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1 考博英语作文模板


一篇文章通常可分为三个部分,即开头、正文和结尾。这三个部分安排是否得体,直接影响到文章的质量。 文章的开头一般来说应尽量做到开门见山,用简单明白的叙述引出文章的话题,使读者了解文章要谈论什么,一下于引起读者的兴趣。



文章一开头,就交待清楚文章的主题是什么。如“How I Spent My Vacation ”(我怎样度假) 的开头是: I Spent my last vacation happily.

下面是题为"Honesty"(谈诚实) 一文中的开头:

Honesty is one of the best virtues.An honest man is always trusted and respected.On the contrary, one who tells lies is regarded as a "liar",and is looked upon by honest people.


在文章的开头,先把人物、事件和环境交待清楚。例如"A Trip to Jinshan" (去金山旅游) 的开头:

The day before yesterday my class went on a bus trip to Jinshan. The bus ride there took three hours. The long trip made us very tired, but the sight of the beautiful sea refreshed us.

3. 回忆性的开头

用回忆的方法来开头。例如"A Trip to the Taishan Mountain"(泰山游) 的开头是:

I remember my first trip to the Taishan Mountain as if it were yesterday.


即对要在文章中叙述的人或事先作一个概括性的介绍。如“The Happiness of Reading Books ”(读书的快乐) 的开头:

People often say that gold and silver are the most valuable things in the world. But I say that to read books is more valuable than anything else, because books give us knowledge and knowledge gives us power.


即开头利用自然景物或自然环境引出要介绍的事物。如“An Accident”(一场事故) 的开头是:

It was a rainy and windy morning. The sky was gloomy, the temperature was low, and the street was nearly empty. I was on my way back to school. Suddenly, a speeding car came round the corner.


在文章的一开头就交待写作目的,如通过文章要表扬谁,批评谁,或说明一个什么问题等。如 "Pollution Control" (控制污染) 的开头:

In this article I shall draw your attention to the subject of pollution control.


文章的正文是由若干段落组成的,段落通常由几个或者更多的句子组成,有时候一个句子也能成段。 文章的正文应以文章的开头为线索,具体地叙述、说明或论证文章的主题。文章不论长短,每个段落都必须为主题服务。像说明文和议论文这一类的文章,一个主题还常分成几个小主题,每个小主题要用一个段落处理,另起一段时,应是一层新的意思。每一段的开头,要放一个表示段落小主题的主题句,这样可使文章条理化,易于阅读,便于读者抓住主题。段内的所有句子应围绕主题句的意义加以阐述或论证,为中心思想服务。句子之间应衔结自然,有条不紊,而且还要合乎逻辑,段落中不能出现任何与主题无关的句子;英语写作比较重视主题句的作用,缺少它段落意义就会含糊不清。主题句也可放在段落的中间和末尾等部位,但对初学者来说,以放在段首为好。见下列这篇题为"How to Be a Good Student" (怎样做个好学生) 的文章:

We students are the builders and masters of the country. It is important for us to know how to be a good

2 student.

A good student, I think, should be diligent in his studies. The more he studies, the more he will increase his knowledge. Without enough knowledge, we cannot make great contributions to the modernization of our country.

To take care of one's own body is another important thing for good student to do. Anyone, who hasn't got a strong body, can do nothing for his country, even if he has much knowledge. There was a man, who, when he was student, studied hard but neglected his health. No sooner did he come to serve the country than he died of poor health. From this we may see that to have a strong body is really very important for a student.

Lastly, to cultivate one's own virtue is most important. Virtue is the essence of a noble and good character. It will greatly help one to be useful and his country heart and soul. When learned people go astray, they do more harm than good to society. We should draw lessons from this.





下面这篇题为“Weekend Homework”(谈周末作业) 的短文,就是用一个段落来论述问题和表达观点的。 Usally Saturday night is the time for students to get back to their desks and do their weekend homework. Six school days are enough for the students who have many other interests. I think weekend homework should not be given. With homework arranged for Saturday night and the whole of Sunday, when can he find time to help around the house, play a game of football or see a good film, or just relax? In fact weekend homework is usually put off until Sunday night. As a result our homework is done very poorly and we achive no results. If there were no homework on weekends, students would go to school on Monday well rested, willing to work. Teachers, don't you agree?


文章结尾的作用是概括全文内容,进一步强调或肯定文章的中心思想,使文章意义表达得更加深刻。 文章结尾的形式也是多种多样的,常见的有以下几种:


在文章的结尾,把含义较深的话放在末尾,以点明主题,深化主题,起到画龙点睛的效果。如"I Cannot Forget Her" (我忘不了她) 的结尾:

After her death, I felt as if something were missing in my life. I was sad over her passing away, but I knew she would not have had any regrets at having given her life for the benefit of the people.


结尾回到文章开头阐明的中心思想或主题句上,达到强调的效果。如“I Love My Home Town”(我爱家乡) 的结尾:

I love my home town, and I love its people. They too have changed. They are going all out to do more for the good of our motherland.

3. 自然结尾

随着文章的结束,文章自然而然地结尾。如“Fishing ”(钓鱼) 的结尾:

I caught as many as twenty fish in two hours, but my brother caught many more. Tired from fishing, we lay down on the river bank, bathing in the sun. We returned home very late.

3 4.含蓄性的结尾

用比喻或含蓄的手法不直接点明作者的看法,而是让读者自己去领会和思考。如“A Day of Harvesting”(收割的日子) 的结尾:

Evening came before we realized it. We put down our sickles and looked at each other. Our clothes were wet with sweat, but on every face there was a smile.


虽然形式是问句,但意义却是肯定的,并具有特别的强调作用,引起读者深思。如 "Should We Learn to Do Housework?" (我们要不要学做家务?) 的结尾。

Everyone should learn to do housework. Don't you agree, boys and girls?


结尾表示对将来的展望,或期待读者投入行动。如“Let's Go in for Sports”(让我们参加体育运动) 的结尾:

As we have said above, sports can be of great value. They not only make people live happily but also help people to learn virtues and do their work bettter. A sound mind is in a sound body. Let's go in for sports.


(1) 不同观点列举型(选择型)

There is a widespread concern over the issue that __作文题目_____. But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person. A majority of people think that _ 观点一________. In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place, ___原因一_______.Furthermore, in the second place, ___原因二_____. So it goes without saying that ___观点一_____.

People, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the idea that ___观点二_______. In their point of view, on the one hand, ___原因一_______. On the other hand, ____原因二_____. Therefore, there is no doubt that ___观点二______.

As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that __观点一或二______. It is not only because ________, but also because _________. The more _______, the more ________.


Nowadays, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)___作文题目______. In fact, there are both advantages and disadvantages in __题目议题_____. Generally speaking, it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows. Firstly, ___优点一______. And secondly ___优点二_____.

Just As a popular saying goes, "every coin has two sides", __讨论议题______ is no exception, and in another word, it still has negative aspects. To begin with, ___缺点一______. In addition, ____缺点二______.

To sum up, we should try to bring the advantages of __讨论议题____ into full play, and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum at the same time. In that case, we will definitely make a better use of the ____讨论议题___.

(3) 答题性议论文

Currently, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)__作文题目_______ .It is really an important concern to every one of us. As a result, we must spare no efforts to take some measures to solve this problem.


As we know that there are many steps which can be taken to undo this problem. First of all, __途径一______. In addition, another way contributing to success of the solving problem is ___途径二_____.

Above all, to solve the problem of ___作文题目______, we should find a number of various ways. But as far as I am concerned, I would prefer to solve the problem in this way, that is to say, ____方法_____.

(4) 谚语警句性议论文

It is well know to us that the proverb: " ___谚语_______" has a profound significance and value not only in our job but also in our study. It means ____谚语的含义_______. The saying can be illustrated through a series of examples as follows. ( also theoretically )

A case in point is ___例子一______. Therefore, it is goes without saying that it is of great of importance to practice the proverb ____谚语_____.

With the rapid development of science and technology in China, an increasing number of people come to realize that it is also of practical use to stick to the saying: ____谚语_____. The more we are aware of the significance of this famous saying, the more benefits we will get in our daily study and job.


As is shown/indicated/illustrated by the figure/percentage in the table(graph/picture/pie/chart), ___作文题目的议题__ has been on rise/ decrease (goesup/increases/drops/decreases),significantly/dramatically/steadily rising/decreasing from______ in _______ to ______ in _____. From the sharp/marked decline/ rise in the chart, it goes without saying that ________.

There are at least two good reasons accounting for ______. On the one hand, ________. On the other hand, _______ is due to the fact that ________. In addition, ________ is responsible for _______. Maybe there are some other reasons to show ________. But it is generally believed that the above mentioned reasons are commonly convincing.

As far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that _______. I am sure my opinion is both sound and well-grounded.

(6)实用性写作(申请信 )

Y our address

Month, Date, year

Receiver's address

Dear ...,

I am extremely pleased to hear from you./ to see your advertisement for the position in .... And I would like to write a letter to tell you that.../ I am confident that I am suitable for the kind of the job you are advertising.

5 .../ I feel I am competent to meet the requirements you have listed. On the one hand, .... On the other hand, .... I am enclosing my resume for your kind consideration and reference.

I shall be much obliged if you will offer me a precious opportunity to an interview. I will greatly appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience/ I am looking forward to your replies at your earliest convenience.

Best regards for your health and success.

Sincerely yours,




1. 开头万能公式一:名人名言




A proberb says, “ Y ou are only young once.” (适用于已记住的名言)

It goes without saying that we cannot be young forever.



As everyone knows, No one can deny that…

2. 开头万能公式二:数字统计



According to a recent survey, about 78.9% of the college

students wanted to further their study after their graduation.




Travel by Bike


Y outh


Five-day Work Week Better than Six-day Work?



A recent statistics shows that …

6 结尾万能公式:

1. 结尾万能公式一:如此结论


Obviously (此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others.



to sum up, in conclusion, in brief, on account of this, thus


Thus, it can be concluded that…, Therefore, we can find that…

2. 结尾万能公式二:如此建议


Obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem.



Accordingly, I recommend that some measures be taken.

Consequently, to solve the problem, some measures should be taken.

一、 长短句原则


As a creature, I eat; as a man, I read. Although one action is to meet the primary need of my body and the other is to satisfy the intellectual need of mind, they are in a way quite similar.






To begin with, you must work hard at your lessons and be fully prepared before the exam(主题句). Without sufficient preparation, you can hardly expect to answer all the questions correctly.

三、 一 二 三原则



1)first, second, third, last(不推荐,原因:俗)

7 2)firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally(不推荐,原因:俗)

3)the first, the second, the third, the last(不推荐,原因:俗)

4)in the first place, in the second place, in the third place, lastly(不推荐,原因:俗)

5)to begin with, then, furthermore, finally(强烈推荐)

6)to start with, next, in addition, finally(强烈推荐)

7)first and foremost, besides, last but not least(强烈推荐)

8)most important of all, moreover, finally

9)on the one hand, on the other hand(适用于两点的情况)

10)for one thing, for another thing(适用于两点的情况)


四、 短语优先原则


I cannot bear it. 可以用短语表达:I cannot put up with it.

I want it. 可以用短语表达:I am looking forward to it.


五、 多实少虚原则

原因很简单,写文章还是应该写一些实际的东西,不要空话连篇。这就要求一定要多用实词,少用虚词。我这里所说的虚词就是指那些比较大的词。比如我们说一个很好的时候,不应该之说nice 这样空洞的词,应该使用一些诸如generous,

humorous, interesting, smart, gentle, warm-hearted, hospital


走出房间,general 的词是:walk out of the room

但是小偷走出房间应该说:slip out of the room

小姐走出房间应该说:sail out of the room

小孩走出房间应该说:dance out of the room

老人走出房间应该说:stagger out of the room


六、 多变句式原则




I enjor music and he is fond of playing guitar.


Not only the fur coat is soft, but it is also warm.


besides, furthermore, likewise, moreover



The car was quite old, yet it was in excellent condition.

8 The coat was thin, but it was warm.


despite that, still, however, nevertheless, in spite of, despite, notwithstanding

3)因果(so, so, so)


The snow began to fall, so we went home.


then, therefore, consequently, accordingly, hence, as a result, for this reason, so that



举例:This is what I can do.

Whether he can go with us or not is not sure.


When to go, Why he goes away…



The man whom you met yesterday is a friend of mine.

I don’t enjoy that book you are reading.

Mr liu, our oral English teacher, is easy-going.


or that 关键词必须要紧跟在先行词之前。



Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, sophisticated or simple, there is plenty in London for you.

Nowadays, energy can be obtained through various sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, solar heat, the wind and ocean tides.

We have got to study hard, to enlarge our scope of knowledge, to realize our potentials and to pay for our life. (气势恢宏)


七、 挑战极限原则



The weather being fine, a large number of people went to climb the Western Hills.

Africa is the second largest continent, its size being about three times that of China.





In order to attract more customers, advertisers have adopted every possible stimulative factor in making ads, such as sound, light, colours, cartoon films and human performance. For instance, to advertise a certain food, advertisers will ask an actor or actress to sit at a table and devour the seemingly delicious food while they fime him or her。


To take … as an example, One example is…, Another example is…, for example



世界上没有同样的指纹,没有相同的树叶,文章亦同,只有通过比较,你才会发现二者的相同点(through comparison )和不同点(through contrast)。下面是一些短语:


in comparison, likewise, similarly, in the same manner


on the other hand, conversely, whereas, while, instead,

nevertheless, in contrast, on the contrary, compared with …, „


没话说了,可以换一句话再说,让你的文章在多一些字,或者文邹邹地说,是让读者更充分的理解你的观点。实际就是重复重复再重复!下面的句子实际上就三个字 I love you!

I am enthusiastic about you. That is to say, I love you.

I am wild about you. In other words, I have fallen in love with you.


I cannot bear it.

可以用短语表达:I cannot put up with it.

因此可以这样说:I cannot bear it. That is to say, I cannot put up with it or I am fed up with it.


in more difficult language, in simpler words, put it more simply