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Model Test-01

Part ⅠWriting


Grasping Opportunity

In the picture presented to us, a man lies down and waits for the opportunity to knock at his door instead of contacting it by other ways. What the picture conveys is that opportunity needs us to grasp, not to wait for.

To grasp opportunity, we should make a lot of preparation. Those who are well-prepared can seize the opportunity when it comes and achieve success. Those who remain idle all the time will be doomed to fail even if they are surrounded by opportunities. However, opportunity often comes with risks, which requires us to have the courage to meet it. The example of Pan Shiyi, a famous real estate investor, is a typical one. He ran a risk by leaving a stable job when he had a deep insight into real estate opportunities. He grasped the opportunity and finally succeeded.

Therefore, grasping opportunity is got by creating not waiting. We should get ready to turn the knob when opportunity knocks.

Model Test-02

Part ⅠWriting


The Importance of Independent Thinking

In the picture, the boy worries that he cannot find his way back without the GPS, which shocks his mother. And it shows us that with the booming of information technology, various electronic products have been ubiquitous in our life, which on one hand provide great convenience for us, and on the other, gradually make lots of people lose their ability to think independently. As is known to all, independent thinking plays an important role in our life. For one thing, it stimulates people’s creativity and innovation ability, which are the progress boosters of the society. For example, by independent thinking and innovation ability, Steve Jobs has almost changed the way we communicate, entertain and live. For another, independent thinking can help us judge between right and wrong. Nowadays, the new media like weibo and weixin make information available to almost everyone. Therefore, only those who can think independently can see the world clearly.

Personally speaking, we should be less dependent on the electronic tools but use our mind more. I think independently, therefore I am independent.

Model Test-03

Part ⅠWriting


Food Contamination

As is vividly shown in the picture, no sooner had a man opened a can of instant food than a devil, a symbol of potential food safety hazard, jumped out of it. He is freaked out and falls nearly to the ground.

Apparently, the picture reflects that the food safety problems are posing a great threat to the public health. Recently, more and more money-oriented manufacturers resort to illegal means to seek for profit. They betray their conscience by adding harmful food additives to make food taste delicious or cost less. As a result, many consumers are infected with severe illness after having tainted food.

Therefore, immediate measures should be taken to ensure food safety. To begin with, the government should establish a long-term surveillance system to guarantee food quality and safety. What’s more, laws and regulations should be applied to the punishment of dishonest manufacturers. Last but not least, on the part of consumers, they should realize the importance of food safety and take legal actions to defend their rights and interests.

Model Test-04

Part I Writing


Jobs College Graduates Want to Do

The chart has clearly revealed the differences between female and male students in their job preferences and choices after graduation.

The most desired jobs for boys, according to priority, are managers, businessmen and lawyers. Girls also like to pursue these professions, but the percentage drops considerably, compared with the great number of girls who are interested in becoming teachers.

What has brought about this result? I believe that many girls may prefer the teaching positions because they like to take care of and give guidance to the younger generation, while boys like to become managers and businessmen because they like the idea of standing up to challenges and want to prove that they have it in them to be both socially and financially successful.

The findings will definitely exert some influence on the university education in China. To better prepare the students for their future jobs, all universities and colleges in China should take into consideration students’ job preferences, when they design syllabuses and offer courses to their students.

Model Test-05

Part ⅠWriting


As can be seen from the picture, the department in a store which sells nutritive products for children is surrounded by crowds of parents, making the salespeople extremely busy. In contrast, the neighboring department that sells similar products for the elderly seems rather deserted by customers. Its saleswoman feels so bored that she can not resist falling asleep.

The picture mirrors a common social phenomenon from a unique angle — people tend to care more for the next generation than the previous one. On the one hand, young couples dote on

children, most of whom are the “only children”. Parents endeavor to prepare their kids for a bright future by raising them healthily. On the other hand, young couples fail to spend time with their old parents, and some of them are even too mean to provide the old with at least a decent living environment.

I think such a trend is quite abnormal and distressing. Filial duty used to be the most highly prized virtue among the Chinese for over two thousand years. Busy as people are, the duty should not be easily shirked. Supplying our old parents with material and emotional supports is not only a repayment to them, but can also set a good example to educate the youth.

Model Test-06

Part ⅠWriting


What a compelling and thought-provoking drawing it is! As is vividly depicted in the cartoon above, there is someone sinking into the water while a crowed of people are taking photos of such a scene. What impresses me most is the curious behavior of the lookers-on. Simple as the image is, the implications mirrored are apparently far-reaching.

As far as I’m concerned, two contributing factors could account for this phenomenon. On the one hand, they may fear that the person in danger may frame them up after being rescued. So they are forced to take photos as evidence. On the other hand, since there are lots of witnesses, they may hold the idea that someone else would do rather than be a pioneer in such condition.

Based on the above discussion, it is necessary that effective actions should be taken in the following way: first, we should spare no pains to build up our harmonious and trustworthy society. Second, the mutual-aid awareness should be greatly cultivated throughout the whole society. Only in this way, can the world make a difference out of indifference.

Model Test-07

PART I Writing


Winning Our Respect

According to the picture, we can see students sitting quietly under the supervision of their teacher. This is actually a classroom scene. One thing is however out of the ordinary. We can see a lady at the back of the room. She is holding a broom in her hand. We can tell that she is the cleaner of the school.

One thing, though, is that her presence in the class goes unnoticed not even by the teacher. This is a representative of common people who work on the average status and who help to create a beautiful and harmonious world. The people who seem to do little things are actually the very same people who make our lives worth living. The worker who gets up early in the morning to seep the city is the person who makes sure that all the working class people walk in a clean environment as they go about their work.

In brief, life goes on. Their jobs are still busy and hard. However, these common people deserve a pat in the back. They need our respect and affection.

Model Test-08

PART I Writing


Practice Makes Perfect

As indicated by the picture, there are two boys who want to learn how to swim but they choose different methods to achieve their goals. One is by reading, while the other by practicing. The question posed here is actually who can learn better how to swim. The question is easy to answer: the one who puts to practice what he has learnt. From the picture, we can recognize the importance of practice. This is just because “practice makes perfect.” You can only perfect what you practice but not what you theoretically know.

In school nowadays, most of the attention and effort is out towards making students book worms. All extracurricular activities are being knowingly discouraged at the indulgence of class work. Although much is acquired through much reading books, the students fail to notice the significance of the experience.

In short, application of theory in our day to day life is of importance if we want to make our lives better.

Model Test-09

Part ⅠWriting




On Conscience or Self-protection

第一段描述图片:一个小男孩看到老人摔倒在马路上,他没有立即走上前去扶起老人,而是在犹豫要不要帮忙(do him a favor )。

第二段点出图片反映出来的一个引起广泛关注的社会现象(a phenomenon that has aroused a wide concern ),即帮忙路人反被讹(be framed up)。同时表达自己的观点:我们应该坚持正义(stick to our faith in justice),不能因噎废食(we cannot refrain from doing good deeds for fear of a possible risk ),但是要讲究策略(tactics) 。

第三段对这一问题进行总结,每个人都作出一点贡献(do a bit),世界会变成充满温暖和爱的天堂(a paradise full of warmth and love)。


On Conscience or Self-protection

①This picture portrays such an ironic situation that a boy was walking across the street when he saw an old man fall down; however, instead of rushing to help, the boy hesitated about whether he should do him a favor or not.

②The phenomenon this drawing depicts has aroused a wide concern recently. More than one passerby who offered their help to the fallen old people was reported to be framed up by the aged or their families in return. Shocked and frustrated though, ③ we should stick to our faith in justice and continue to do the right things tactically. ④First and foremost, ⑤we cannot refrain from doing good deeds for fear of a possible risk. One small gesture may yield great benefits, and even save a person ’s life. ④ Meanwhile, it is equally important to know some tactics before helping the fallen ones so as to protect ourselves, for example, taking a picture or asking a witness for help.

⑥ In conclusion, if everybody could do a bit to the world, it will become a paradise full of warmth and love.




③亮明观点:我们应该坚持正义,但要讲究 策略。

④使用 First and foremost„Meanwhile „分条阐述。




portray 描述

do sb. a favor帮助某人

arouse a wide concern 引起广泛关注

frame up 陷害

stick to 坚持

tactically 有策略地

do good deeds 做好事

paradise 天堂



1. morality 道德

2. code of conduct 行为准则

3. be reluctant to do sth.不愿意做某事

4. in dilemmas进退两难,左右为难

5. awaken social public conscience 唤醒社会/公共良知

6. be concerned with 关心, 担心

7. be accused of, be charged with受到„的指控

8. reward报酬,赏金


1. Lei Feng, who “devoted his limited life to the limitless cause of serving the people”,has set an outstanding example for us and encouraged us to spare no efforts to help those in need. 雷锋把有限的生命投入到无限的为人们服务中去, 为我们树立了杰出的榜样,并鼓励我们不遗余力地帮助那些需要帮助的人们。

2. Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person ’s life. 不要低估你行为的力量。一个小小的举动就能改变一个人的一生。

Model Test-10

Part I Writing



Whether It Is Necessary to Go to College

第一段描述图片揭示的社会现象:读文科专业的大学生毕业后找不到工作 (cannot find a job after graduation),从而引出文章讨论的话题“读大学有没有必要”,进而亮出自己的观点——尽管存在一定的就业压力(the employment pressure),但是上大学仍然很有必要。

第二段通过三个分论点支持自己的观点。首先,由于全球经济危机 (global economic crisis) ,就业压力在世界范围内普遍存在(a world- wide problem);其次,雇主更看重(value) 求职者的人品和能力 (personality and capability) ;最后,文学、历史能够给我们启迪(enlightenus),是人类发展的镜子,任何时候都不能抛弃(be rid of)。




Whether It Is Necessary to Go to College

①In this picture, a man is complaining that he chose a major of arts at college, but got a Bachelor of Unemployment degree after graduation. What this thought-provoking drawing mirrors is the social phenomenon that many university students cannot find a job after graduation. Therefore, some people claim that it’s useless to go to college.②However, I believe that going to college is of great necessity in spite of the employment pressure to some extent.

③First and foremost, the great employment pressure we are facing at present is a worldwide problem, not only in China but also in many developed countries owing to the global economic

crisis. ③Secondly, although major matters much in job-hunting, what the employers value most is employees’ personality and capability, both of which can be well cultivated in college. ③Last but not least, literature and history, which can enlighten us, is the mirror of human development that cannot be rid of at any time.

④All in all, going to college may not give us a good job, but it can give us more than that. 精彩点评

① 描述图片反映的内容:攻读文科专业的学生毕业即失业。

② 用However 转折,亮出自己的观点。

③ 支持论证自己的观点,通过First and foremost, Secondly, Last but not least 列举三点内容,层次清晰。

④ 最后总结全文,重申观点。


thought-provoking 发人深省的

in spite of 尽管

employment pressure 就业压力

first and foremost 首先, 第一

owing to 由于

global economic crisis 全球经济危机

matter 要紧

value 重视

cultivate 培养

enlighten 启迪,启蒙



1. resume/CV简历

2 part-time job 兼职

3. internship 实习

4. head-hunting company 猎头公司

5. personnel/HR (human resources) department 人事部

6. go for an interview 参加面试

7. freelancer自由职业者

8. lay off辞退,解雇

9. resign/quit 辞职


1. A report indicates that there is no shortage of talent and no guarantee that a diploma is a golden ticket. College students should focus their education on workforce demand and personal ability improvement. 有报告显示,现在人才并不短缺, 文凭并不一定是把金钥匙,大学生应该把大学教育 的关注点放在劳动力需求和个人能力提升方面。

2. Unemployment is highly dependent on economic activity ;in fact, economic growth and unemployment can be thought of as two sides of the same coin. 失业与经济活动密切相关; 事实上, 经济增长和失业可以被看作是一枚硬币的两面。