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第一篇: 留便条

你是Alice. 你的朋友Bonnie 很快就要到你的乡间小屋拜访,但你却要出去一会儿。留一张便条给她,告诉她食品在哪儿,告诉她一个人在屋里时应注意些什么。

May 18, 2002

Dear Bonnie :

I will be away for a while. The key to the cottage is under the doormat , and the f ood is in the refrigerator. After entering the house , lock the door from inside at once. T he cottage is far away from the nearest town , and the area is not quite safe from burgla rs. So I think the saying is right “Where there is precaution , there is no danger”。 Have a nice stay here.

Yours ,




July 23, 2005

Dear Mike,

I came to talk to you at your office, but you were not in. I got to know that you’ re on duty tomorrow night from 5 till midnight. I wonder whether it would be possible for you do my duty next Thursday night if I work your duty tomorrow. The reason is th at one of my friends will drop by next Thursday and we haven’t seen each other for mor e than 3 years. Thus, I’d be most grateful if a shift could be arranged. If that’s too muc h trouble for you, just forget it.

I’m waiting for your call tonight.

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第二篇: 感谢信

你是Helen ,要写一封信给Julie ,对她和她的丈夫昨日请你和你丈夫吃饭表示感谢,表示要回请他们,以答谢他们的盛情款待。

Dear Julie :

Thank you very much for the dinner that you invited my husband and I to yesterday. The food not only looked and smelled fabulous but tasted great , and my husband and I enjoyed it very much. Therefore , we would like to invite you to dinner at 7 p.m. this Friday at the Northwest Chinese restaurant to return your kindness and hospitality. Please do come.

Yours ,


第三篇 求职信


1. 在8月6日的《北京晚报》上看到了贵公司电子部招聘业务员的广告。

2. 随信附上一份简历及导师的推荐信。

3. 我曾经在电子部工作过,所以我熟悉各种电器。

4. 在假期里,我曾经在多家商店做过业务员。

Words for reference :

电子部 Electronic Device Section 推荐信 reference


Dear Sirs ,

Having seen your advertisement in Beijing Evening News of August 6th for a sales man in the Electronic Device Department of your company, I’m very interested in the job and I feel I’m qualified to meet the requirements. Therefore, I’m enclosing a resume tog ether with a reference from my supervisor.

As you can see, I once worked in the Electronic Department. So I am familiar with different kinds of electronic devices. I have worked more than once as a salesman in so me stores during my previous vacations. Besides, I’am very patient and friendly in nature. I’m confident that I shall be suitable for the kind of work.

If you need any further infor mation, I shall be very pleased to supply it. (I’ll be ve ry grateful if you can grant me with an interview.)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Li Ping

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1. 渴求工作的愿望

2. 技能和经历

3. 联系方式

May 1, 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you to show my keen interest in the part-time job during summer vaca tion in your shop which you recently advertised in the local newspaper. I strongly believe I meet the qualification listed in your advertisement.

I was born in June, 1985 and am going to graduate from School of Business in Jiu jiang University in June, 2007 with satisfactory results in all the courses. I have been doi

ng part-time jobs in several companies before, so I have gained much experience. Further

more, I’m industrious, friendly and have a great sense of responsibility. I believe I am qu

alified for the post.

Enclosed you’ll find a copy of my resume. I’m available for an interview anytime a

t your convenience. Or, if you are too busy these days, you can contact me at 136018697

08 for further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from y


Truly yours

第四篇 保护环境




Protection of Environment

There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. One o the most

serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. The polluted air does great harm to

people’s health. The polluted water causes diseases and death. What’s more, vegetation has been

greatly reduced with rapid growth of modern cities.

To protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative

steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to

stop any environmental pollution. Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in

the environment protection today.

In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete

measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environment protection through

education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population. Finally’ those who

destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that

destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.

第五篇Food Safety 食品安全:

1、食品安全事件不断发生所以近年来越来越受到关注; 2、它造成巨大的危害;


危害:1、浪费资源; 2、对诚信经营是打击,产生道德危机; 3、严重危害群众的


对策:1、法律; 2、识别; 3、加强监管。

Nowadays, unsafe foods can be found, now and then, in the market, which has aroused a lot

of public attention. It is reported that these foodstuff ranges from substandard milk powder,

tainted/dyed steamed buns to pork with lean meat powder.

Fake commodities are harmful in many ways. To begin with, it is a waste of resource,

especially in our country. Second, it has bad effect on the reputation of the real manufacturers and

brings about moral Crisis. Above all, all that matters is food.people’s health and lives are severely

threatened if someone buys some unsafe foodstuff.

Measures should be take to deal with the problem. On the one hand , strict laws should be

passed to punish the producers and the sellers. On the other hand, consumers should be told to

distinguish the genuine goods from the false ones. At the same time, the government should

strengthen the supervision of all aspects of food. I firmly believe this problem will be solved in the near future.

第六篇Travelling and Wastes 旅行和垃圾

Nowadays, though the awareness of protecting environment is being accepted by more and more people, we can still see many unpleasant scenes especially in scenic spots. Why does this phenomenon arise? Many factors are accounting for it. First and foremost, to some people, the consciousness of protecting environment is still not so strong. They may not think it is a big deal to throw rubbish everywhere. In addition, the envir onmental management system isn’t so satisfying. For example, in some places there’re few regulations or the implementation is seldom performed actually.

From what has been discussed above, it is urgent to take some effective and relative measures. In the first place, we should continue to conduct more propaganda in communities and schools so as to let people realize the importance of protecting environment. In the second, more rules should be made and carried out by the government to restrain the conduction of destroying environment. People should work together to create clean and beautiful surroundings.



May 19,2002

Dear Professor Wang:

On behalf of the Student Union of the English Department, I am writing to invite you to give a lecture on Chinese history.

We have planned to have such a lecture at 2:30 p. m. in Lecture Hall 419, on May 25. Looking forward to your lecture. Inform us in advance if you can not come.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ping