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关于食品安全的英语作文范文unsafe foods

Nowadays, unsafe foods can be found, now and then, in the market, which has aroused a lot of public attention. It is reported that these foodstuff ranges from substandard milk powder, dyed steamed buns to pork with lean meat powder.

Fake commodities are harmful in many ways. To begin with, it is a waste of resource, especially in our country. Second, it has bad effect on the reputation of the real manufacturers and brings about moral Crisis.

Above all, all that matters is food. People's health and lives are severely threatened if someone buys some unsafe foodstuff.

Measures should be taken to deal with the problem. On the one hand, strict laws should be passed to punish the producers and the sellers. On the other hand, consumers should be told to distinguish the genuine goods from the false ones. At the same time, the government should strengthen the supervision of all aspects of food.

I firmly believe this problem will be solved in the near future.


A Letter to a Publishing House on Food Safety

June 15th, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. As the problem of food safety has been becoming worse and worse nowadays, I am obliged to write to you.

Several days ago, one of my classmates came back from supermarket with a large bag of food. Because of having found a new style of tinned? In the food store, she was very glad. Several other roommates were invited to enjoy the “mouthwatering chicken”. Unfortunately, after finishing the food, all of my three friends had stomachaches and vomited, their faces having become paler and paler. Due to sensitivity to that kind of tinned food, I escaped that suffer. At that time, my mind went blank. I dialed the emergency number with my trembling hand, therefore they were quickly sent to hospital. The doctor said they were lucky to be out of danger because they did not eat too much of that rotten fish and were hospitalized on time.

This is the matter that happened around me which made me realize the seriousness of the food safety problem. I sincerely hope that the whole society could attach much importance to this issue.






描写食品安全的英语作文:The lack of responsibility

When the issue of poisonous milk powder gains an overwhelming focus from the public, what are these malefactors doing? As we can see from the depiction, enterprise, milk station, milch cow and even grass are trying to find someone scapegoating for this credit crisis, in my view point, that’s nothing to do with the credit but the problem of responsibility.

Responsibility is a keyword that we should never disregard, defined not only as the courage to face every foreseeable risk, but as the braveness to entail every malpractice when it really takes place as well. The causes of the shortage of responsibility or even conscience may be as follows. Firstly, inner cause ascribing probably to the destructive influence emanating from the decay of morality may result in the over-materialism .Furthermore, outerly , deficient supervisal gives rise to the fearless adventurer who is at the risk of anything ,not to say to deviate from his own liability ,to pursue as many as profits. A case in point is the Melamine-laced Milk Incident which almost destroyed the whole of China’s milk industry.

It is imperative that drastic measures should be taken to end this thorny situation, such as enacting related law to reinforce our supervisal mechanism to avoid the behavior of kicking the ball when something bad happen and promoting social entities to regain one of Chinese traditional virtues, which is called “who would enter the hell if I wouldn’t”,that means, undoubtedly, to learn to be responsible for the blunder means sensible unflinchingness.


关于食品安全的英语作文:Eating Safely

Eating Safely

Food safety is very important to us. How can we make food safe? Here’s some advice.

First, we shouldn’t go out to eat fast food often. At the restaurant there is also some food that isn’t safe, such as unhealthy oil.

Second, we should make food clean before cooking. Remember to boil food.

Third, we should buy and eat food carefully. If the food is in bags, we should read instructions and dates carefully. Make sure the food is safe.




Over the past couple of years, several cases of the food scandal have been disclosed on various media. The problem of food security has become a hot button across society. The prevalence of food insecurity has greatly impacted public health, which the government could not afford to ignore, according to the online edition of the People Daily. -


There are a couple of driving forces, I would argue, behind this undesirable tide. First, in the course of the rapid economic evolution, we ignore moral education, giving rise to the rising rate of the problem. More importantly, the lack of adequate regulation and punishment on those illegal producers enforces the trend. -


As Confucius instructed, it is better late than never. Prompt and strict measures should be taken to turn back this evil trend. The government should launch a massive moral campaign to educate all citizens and draw up tougher laws to crack down on those irresponsible corporations and prohibit them from entering the food industry again. I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts we are bound to enjoy more risk-free foods in the days ahead.-








1.食品安全问题 2.共食买回食品 3.中毒、肚子痛

4.送医院治疗 5.脱险 6.全社会重视食品安全


Dear editor,

I'm writing to tell you something about the problem of food safety.

A couple of days ago ,one of my classmates bought a bag of food from a supermarket. Some roommates were invited to enjoy the food. Unfortunately ,after finishing it ,all of them got poisoned and had stomachaches with their faces pale. They were quickly sent to a nearby hospital.

A doctor examined them and gave them some medicine. They were out of danger soon after taking the medicine.

This accident made me realize the seriousness of the food safety problem. I sincerely hope that the whole society pay much more attention to food safety.

Yours ,

Li Hua


1. 油炸类食品 fried foods

2. 腌制类食品 Pickled foods

3. 加工类肉食品 Processing of meat products

4. 饼干类食品(不含低温烘烤和全麦饼干) Biscuit categories of food (excluding low-temperature baking and whole wheat biscuits)

5. 汽水可乐类食品 Soft drinks Coke products

6. 方便类食品(主要指方便面和膨化食品) Convenience foods (mainly referring to instant noodles and expanded food)


7. 罐头类食品(包括鱼肉类和水果类) Canned foods (including meat and fish and fruit)

8. 话梅蜜饯类食品(果脯) Hua Mei preserves the categories of food (Preserves)

9. 冷冻甜品类食品(冰淇淋、冰棒和各种雪糕) Frozen dessert products (ice cream, popsicles and all kinds of ice cream)

10. 烧烤类食品 Barbecue food


In recent years, a series of food safety incidents, such as melamine-tainted milk, lean meat powder, the dyed steamed buns, etc, have appeared across our country. As is vividly shown in the picture, the young wife is cooking. She is asking her husband whether he has finished checking the vegetables, and her husband answers that he needs one more step. This cartoon vividly illustrates how worried ordinary people are about food safety situation in China.

Several reasons contribute to this phenomenon. Firstly, people are too concerned about making quick money and short-term success during this period of economic and social transition. Secondly, ineffective supervision is also to blame. Some food inspectors make profits from the fines of illegal companies and therefore are unwilling to shut them down.

I firmly believe that urgent measures must be taken to prevent similar cases from happening again. First of all, the authorities concerned should step up their efforts to ensure food safety and severely punish those who break the Food Safety Law. Meanwhile, we must strengthen education of social morality to make sure that companies shoulder more social responsibilities and take consumers’ interests and health into account. Only in these ways can we set up a sound food safety system.


The problem of food safety has attracted much attention recently. Everyone is astonished at the news that thousands of babies suffered from serious health problems because they had been fed with some poisonous milk products. The issue of food safety is so important that we cannot afford to ignore it. For one thing, food safety concerns the well-being of all the people in the country. For another, failure to ensure the safety of food causes damage to the image of our government, especially when such food is exported to other countries. Furthermore, unsafe food can undermine consumers' confidence in the food industry, which may cause disastrous effect to our economy. Therefore, our government should take all measures to make sure that all the food in our country is safe to eat. The government must strictly carry out food safety standards, and impose severe punishment on those who violate them. 最近,食品安全问题吸引了公众的不少关注。上千名喝过有毒奶制品的婴儿被严重健康问题困扰的新闻震惊了每个人。食品问题如此重要我们无法忽视。其一,食品安全关乎于全国人民的健康;其二,政府无法确保食品安全会使他们的形象大大受损,尤其是有些食品是被输往其他国家的。再者,不安全的食物会让消费者大大降低对食品产业的信心从而对经济产生灾难性的影响。因此,我们的政府应该想尽办法去确保我们国家的所有食品都可以安全食用。政府必须出台严格的食品安全标准并对违反它的人施加严厉惩罚。



Food Safety

Currently, many problems concerning the safety of food have popped up. As for me, I believe at least three factors account for this issue.

First, I observe that profits drive many food producers to commit illegal things. They aim to gain more money at the expense of consumers’ health. Second, the overuse of agricultural pesticide has resulted in the degradation of food quality. The excessive pesticide bears enormous health hazard for people. Furthermore, some food producers inject hormones into domestic animals so as to make them grow more quickly and thus they can turn in more profit. As a result, people’s health has been seriously disturbed.

All in all, food safety is such a great concern, and we all should establish laws and implement them effectively to avoid producing toxic foods.


On Food Safety

Over the last several years,a lot of food scandal happened in our country.the problem of food safety has become a hot button across society.the prevalence of food insecurity has greatly impacted public health.

One of major problems is the food additives.we all know that the most of the packaging food contain food additives are used to change the shelf of food,the color of food,the taste of food and so on.

Our country also make a list of healthy food additives and some law about it .however,many food manufacturers do not obey it and use lots of illegal food

additives .these food additives are harmful to our body .for example ,sanlu milk powder is added in illegal chemicals.if babies eat it ,they will get gallstone disease.

Another hot button is swill-cooked dirty oil .many restaurants use the swill-cooked dirty oil to reduce the cost so they can get more profits .however ,the swill-cooked dirty oil contains a large of chemicals that will cause cancer .so it is very terrible .

Besides ,there are many other food safety problems .such as the problem of food packaging and writing wrong date of manufacture .

In fact ,the problem of food safety are not often seen in developed countries .but why do our country has so much problems ?the main reason is peoples' civism and governments' supervision .

On the one hand ,as the economics develop so fast ,our personal inner quality don't develop .so many manufacturers use all means to get profits .on the other hand ,our government don't have strict supervision .and relevant law is not complete .

Some European country governments recycle the the swill-cooked dirty oil as the fuel of garbage track .so the restaurants won't use the the swill-cooked dirty oil again .so ,I think our country can learn from them .

In some way ,the people's health is the most important .so the problem of food safety is so important solve the problem ,not only our government but the food manufacturers should be responsible to it .and we consumers also should be careful about it.


Over the recent years , the problem of food security has caused wide public concern. For example


, illegal cooking oil , poisonous milk powder and other unhealthy food are threatening our life. Confronted with the problem , there are several measures for us to adopt.

First and foremost , I strongly recommend that the government should strengthen the management of food security , because if there were no serious supervision , the food security problem would be more severe.

In addition , should strengthen moral construction witch offer a large amount of course at school and makes numerous film about moral construction.

A couple of solution are being offered here , all of them make some sense , but none is adequate enough. The problem should be recognized in wider away.



Not long ago. Sanlu milk powder incident once again draw the attention of food safety issues. Why food safety is always at risk? I think there are probably two reasons. For onr thing, the illegal business add a number of unsafe things into the food driven by the interests. For another thing, the country's regulatory regime is inadequate, so that criminals can take advantage of the opportunity. Food safety is very important. If you eat unsafe food, the consequences would be unthinkable. Therefore, we should take some measures to prevent unsafe food.

First of all, the government should strengthen supervision and improve the law to punish illegal food manufacturers. furthermore, when consumers buy food should depends on its production date and shelf-life. In short, to solve the food security issues need a long way to go, it needs the joint efforts of all sides.