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Chinese proverbs (谚语)are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people ’ daily life. In these proverbs there are often interesting stories. For example, the proverb, “plucking up a crop to help it grow ”, is based on the following story.It is said that a short-tempered (急脾气的) man in the

Song Dynasty (朝代)(960-1279) was very anxious (着急的) to help his rice crop grow up quickly. He was thinking about it day and night. But the crop was growing much slower than he expected. One day, he came up with an idea that he would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day.He was very tired after doing this for a whole day,but he felt very happy since the crop did "grow" higher His son heard about this and went to see the crop. Unfortunately (不幸地) the leaves of the crop began to wither. (枯萎) This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their natural(自然的) course. Being too anxious to help an event develop often results in the contrary(相反的) to our intention (目的,意图)

January 18th Reading 七下Unit 1 Can you play the guitar?补充阅读材料 Key words:typing;world record

Topic:World Record/Human Ability

He can type really fast—with his nose!印度男子鼻尖打字创世界纪录。

A man has set a world record(打破世界纪录)for typing a sentence in the fastest time by using only his nose.Mohammed Khurshid Hussain from India typed 103 letters in just 47 seconds.He closed an eye when he was typing by nose.He said it helped him to find the keys(键)faster.To break the record,the 23-year-old man practiced(练习)typing with his nose for six hours a day.

January 18th Reading

七下Unit 2 How do you get to school?补充阅读材料

Key words: slow;turtle;taxi

Topic:Means of transportation

As slow as a turtle 舒适又安全的日本“龟速出租车”。

Many people take a taxi to reduce their time of travel.But some peop-le in Japan are not in a hurry and they want a slower ride.These people can choose to travel by Turtle Taxi.Turtle Taxis are becoming popular in Japan.They are warmly welcomed by the elderly and women with children.Many tourists also take Turtle Taxis to travel around the city.The drivers of Turtle Taxis drive more slowly and gently.“The starts and stops are very gentle,”said a mother with a one-year-old baby.“It is safe and comfortable.My child can have a nice sleep in the car.”

January 18th Reading


Key word:Ed Sheeran(艾德·希兰) ;talented

The boy next door


Ed Sheeran is one of the world’s most talented singers.He has become the pride of Britain.The young man’s success is based on his nice-guy image and hard work.Sheeran looks like the boy next door.He has a mop of red hair(蓬乱的发)and likes wearing jeans.On stage without his guitar,he looks like a fan who’s just jumped up there. However,this ordinariness(平凡)is the secret to his success.Young

fans like Sheeran,because they don’t see him as a superstar,but as aclose friend. Sheeran’s success also comes from his hard work and the support from his parents.He spends a lot of time practising singing and writing songs.And his parents support him to do that.

Although he has now become a famous star,Sheeran keeps working hard

on his musical career.He wants to bring more nice songs to his fans.

Key words:professiona(专业的)l dog food taster

Topic:a new job

Professional dog food taster 你听说过狗粮品尝师这个职业吗?

Pet owners taking small bites from their pets’bowls,out of curiosity,

is completely understandable.But eating dog food for a living?That is pretty

hard to digest(消化)!

However,professional dog food taster is a real job,and it pays quite well.

An entry level position would pay about $30,000a year.When you become

an “experienced professional,”your salary could be up to $75,000.

So what exactly does the job involve?As the name suggests,it pretty much

involves tasting dog food to make sure it meets the quality standards.Tasters

regularly open sample tins of each freshly made batch(一

批)of dog food,and

then smell it and eat it.Professional tasters are trained to identify(鉴别)flavors

that dogs tend to enjoy or reject.

Most tasters say they enjoy the job.They even find it rewarding because

it helps pets become happier and healthier.




Sorry! The number you dialed does not exist, please check it and dial later.



英文:Sorry! The subscriber you dialed is power off.



英文:Sorry !

The subscriber you dialed can not be connected for the moment, please redial later.




Sorry, your telephone charge is overdue, please renew it, thank you!




Sorry! Your telephone service is suspended, for more information, please dial “1860”.



英文:Sorry! The number you dialed is out of service.




英文:Sorry! Please hold on,the subscriber you dialed is busy now,.




Sorry! The subscriber you dialed is busy now, please redial later.



英文:Sorry !

The subscriber you dialed can not be connected for the moment, please redial later.




Sorry! The subscriber you dialed has set barring of incoming calls.

10、 国际长权限制:



Sorry! You have not applied for IDD service, please make registrations. For more information, please dial “1860”.

11、GSM 手机拨GSM 手机加“0”:

中文: 请直接拨打对方手机号码,无需加“0”。


Sorry! Please dial mobile phone number directly, no need to dial “0”.

12、 固定网拨本地GSM 手机加“0”:



Sorry! Please dial mobile phone number directly, no need to dial “0”.



英文:Sorry! Please dial area code before the number you dialed.




Hello! Please dial 110 for police, 119 for fire, 120 for ambulance,122 for traffic accident and dial area code before 112 for fixed-phone obstacle.




Sorry! The other operator’s network can not be connected for the moment, please redial later.


中文:对不起!您的电话尚未申请此项服务。详情请垂询“1860”。 英文:

Sorry! You have not applied for this service, please dial “1860” for more information.




Sorry! The phone you dialed is not be answered for the moment, please redial later.


1. I'd like a hard sleeper from Beijing to Wuxi.


2. I'm sorry we are all booked up for Flight 802 today.


3. Is it a direct flight?


4. I won't check this baggage.


5. She wants to book a round trip ticket.


6. Beware of the scalpers! You may get a fake ticket.


7. I only got a ticket for standing room for a temporary train, but it's better than nothing.


8. The trip is about 40 hours. I have to take a long rest at home to recover from the fatigue.


9. Would you please put the luggage on the scales?


نUnit 1.What's your name?My name's Gina.

Unit 2.Who's this?This is my sister.

Unit 3.Is this your pencil?Yes,it is.It's mine.//No,it isn't.It's hers/his.

Unit 4.Where's my schoolbag?It's under the desk.

Unit 5.Do you have a soccer ball?Yes,I do.//No,I don't,but my brother does.

Unit 6.Do you like bananas?Yes,I do.They are my favorite fruit.

No,I don't.I don't like them at all.

Unit 7.How much are these socks?They are only two dollars.

Unit 8.When is your birthday?My birthday is on January,the first. Unit 9.What's your favorite subject?My favorite subject is science.