On the Stork Tower王之涣 登黄鹤楼
三年级 记叙文 1153字 1765人浏览 小月恶魔ing

On the Stork Tower

By Wang Zhihuan (Tang Dynasty)

The setting sun behind the mountain glows.

The muddy Yellow River seawards flows.

If more distant views are what you desire.

You simply climb up a storey higher.

In the afternoon, the poet climbs up the Stork Tower. He sees that the sun falls down behind the mountain at dusk and it is still glowing. The Stork Tower reflects red because of the glowing sun. The muddy Yellow River in front of the Stork Tower flows towards the sea. The waves break the riverbed and the Yellow River becomes muddy because of the earth washed away by the water from upriver. The poet stands on the Stork Tower and sees the scenery around it. This is the full view of the scenery around the Tower. However, if you want to see more sceneries, you must climb up a more storey. The higher you are, the more beautiful scenery you can see.

Actually, the last two sentences are full of philosophical thoughts: When you do something, if you want to have a better result, you must make more effort. It also means that if you have achieved success, you should warn yourself not to be proud and get more achievements with your more effort.