初中英语作文 不平凡的一天
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English writing examples of Junior School

1. Extraordinary day of / An unforgettable day不平凡的一天 One afternoon, I was on my way home from school. I walked slowly along the street. This street two sides of the scene is beautiful, but I am not interested. I walk, remember the day of what happened. Just a few minutes before the second class that afternoon, someone told me to go to the teacher's office. I heard my teachers and my mother's anger.

How can you go in without permission movie? At the top of the mother speaking voice, the flapping I. I watched her mother, gape„

I walked slowly, because I can see my family before the front of the house, where mother always stood in the doorway, smiling at me, at this time every day. But now, she wasn't there. I hear is beating faster. I dare not even open the door for worry about mother should beat again.

Not knowing what to do, I sat on the ground near the door, blame themselves for everything. I fell into deep pain.

Suddenly, a soft hand patted me on the head. I looked up and saw mom stood beside me. I couldn't help crying, mom! Tears rolling down my cheek.

2.My Winter Holiday 我的寒假

This winter holiday, I went to Kunming with my family. Kunming is a very beautiful city, I think. The sky is blue and the air is clean. You can see many kinds of nice flowers everywhere. The weather there is great. It′s never too hot or too cold all the year round, so people always call it "Spring City".

Kunming is surrounded by beautiful scenery. And one of the most famous views is "The Stone Forest". It is really scenic.

We just stayed in Kunming for six days, but I felt very happy, and I like Kunming very much.





3. 关注自然灾害,保护环境

A. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic A Letter of Appeal. You should write at least 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline given below:


1) 举出人类活动引发的灾害的实例

2) 指出一些必要的防范措施

3) 号召大家行动起来拯救地球




A Letter of Appeal

June 13, 2008

Dear friends,

I am writing this letter to call on everyone to pay attention to the present disasters caused by human activities. As some of you may know, over the past years, floods, droughts, landslides, and

dust storms have frequented our planet. Not long ago, tsunami swept the Southeast Asia, which caused enormous damage. All these have sounded an alarm to human beings. So it is high time that we join efforts to save our planet。

Above all, a task of top priority for us is to plant trees as many as possible, especially in the arid areas. At the same time, we should stop deforesting in large amount. And we can save our planet through many other ways, such as saving water and using recycled paper。

So don’t hesitate to act out these measures. Even a small action is meaningful to our planet. Please join us in the action of protecting our planet. If you are willing to do something to save our planet, please start from the little thing right around you. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,


Li MingHow to protect/save our environment/world? 环境问题 今天环境变得越来越糟糕,环境问题影响着人们的工作,学习,生活等,而我们的工作,生活,生产等又使环境污染越来越严重„„,如何保护我们的环境?请以“ How to protect/save our environment/world? ”为题写一篇短文。

提示:存在问题: 1.水污染越来越严重 2.砍伐森林严重 3. 大气污染严重 4. 白色垃圾等。

要求:如何改善/保护环境? 至少:3---4个方面, 80字左右的。

范文: How to protect/save our environment/world?

The environmental pollution is worse and worse /more and more seriously today . Water is polluted ,we have no clean water to drink. Many trees are cutting down, some animals is getting less and less. Some factories is pouring(排出) dirty air into the sky , the population is increasing faster and faster , resources is getting less and less„etc. Not only does it affect our lives and health, it also has a great affection in the future. People's health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases. In order to live a better life, we need protect our world.

We shouldn't throw away rubbish everywhere. We want to recycle (回收), reduce(减少), reuse(再利用) things . Don't waste things ,This saves money and reduces pollution. Use things for as long as possible. We don't use plastic bags . We mus plant more trees and stop the people cutting them. We hope our world will be more

and more beautiful .

4.My Happy Times During Winter


My Happy Times During Winter Vacation

I often go to see my grandma and grandpa during winter vacation. They are both seventy years old and live in the country happily. I can do many interesting things there. I am used to getting up early in the morning and breathing the fresh air in the countryside. After snow, I would like to skate and ski with my friends. When night comes, I am used to sitting by the fire and listening to grandma telling me many funny stories. And I tell her some new things happening in the city. When I have to go back, I am always reluctant to go. I really feel happy living in the country.

5. Winter holiday 寒假

Spring Festival is coming .I am very happy .On this winter holiday ,I went to visit my grandparents with my parents.

My grandmother is very zeal. Our dinner is very delicious. After the dinner, the people gave me money in red envelopes. I am very happy in this family with my grandparents.

Sometimes we go to climb the mountains .The mountain is very high. Look! here is a clean river near the mountain. And there are some beautiful flowers, grass and big trees. Some trees are orange trees, the others are banana trees. Oh, I am very tired but interesting.

I am very happy on this holiday because I like Spring Festival very much.What about you?



春节来临了, 我很开心. 在这个寒假, 我和父母去探望我的外公外婆. 我的外婆很热情. 我们的晚餐很丰盛. 人们会给红包给我. 我和外婆外公在这个家里一起很开心.

有时侯, 我们去爬山. 这座山很搞. 看, 山旁边有条河. 还有那边有些美丽的小花, 草和大树. 一些树是柑子树, 其他是香蕉树. 噢, 我觉得很累但很有趣.

在这个寒假里我很开心, 因为我喜欢春节. 你呢?

6. the ways of relaxing our nervous life 放松自己适当方式 中学生学习时间长、压力大,专家建议学生每天课后应采取适当的方式放松自己。你代表班级在一次 “The Ways for Students to Relax”

的学校座谈中与二(1)班的Terry 讨论了这一话题,请根据他的观点和你自己的观点,用英语给你的外籍教师Mr. Griffin 写一篇有关这次讨论的汇报材料。

His ideas Your ideas

1. Watching TV 1. „

2. Playing computer games 2. „

3. Hanging out with friends 3. „


1. 开头和结尾已经写好;

2. 可以适当增加谈论话题时经常用到的话语,使内容连贯

3. 所写内容必须包括上面表格中他的观点和你自己至少三个观点

4. 词数:70字左右。

Mr. Griffin,

Recently I have had a discussion about The Ways for Students to Relax with Terry, a student from Class One Grade Two. __________________________________________________________ Terry

Mr. Griffin,

Recently I have had a discussion about The Ways for Students to Relax with Terry, a student from Class One Grade Two . (As we study

too long every day, every student should choose ways to relax.) In his opinion, the best ways are watching TV and playing computer games. He also believes that sometimes hanging out with friends isn't a bad way.

However, I'm not quite agree with him. In my opinion, watching TV or playing computer games is not a good way to help us relax. I think listening to music and playing sports are good ways because they can help us keep healthy. I often play Ping pong after class and I find it really helpful to both my health and my study. Besides, I think chatting with our friends isn't a bad way. I think it can help me get on better with my friends.

7. About your hobby 介绍特长

My Hobby

I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade 3. Though I am occupied with my study, I would like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.

One of my favorite hobby is reading. Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters. It can not only kill the time, but also, more important, help improve my comprehension ability. When reading, I can learn a lot. Reading Shakespear‟s works, I know how Hamlet looks like. Reading Socrates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are. Reading Lu xun , I come back to the old time of China.

Reading really affect my life.

2.Different people, different hobbies. What hobbies do you have?

My hobby is singing. It‟s a great hobby! It‟s fun and it makes me feel proud.

Singing can be used to relieve (解除) my fatigues (疲劳), and can help me improve my accent(腔调). Singing makes me happy when I‟m sad. Singing songs can make you clever. I am always singing at home to share each other‟s joys and sorrow (悲痛) in our life and to learn many songs. I really enjoy singing.

It goes without saying that there are many different kinds of hobbies and they can‟t only (不仅) broaden (拓宽) our minds (智力) but also (而且) add more fun to our life.

我的爱好(My hobby)

Choose one of your hobbies and write an article for the school magazine about it. Tell the magazine readers.

What exactly your hobby is?

When and how you became interested in this hobby?

Why you enjoy your hobby?

About your hopes and plans for the future.


1. 根据所提供的内容,适当拓展想象空间,灵活地将提供的信息体现在

文章中。 2. 条理清楚,语句通顺,书写清晰、规范。 3. 词数60-80. My hobby is reading books When I was seven years old. I became interested in reading books. I like needing books because there are a lot of useful things in books. I can learn a lot of knowledge from books. Books can also teach me how to be a good person. Books even can solve many problems for me. I will read more good books to improve myself.

最近你校校园网上出现一个英语帖子,意在了解同学们在体育技能,艺术特长和科技创新方面的发展情况,请你以“夏宇”这一网名针对以上三个方面回帖, 内容需包含一下三个要点;

1. 你的特长;

2. 你发展特长所面临的困境;

3. 你有什么希望和建议


1. 词数在80词左右

2. 文中不能出现自己的姓名和所在学校的名称

XiaYu,10:00,June 18

XiaYu,10:00,June 18

I like sports and I'm good at playing basketball. Every day,I practise basketball with my classmates after school.I also enjoy listening to music but I can't sing well. I'm afraid of singing in front of people. I hope our school will start a singing club. I'm

sure I can make great progress with our teachers. I also hope there will be less homework on weekends. Then I can have more time to do what I'm interested in.

8. April Fool's Day 关于愚人节的作文

April Fool's Day is traditionally a day to play practical jokes on others, send people on fool's errands, and fool the unsuspecting. No one knows how this holiday began but it was thought to have originated in France.

The closest point in time that can be identified as the beginning of this tradition was in 1582, in France. New Year's was celebrated on March 25 and celebrations lasted until April 1st. When New Year's Day as changed from March 25 to January 1st in the mid-1560's by King Charles IX, there were some people who still celebrated it on April 1st and those people were called April Fools.

Pranks performed on April Fool's Day range from the simple, (such as saying, “Your shoe's untied!), to the elaborate. Setting a roommate's alarm clock back an hour is a common gag. The news media even gets involved. For instance, a British short film once shown on April Fool's Day was a fairly detailed documentary about ”spaghetti farmers“ and how they harvest their crop from the spaghetti trees. Whatever the prank, the trickster usually ends

it by yelling to his victim, ”April Fool! “April Fool's Day is a for-fun-only“ observance. ” Nobody is expected to buy gifts or to take their ”significant other“ out to eat in a fancy restaurant. Nobody gets off work or school. It's simply a fun little holiday, but a holiday on which one must remain forever vigil

9. “Tomb-Sweeping Day ” 有关于清明节的英语作文


what do we have on tomb-sweeping day except “burning”? 清明时节似乎注定要成为一个追思的季节。那不绝如缕的雨丝总能勾起人们缅怀先人、尊祖敬宗的绵绵情感。

tomb-sweeping day seems to be a season of memory. the constant drizzle reminds people of the affinity of forefathers and respect to ancestors.


tomb-sweeping day is just the time of bright spring with flourishing green plants and the best time for people to have a spring-out, therefore, it has been long the custom to walk in the field on the tomb-sweeping day. it was originated from

approximately zhou dynasty with a history of more than 2500 years. since it is almost the same as “cold-food day” on which people prohibited fire and swept the tombs. gradually, the two days derived into one festival and “cold-food” became the epithet of “tomb-sweeping day” and one of the customs as well. therefore, people will not light fire and eat cold food on “tomb-sweeping day”。

寄托哀思不拘泥于形式,让生活充满鲜活的色彩,也是先人对后人的希望所在,我们又何必烧来烧去闹得乌烟瘴气呢?那么,在清明节这天你会选择何种方式度过?同时,你会用何种方式寄托你对故人的追思? there is no restriction for people to express the grief. what the ancestors wish is that we can enrich our life. why do we burn so much and cause so heavy smoke? then, how are you going to spend your tomb-sweeping day and how would you express your missing to your ancestors?

it's always raining during the tomb-sweeping day, it's cold these days. people take much count of this festival whether it is a national day, bcs we are the group who remember our roots. 清明节基本的礼仪是,祭祖,很多在外的人都会在那一天忍不住放下自己的工作,放慢自己的脚步,回到家中祭祖,叶落归根是我们中华的美德。祭祖在城市与农村是不同的,光形式上来说就不同,农村礼比较多,一套一套的;而城市里的就相对比较简单,环保些。

in fact, besides “burning mo ney n paper”, we can do more, such as we can go for a trip during these sunshine days with our relatives n friends, or have a deep talk after gather again.

10. 描写秋天景色的初二英语作文范文

Autumn's coming.

She is in a yellow dress.

She is coming across the fields. The fields are yellow now. The wheat is smiling. There are some farmers in the fields. They are processing the wheat.

Look at the trees, there are many birds singing in the trees. Animals are dancing under the trees.

They are happy!

The sky is blue and clean. Many white clouds are in the sky. They look like sail boats. Take a deep breath, and then you may feel relaxed.

Autumn is bewitching. I love autumn.

11. Thanksgiving Day 感恩节的范文

In the United States, the fourth Thursday in November is called Thanksgiving Day. On that day, Americans give thanks

for the blessings they have enjoyed during the year.Thanksgiving Day is usually a family day. People always celebrate with big

dinners and happy reunions. Pumpkin pie and Indian pudding are traditional Thanksgiving desserts. Relatives from other cities, students who have been away at school, and many other Americans travel a long distance to spend the holiday at home

12. harmonious society 建设和谐社会


假设你是李小龙,是“某某一中”的学生。请你围绕“建设和谐社会’’的主题,根据下面所给出的要点提示,用 英语 给全省中学生写一封倡议书。





Dear fellow students,

Our government is aiming to build a "harmonious society". I think it is every citizen 's duty to work hard to achieve this goal. As high school students, what should we do?

First of all, we should love our motherland. Let’s take a great interest in the development of our hometowns and take an active part in our school and activities.

Secondly, let’s fill the world with love. We should show our respect for old people, our parents and our teachers. We should also

care for each other and help those in need. More importantly, all of us must be faithful and honest in our daily life.

Finally, let’s work together to save energy and protect our natural environment, including animals, trees, flowers and grass. As for myself, I will study even harder and try my best to do all the above.

Dear fellow students, let's start fight now and spare no

effort/efforts to do a little bit every day, every hour, and every minute!

Li Xiaolong

13.Go fishing 钓鱼

钓鱼 fishing

My father likes fishing. He always goes fishing with his friends in Autumn.

One day, he took me to fish, too. In autumn, fish have grown up. It is the best season to fish. First, we chose a good place. Then my father helped me put an earthworm onto the fishhook. Afterwards, I threw the fishhook into the river. I waited for a long time. Suddenly, I saw the float sink. I was very happy. I pulled it out of the water but I only saw half of the earthworm. The fish played a trick on me. I was very angry. But my father said to me, “it takes time. You need to be more patient.” I tried again. A

few minutes later, I caught a big fish and I showed it to my father. My father praised me, “what a good angler you are!”

14. A Sad Story 难过的经历

A Sad Story

Last Monday when I stepped into my classroom, my monitor told us that our class teacher, Mr. Sun, had passed away in a traffic accident. It seemed so unbelievable because he used to give us lessons on Monday morning. I couldn't accept the fact until the headmaster came to tell us the truth.

Mr. Sun was a middle-aged teacher. He was full of sense of humour. We all liked him very much because of his excellent teaching. His lessons were usually very lively and interesting. We all liked to attend his class. He was an experienced teacher.

Mr. Sun will always live in our hearts!

15. MY NEW YEAR 元旦打算

The new year is coming! Now, it's the time to make plans for the new year. Here is what I will do:

I will get better grades. I'm good at English and Chinese, but I need to improve in my Math. I'll study better!

I will break my bad habits. I often get up very late. To get early is good for my health. So I'll get up earlier than usual.

I will eat better. I often eat a lot of junk food. They are not good for my health. I should eat more fruits and vegetables. They will make my body healthier and stronger.

This year was a good year for me, but I can make next year even better. I'll work hard to keep my resolutions

What are your plans for the new year?

With best wishes for the new year!

16. 2010 World Expo in Shanghai上海世博会对中国的影响

As we all know that 2010 World Expo will be held, this is the first time that China hosted the World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So it is a great honor for our country. It is also a great honor for all the Asians. As a host city, Shanghai will have more chances to develop quickly. The theme of the Expo is "Better City, Better Life". We all really hope that Shanghai will become more exciting and attractive and that we can enjoy life to the fullest. Organizers expected to attract 70 million visitors from all over the world to attend, at the same time it is also the largest in the history of World Expo. It is a good chance for China to show its achievements in many fields。

17. New World, New Challenge 元旦

Yesterday, we didn't have cars. But today we have. Yesterday, we didn't have TV sets. But today we have. Yesterday we didn't have

computers. But today we have. During the hundreds of years, how fast the world has changed! That's really a myth.

Though the new world brings us a convenient life, It also brings more problems. For example, population, resources ,environment and so on.

We know that the world's population is growing faster and faster. It's more than 6 billion now. It's a very big number. We can say the number of world's population is like the number of the stars in the universe. And if it goes on like that, I can't image what will happen.

As the second problem, the world is short of resources now. In daily life, we need water, rock oil, coal and other things. Day after day, the resources disappear fast. And they won't appear. Because most of them are not renewable resources.

The third problem is environment. Everyone talks about it. The weather is hotter and hotter .That means we pollute the environment seriously. Our cars make the air dirty. Old batteries make the soil poisonous. Waste water makes clean water dirty. So we don't have fresh air, fecund soil and pure water. Oh, no, Stop polluting! Now we human beings should face the new challenge .We must think more about our mother earth.Remember:We don't have another earth!

18. How to spend the weekend? 怎样度过周末

Now people have five workdays every week in China. It means they have more free time than ever. So, what should they do with so much spare time?

People may do many things at the two-day weekend. They can choose to stay at home watching TV or simply having a good sleep. Some people prefer to stay with their family. But some energetic people will go on a trip to some places of interest. In one word, most people spend it doing their favorite things in their own ways.

But for us college students, I think we should spend a colorful one as we like. We can go to the school library to read more, have sports to keep ourselves fit, or go outside to experience something we can't learn at college and so on. In my opinion, there is no best way, but the fittest way for us each. Just remember it: Cherish our time and enjoy our life!

19.How to learn English 语言学习


1. My favorite subject is English。

2. More than three quarters of the information on the Internet is in English。

3. It is used by travelers and business people all over the world。

4. China has joined the WTO and the Olympic Games will be held in China. English becomes more and more useful。

5. So English is very important and I like English very much。

6. We have a lot of fun in the English class。

7. Our English teacher often makes us happy in the English class。

8. I hope I can go abroad one day, and then I can speak to foreigners in English 。

9. I like English and try my best to learn it。

Ellen 看到大家都对自己的未来充满期待,感到特别高兴。为了鼓励大家学好英语,他准备出一期英语学习经验交流专刊。请根据以下问题和答案的提示并结合你的实际情况,以“My English Learning”为题写一篇80词左右的英文稿件,要求至少涉及其中的三个问题,并且不能出现你的真实姓名、校名和县名等。提示:

When did you start learning English? (in … /…years ago)

How do you learn English? (listen carefully, study with a group, read English every day…)

What is difficult to learn? (listening, grammar…)

What other helpful ways do you know to learn English well? (watch English movies, sing English songs…)


English is one of my best subjects and I started learning English when I was ten years old. But at the very beginning, listening seemed a little difficult for me. So I have been doing a lot of listening practice, such as listening to tapes, watching English TV programs. And I found it really helped a lot. In

fact, there are some more helpful ways to learn English well. For example, I enjoy singing English songs and I want to join an English club or find a pen pal from English-speaking countries. I believe that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.

假设你叫李华,你的英国笔友Linda 为了来中国参观奥运会而报名参加了汉语培训班学习汉语。她最近写信向你询问学习外语的建议。请根据下列提示和你学习英语的体会给Linda 写一封回信。




Dear Linda,

I‟m very glad that you‟ll come to China to watch the Olympic Games. I know it isn‟t easy to learn a foreign language, but I have some ideas that may help?????.


Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you in China

Y ours,

Li Hua


Dear Linda,

I‟m very glad that you‟ll come to China to watch the Olympic Games. I know it isn‟t easy to learn a foreign language, but I have some ideas that may

help. Firstly, it‟s very important to listen to the teacher carefully in class and make some notes so that you can go over your lessons later. Secondly, try to catch every chance to practice speaking, both in and out of class. Don‟t be afraid of making mistakes. Then try to listen and read more in Chinese.

What‟s more, you‟d better plan your time well and study it regularly every day. Above all, you should be confident in yourself and don‟t give up whenever you meet with difficulty. I‟m sure you will succeed through your hard work. Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you in China.

Y ours,

Li Hua

20. my dream is a doctor / MY LIFE IN TEN YEARS/ The plan for the new term 打算、梦想和未来

my dream is doctor

I am an ordinary person, I have an ordinary dream: Is a doctor. Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain. May let the human change the health. At the same time, I believed that, will help others, own also to be able to obtain joyfully. Therefore, I hoped future I might be a doctor.

2.以后十年内我的生活(MY LIFE IN TEN YEARS)

In ten years, I think I "ll be a reporter. I will live in an apartment with my sister. Because I don’t like living alone. And I can play

with her in the apartment. So in ten years, I will be a good reporter .I will meet a lot of interesting and famous people and I will go to another places on business. In ten years, I will have many different pets. Maybe I will keep a pet turtle. I think I will go shopping with my sister as long as I have time. And I will go to London on my vacation.

So, my life in ten years will be better and better!

3, 新学期的打算(The plan for the new term)

Another new term comes again, so I should have a study plan to promit myself.

Firstly, I decide to finish my homework more carefully than before. And pay more attention to the knowledge which I didn ‘t know it clearly.

Secondly, I will do a lot of read to widen the range of my knowledge and try to combine theories to practice.

Finally, I will learn to adjust, to be more positive and more helpful. That ’s what I plant to do in a new term.

21. Thanksgiving parents 感恩父母

Thanksgiving parents English composition

Everyone should have a life down on feelings - Thanksgiving, we have Thanksgiving life, family Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving life, the community Thanksgiving ... ...

If, like me to choose my first Thanksgiving to the parents. They let me come to this colorful world, and they spared no effort to support me grow up in their harvest success, I am pleased to join

with me, and sow the tears of joy; they are in my frustration, I am encouraged by, I am inspired; loud voice exhort, and look forward to a report, the parents of the heart and blood flowing from time to time in my whole body.

If you only Thanksgiving parents may be too narrow. We would also like to live Thanksgiving. As long as grateful, then your life will be happier! Life is fair, she will not deceive you, as long as you pay, there will be a return. Despite the sometimes smooth, sometimes despite the numerous reefs; singing, even though at times laughing, even though at times sad depression. This is the life, gave us hot Suanku salt, gave us flowers and sunshine. No matter the kind of situation is that Thanksgiving should live, or where colorful? !

But also everyone around Thanksgiving. Grateful to those who encourage you, because he brought you to power; grateful for your help, because he told us what to give; spur thank you, because he removes your karma; grateful to those who have hurt you, because His temper your mind; to thank those who have deceived you, because he has enhanced your knowledge; to thank those who have abandoned you, because you have to teach him self-reliance; grateful for your trip, because he strengthens your ability to ... ...

did not know how a person, not like a fish breathe, can not survive a moment;

Thanksgiving know a person, just like the flowers bees encounter, as encountered in the desert oasis, just like horses came face in the world so beautiful!

Let„s hearts with gratitude, singing aloud in front of the world, the heart of Thanksgiving, thank you, with my life ...

22. 健康问题



1. It is very important to keep healthy。

2. How can we keep healthy?

3. We can‘t go to sleep too late. We can‘t get up too late。

4. We should eat the food healthily。

5. We should do more exercise。

6. Last Tuesday I got a cold and had a pain in my head。

7. I didn’t feel like eating anything。

8. I decided to see the doctor。

9. In the doctor‘s office, the doctor looks over me carefully。

10. He said :"Nothing serious." And he told me to take a rest and drink more water。

11. A nurse gave me an injection. It was a little painful。

12. The doctor asked me to take the medicine three times a day。

13. A few days later, I felt better. From then on I believe that keeping healthy is the most important thing in the world。




All of us want to be healthy. First,we should get enough sleep during the night. We can go to bed early and get up early. Staying up late is bad for our health. Second, we must have the right kinds of food. We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. We should drink a lot of water. We should have healthy eating habits. Third, we should do more exercise to build up our bodies. Finally, we should wash hands before meals and brush our teeth twice a day. If we don‟t feel well, we should go to see the doctor at once.

2. 卫生健康饮食:健康一直是人们关注的问题我校要举行以“关爱健康”为题的主题班会, 请根据下表内容谈谈你的看法, 写一篇80字左右的演讲槁。





1. 多吃水果蔬菜保持饮食平衡避免含糖高脂肪高的食物2. 多锻炼健身强体;3. 鄙弃不良习惯 (你的看法?)

How to stay our health /fit?

范文1: Dear boys and grils :

I‟m talking about / Here is my advice about how to keep health/fit? As a middle shool studentfirst you‟d better do more exercise such as playing ball games running swimming and jumping rope(绳子). Then you should pay attention to your diet or meals Don‟t eat too much meat and suger but more vegetables and fruit.Third you need enough sleep or rest . Nextkeep yourself happy.As people often say smiling makes younger.Last you mustn‟t drink wine or smoke .They are bad for your health. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.Thank youbye!

范文2:Dear boys and girls:

I‟m talking about / Here is my advice about how to keep health/fit?Today many teenagers are unhealthybecause they do less exercise eat more junk foodisn‟t enough time to sleep. If we keep fitwe must keep taking exercises every day .Eat lots of fruit and vegetables .Sleep for about 8 hours a night.Stay away from cigarettes/smoking/drugs毒品 .Early to bed early to rise/get up .Breathe (呼吸)the fresh air in the open air.Keep happy every day. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.



参考词汇:not like, go out of school, be afraid, be back, more delicious, offer


We know that some of our students do not like eating lunch at school because the food isn‟t delicious. So they often go out of school to buy something they like to eat. But I‟m afraid it‟s bad for their health to eat lunch outside because some of the food they buy isn‟t healthy enough.

In my opinion, if our schools want more students to be back and enjoy lunch inside, they should make the food more delicious, and also they should offer our students a larger choice of food as well. 23.