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Tianzhu peak is 1612 meters above sea level, called "one pillar to prop up the sky". Standing here, you can clearly see the seventy-two peaks toward the top of the spectacular scene. The Tianzhu mountains of the palace is a palace beautiful decoration. The palace is China's largest steel casting gold gilt hall, built in the Yongle fourteen years. There isn't a nail in the palace, all cast the good parts shipped up the hill to build, Mao and the very tight, looks as if it is a unified whole. You see, side of the ever burning lamps of according to legend is never destroyed, so the top open windy, why it will not is blown out? It is because of the caisson on a "safe Xian bead" sake. According to legend, a fairy beads can curb the mountain, the wind can not blow into the hall, so as to ensure the pilot lamp. In fact lamp burning the real reason is because of the doors of the temple each casting are very accurate, can change the direction of the wind blowing. Thus our country ancient labor people's wisdom and technical(members of the tourists, we now see the glittering statue of Shi Dianzhong, they are also witnessed the historical and artistic value of the stone temple, very the breath of culture. We are traveling along a route from bottom to top, looking back on the rock, after much effort, we boarded the Tianzhu peak 1612 meters above sea level, it is called "if you stand on one pillar to prop up the sky:" Tianzhu peak, you can clearly see the spectacular seventy-two peaks in the big top "while in Tianzhu, the top of the peak stands a beautiful decoration of the palace hall, that is what we see now, it is also a famous Wudang Mountains palace, the palace is China's largest steel casting gold gilt hall, built fourteen years of Yu Yongle, the palace did not use a nail, is full of good casting parts after hill built, riveting and very tight, you can also look into the hall all blend into one harmonious whole, to pray for good fortune, in order to protect the health Oh)). Well, everyone with me on the golden summit. Now the South gate. South gate has three doors, not open the door two why? There is stress in this. The middle is Tianmen, also called the door of God, God is out of place. Mortals can not go, only the emperor queen, Prince Wang Sun to go. There is a door the door, open the gates of course can not let the people go. We walk this door called "people"".Good friends, we are now in the Jinding, see clouds floating mountains to sight, spectacular. Is the list of small hills, particularly interesting, is that each peaks to Jinding tilt, so there are 72 peaks in the big top ". Here, we can appreciate the Jinding and Taihe palace, Tianzhu peak, the walls of the Forbidden City, around the mountain. Natural basaltic, occult, representing the scene. The main building is the golden palace, on the left is a sign of real right, the real is sweet. Andy is the essence of Wudang Mountains. Yongle Palace of care can be said to be meticulous, mirage member from casting to escort installation and so on each link, he personally arrangements. Craftsmen according to the "copper smelting temple, double eaves and laminated arch, feather fly wallI. X to Huang Jinfan, Emperor Xuan academy, about Ling Guan, lady, holding a sword hold the flag day will be" the decree, in Beijing the members are cast into, in the Yongle 14 years (lower 1416) in September Chujiu "Chi captaincy general ho Jun" decree: "this

life Er escort ships mirage to Nanjing, along the vessel provided carefully. When heaven is smooth clear, Feng shui. Clean on board. The chi." Component by canal through Nanjing Yangtze River and Hanjiang River, has been escorted to Wudang Mountains, and then plug tenon, welding installation. In Tianzhu peak, the top of Wudang, stand tall with a bronze cast gilt wood structure of the palace style building, built in the Ming Dynasty, which is a weighing hundreds of tons, the whole palace resplendent is unique in the world of mirage. How did such a large total component cast? How is the pinnacle of the operation of the 1612 metre? Mirage and statues are made of cultural relics at the national level, very precious, just per square metre contained gold 7.44, after 400 years of history still glorious. There are many stories about the mirage, legend and true. A lamp from the Ming Yongle 14 years (1416) lit, no matter how strong the wind is, always flames raging, do not shake swing, everlasting imperishable, has continued to the present. 600 years did not put out a. This lamp on worship on the altar of the mirage, it is "journey to the west" in the monkey king visited the Wudang Mountain, to swing the magic hills, Mich. the Xuanwu emperor turned the heart of the fixed wind fairy pearl under the lamp. What is the wind withered fairy pearl mountain, or other reasons to keep the lamp burning out more than 500 years? The palace is actually clever, airtight, xingbucheng convection, natural light will not destroy. In order to prevent someone steal a mirage property, the story of Thor frequented the mirage, wash gold palace to fire, as a warning to the villain, dare to steal items Zhenwu Tati, never light Rao. Lightning split under, the mirage as recycled smelting time, still new, surprising is mirage after lightning was unscathed. The secret of this is what ordinary people can do. This is the famous "Lei Huolian Temple" wonders. "Lei Huolian Temple", that is to form a fireball in the mirage on the rolling thunder, very spectacular.



(各位游客们,大家现在看到的金光闪闪的雕像就是石殿中的,它们也都见证着石殿的历史价值和艺术价值,非常有道文化的气息。我们总的是顺着一条由下往上的路线行进的,回首南岩,经过一番努力之后,我们现在登上了海拔为1612米的天柱峰,它素称“一柱擎天”:若您站在天柱峰上可以清楚的看到“七十二峰朝大顶”的壮观景象,而在天柱峰之颠屹立着一座金碧辉煌的殿堂,那就是大家现在看到的金殿,它是武当山又一著名宫殿 ,金殿是我国最大的钢铸金鎏大殿,修建于永乐十四年,整个金殿没用一根钉子,全是铸好各个部件后运上山搭建而成的,铆和的非常的严密,看起来浑然一体,大家还可以



金顶最主要的建筑物就是金殿了,左边是签房,右边是香房。金殿是武当山的精华。明成祖对金殿的关心可以说是无微不至,从金殿构件铸造到护送安装等每个环节,他都亲自安排。工匠们按其“冶铜为殿,重檐叠拱,羽飞瓦立,X 以黄金范,玄帝金像,左右灵官、玉女、捧剑执旗天将”的圣旨,在北京将全部构件铸造成以后,于永乐十四年(1416年)九月初九下“敕都督何浚”圣旨:“今命尔护送金殿船只至南京,沿途船只务要小心谨慎。遇天道晴明,风水顺利即行。船上要十分整理清洁。故敕。”构件由运河经南京溯长江、汉江,一直被护送到武当山,然后插榫、焊接安装。