Still Figuring It Out
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since i just graduated from junior high this summer, i'm trying to find a platform to a,help kids go through their junior years with ease and b,express some of my feelings. i have great english skills and i hope people can listen to my thoughts. it's me against the world, but if you guys do listen, it's us against the world and we will all try to figure it out together.

my first shot: to those who just finished their big exams

i finished my big exam in june and i should be enjoying my 3 months holiday, however, it turned out that i didn't get a good grade. so instead i locked myself up in my bedroom and try to figure this all out.a. i didn't get enough score to get in my dream school.b. i blame myself for letting my parents down.c. god why didn't i try harder.and it's a all over again.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

if any of you find yourself in this situation, please stop worrying, trust me. talk to your parents, i felt much better after doing so. if they truly love you, they'll understand. my parents told me that c was completely wrong and b was stupid, they will never be disappointed in me if i really put my heart into something. a however, is the reality, and guys, if you are in this shadow of blaming yourself, remember this sentence: better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

i know you're confused, teens do try to figure themselves out but teens turns out to be complicated. i don't want to talk big because i bet you've all heard much, so if there's only one thing you should learn from this, i want you guys to stop cursing the darkness and just light a candle.