All our life微笑面对生活
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All our life, we will meet all kinds of difficulties, we have to face them and fix them, that is what our parents tell us. Indeed, life is a journey, we will meet different people and confront with distress, most people feel uneasy when fail comes, they think there is no hope in life. Well, we are always told that life is still going on even though we face difficulty. Why don’t we smile with life, since we there is no way to avoid frustration, the only way we can do is to embrace what life brings for us, no matter what happens, just smile, everything will be alright. 我们的一生,将要遇到各种各样的困难,我们要面对困难并克服,这是我们的父母告诉我们的。确实,人生就是一场旅行,我们会遇到不同的人,面对压力,大部分人感到不安当失败来临时,他们觉得生活没有希望。我们总是被告知即使遇到困难,生活还得继续。我们为什么不笑着面对生活呢,因为挫折无法避免,我们唯一能做的就是拥抱生活给我们带来,无论发生什么事,一切都会好的。