71. As opposed to battery chickens, Wenchang Chicken meat has more texture and is somewhat drier.-


72. The Li people have their own language, as do the Miao and Zhuang and they usually speak standard mandarin as a second language.-


73.Railroad ferry link was established in early 2000s connecting the island's railroad network to the mainland.-


74. When the new railway linking Haikou and Sanya is finished, the travel time between Haikou and Sanya is expected to be approximately 80 minutes.-


75. Marine products contribute a significant share to the provincial economy.-


76. Shrimps, scallops, and pearls are raised in shallow bays and basins for local use and export.-


77. Grouper, □□□nish mackerel, and tuna constitute the bulk of the catch from the rich offshore fishing grounds. -


78. Paddy rice is cultivated extensively in the northeastern lowlands and in the southern mountain valleys.-


79. Leading crops other than rice include coconuts, palm oil, sisal, black pepper, coffee, tea, cashews, and sugarcane.-


80. After 1950, state farms were developed, and Hainan now produces a significant amount of China's rubber.-


81. There are large deposits of lignite and oil shale on the island, and significant offshore finds of oil and natural gas have been discovered.有大量的褐煤和油页岩大量沉积在岛上,重要的近海石油和天然气已经被发现。

82. Most of the rivers in Hainan like the Wanquan River and the Nandu River originate in the central area of the island and flow radially in different directions.-


83. There is a well-known artificial reservoir, the Songtao Reservoir, in the central-north area.- 在中北部地区有一个众所周知的人造水库——松涛水库。-

84. Whether on the land or on the sea (and even under the water), Hainan offers places to go and things to do for everyone.-


85. If your idea of a dream holiday is sipping a tall cool drink beside a swimming pool, Hainan has international resorts and top-flight hotels to pamper you and cater to your every need.-


86. With an almost infinite selection of speciality restaurants serving local, western, traditional Chinese, Japanese and other dishes, Hainan is the perfect place to wine and dine yourself and your guests and to please every palate.-

在这里,您有着多种食物风味的选择:如当地风味,西餐,中国传统风味,□□□风味及其他的风味。海南绝对是您和您的客人吃好喝好的完美之地, 满足所有人的口味。

87. Hainan was the first place in China to experience a development and real estate boom after it was declared China's newest, province in 1988.-


88. Many mainland Chinese have bought second homes on Hainan as vacation retreats and investments.-


89. For a brief period Hainan was the fastest growing economic region in China and people from all over China came to make their fortune.-



90. These days more and more mainlanders are coming and they are joined by significant numbers of Russians seeking the sun at relatively low costs.-


91. Sanya hosted the Miss World contest two years in row: in 2003 and 2004.-


92.Li people can cook rice in a hollow piece of bamboo which gives it a distinctive flavor.- 黎族人可以在空心竹子里做竹筒饭,从而形成一种独特的风味。-

93. Hainan's most popular season is, of course, Spring Festival, when legions of mainlanders shuddering from sub-zero winter temperatures spend Chinese New Year on the invitingly temperate beaches of the tropica island.


94. Hainan Island enjoys a tropical weather that ranges from as low as 16 degrees during the winter months to 30 degrees in the summer.-


95. Hainan's tourist season is from October to March, but there are possibilities of typhoons during the months of October to March.-


96. Most of the Chinese tourists on Hainan usually buy one of the colourful garments, even though they are produced in a Chinese textile factory somewhere else, however the Chinese hardly care if the shirts are made locally or not. The main thing is that they have a holiday look.- 大部分来海南的中国游客都会挑一件五颜六色的岛服,虽然很多都是在中国其他地方的纺织厂制造的。但中国人很少介意这件衬衫是不是在本地制造的,最主要的是穿起来有度假的样子。-

97. Most visitors head south to the area around Sanya, where there is one picturesque bay after another -- and one hotel after another.-


98. The construction boom was so big that Sanya has the greatest concentration of five-star hotels in all of China.-


99. The city's principal place of interest is Luhuitou Park, a grassy hill topped by a sculpture of a deer turning its head.-


100. Just outside Sanya, the newly built Nanshan Temple with its 108-metre-high Buddha statue draws a lot of tourists.-