Mona Lisa Smile_Film Review 蒙娜丽莎的微笑电影评论
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Mona Lisa Smile’s Film Review

XXX @Jinan University

This film mainly represents a story about discussing self-awareness and innovation of education pattern. Of course there are also many other topics . But it’s emphasized that all the topics of this film are related to women, which is why so many peoplelike this film.

It ’s well-known that liberty and liberation of female was indeed a hot topic in 1950s in America because of the tradition of the upper ten. The college education in this film was not aimed to cultivate tomorrow ’s leaders but their wives. Just as what the lead said, a women finishing school disguised as a college. But at the front of start, all the women students were announced that they would be educated to awaken their spirit through hard work and dedicate their life to knowledge when the principal asked what they seek on the college opening ceremony. This contrast is really a big sarcasm.

With the topic of education pattern innovation, Mona Lisa Smileis easy to make people associate it with another film Dead Poets Society, leaded by famous Robin Williams. Also opposing traditional educational pattern, Mona Lisa Smileis flat in plot and circumstance while Dead Poets Society is more passionate and profound.

When discussing the atmosphere, reminiscence is a good point. Graceful scenery of Wellesley college, soft and gentle background music and women students’ beautiful clothes are all big attractive points.