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我的低碳生活 My Low--carbon Life

Nowadays, environmental pollution is very common. Resource waste is also seen everywhere. In order to protect the environment, to protect our earth, we need to live a low-carbon life. I usually go to school on foot, sometimes by bike. If I need to go to the other city, I will choose the public transportation and not ask my parents drive me there. If I am the last one to leave classroom or home, I will make sure all the lights are off. I always will save the water after washing clothes. And then use it to wash the toilet. Our earth is in our own hands. 如今,环境污染越来越普遍,资源浪费也随处可见。要保护环境、保护我们的地球,我们需要低碳生活。我经常是走路去学校,有时候骑自行车。如果我要去别的城市,我会选择公共交通,而不会让我父母开车送我。如果我是最后一个离开家或者教室,我都会再三确定灯是不是都关了。我总是会把洗完衣服的水留来冲厕所。我们的地球掌握在我们自己的手上。

坚守承诺 Keep the Promise My father is a stubborn man, and he always keeps what he thinks is right. He is such a strong man in my mind, because

he never breaks his promise. The things he has promised to me would be finished, no matter what happens. I see the power of promise from my father, so I believe that keeping promise is very important, which shows whether the person is worthy to be trusted or not. When I make friends, I pay special attention to this merit. My friends and I trust each other. We will return the things in time and keep our promise. I am so lucky that my father brings so much postive sides to me.

我爸爸是一个固执的人,他总是坚持他认为是正确的事情。在我的印象中,他是一个很厉害的人,因为他永远不会打破自己的承诺。他答应我的事情不管怎么样都会做到。从他身上, 我看到了承诺的力量,所以我相信坚守承诺是非常重要的,这说明了一个人是否值得信任。我交朋友的时候会特别注重这个品质。我和我的朋友们都是相互信任的。借了东西,我们会遵守自己的承诺及时返还。我很幸运,爸爸给我带来了这积极的一面。

培养兴趣爱好 Develop Interest As a middle school student, I learn many subjects, I study so hard every day. When I get home, I will do my

homework and then go over the book. But when holiday comes, I feel a little confused, because I don ’t want to study and do something new. Then I don’t know what to do, my mind get blank. I decide to develop my interest. Some day, I happened to see a tennis match and I couldn’t stop watching, then I fell in love with tennis. So I started to learn playing tennis, I felt so happy. Now tennis is my favorite sport, I find a way to relax myself.

作为一个中学生, 我学许多科目, 我每天那么努力学习。当我回家时, 我会做作业, 然后复习书本。但当假期来临的时候, 我感到有点困惑, 因为我不想学习,想做一些新的事情。我就不知道要做什么, 我的头脑一片空白。我决定培养我的兴趣。有一天, 我碰巧看到一场网球比赛, 我无法停止下来看, 然后我爱上了网球。因此我开始学习打网球, 我感到很高兴。现在网球是我最喜欢的运动, 我找到一个方法来放松自己。

我的暑假 My Summer Holiday

篇一 Today,I'm planning to do some exercises on my summer vacation in order to make me stronger.If you ask what the summer vacation in my dream

is ,I'll tell you traveling around the world is the only

one dream I have.I'm interested in

travelling,because I can meet lots of different

people and can do some sightseeing in the places of interest all over the world.How interesting it is!I hope I can have two summer vacations in a year. 今天,我计划在我的暑假做一些练习,以使我更坚强,如果你问我的梦想是什么,我会告诉你环游世界是我唯一的梦想,我对旅行感兴趣,因为我能满足许多不同的人,可以做一些在世界各地的兴趣兴趣!我希望我能在一年内有两个暑假。


Summer holiday is from July to August .It ' s a long time for me to do all kinds of things . I like visiting some places of interest . And I like travelling by train . It takes me too much time , but it saves money .Sometimes I stay at home and do my

homework , sometimes I help my parents do some house work. When my parents are free , we often go to the park or the zoo , and we have a good time there . I have a good summer holiday.




I had a happy holiday.I stayed at home.I did my homework and read books in the morning.Then,I went to a park with my parents.I took many pictures and bought presents.At noon,we went home and eat good food.In the afternoon,I climbed mountians and learned folk dances.How happy I was!