The Misery of Pessimism
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as we all know, pessimism is nowadays, large number of person feel negative becomes a great variety of problem which is related study and work and living and so on.

and as far as l am concerned, optimists and pessimists has three distinct characteristics:

permanence , pervasiveness and personalization . firstly, optimists believe that luck is permanent , but the pessimistic person is just the opposite , they believe that bad luck is permanent, good luck is temporary. similarly ,the pessimist says the worst thing is universal at the same time ,optimists think bad things always have a specific reason. above all, optimistic people will care about the intrinsic effort redundant external luck. so under these factors, people who is optimistic will get more surprise from live than pessimists, and they can live a happier live than people who is pessimistic.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

but how to overcome pessimism? i have some suggestions:

1. read some positive information from the world, believe that as long as you stick to your dream and then you can win.

2. sport everyday. you can take away your sad by doing some sports such as: running 、football or basketball and so on.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

3. live a regular life

finally, we should overcome our pessimistic attitude and make our life more and more beautiful.