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Write at least 80 words about the topic "Act now to save water" (以“节约用水,从现在开始”为题,写一篇不少于80个词的作文,简单描述自己最喜欢的城市)( 共20分) Using the following points as a reference:

1. 必要性:没有水,人类就无法生存;

2. 不良现象:不关水龙头(tap );洗澡时间很长,没喝完水就把瓶子扔掉;

3. 建议:你的2-3个建议

Act now to save water

Water is very important to us. Without water, neither plants nor animals can live. People can ’t live either. I am very sorry to see there are many people even some students don’t know how to save water. When they don’t use water, some people don’t turn off the tap. When they are taking a shower, they spend too much time. They throw away their bottles with water in it.

I ’d like to give all of us some advice. Turn off the tap when no one uses it. When we are washing our hair, turn off the shower now and then. Before throwing the bottle, drink the last drop of the water in it.


IV . Write at least 80 words about the topic "My Low-carbon life" (以“我的低碳生活”为题,写一篇不少于80个词的作文,简单描述自己的低碳生活 )( 共20分) 要点:1. 每天步行上学 2. 离开教室时,关灯、电扇、电扇等

3. 不用水时,记得关水龙头,循环使用水;

4. 充分使用纸张; 5. 不使用塑料袋

参考词汇:on foot, turn off, tap, reuse, make full use of , plastic bag

My Low-carbon life

My name is Li Ming. I am a middle school student. I go to school on foot every day. I always remember to turn off the lights, the TV and the fans when i leave the classroom. When i am not using water, i always turn off the tap. I often reuse the water, for example, when i finish washing the clothes, i use the water to clean the floor and watering the clothes, i use the water to clean the floor and water flowers. I never use plastic bags. I think saving paper is necessary, so i often make full use of paper. It is important for us to live a low-carbon life to protect the environment.


IV . Write at least 80 words about the topic "Earth Hour" (以“地球一小时”为题,写一篇不少于80个词的作文,简单描述自己的低碳生活 )( 共20分) 要点:1. 时间:2007年4月30日,悉尼(Sydney) 率先行动;超过220万家庭在晚上7:30同时熄灯;

2. 2010年3月27日,全球有126个国家参加,我国有33个城市也参加了“地球一小时”活动。

3. 目的:节约能源(save energy), 改善气候(improve climate)

4. 方式: 于家人共进烛光晚餐(in the candlelight), 于朋友一起分享(share) 故事。

Earth Hour

Earth Hour started in Sydney at 7:30 pm on April 31, 2007. More than 2.2 million homes turned off their lights for an hour. On March 27,2010 over 125 countries took part in in, and in our country 33 cities also took part in it. The activity aims to save energy and improve climate. We have different ways to spend the dark hours such as having dinner with our friends. We can also have parties or take a walk in the parks..


IV . 据调查,中学生面临太多的竞争和压力,体育锻炼的时间少了,身体素质下降了,视力衰退,精力不足。这一情况已经引起学校和社会的关注。下面是某中学加强锻炼的宣传标语。


要点:1. 锻炼身体的好处:healthy, energy, strong...

2. 锻炼身体的方式:outdoor, activities:ball games, running, swimming...

3. 请你谈谈对学校开展体育锻炼的看法和建议(至少写两点);

4. 文章结尾用一句话总结,表明自己对加强体育锻炼的观点。

参考词汇:competition, pressure, eyesight

How to stay healthy


Exercise is very important to us students. Nowadays, we are under so much competition and pressure. It's important to stay healthy because without good health,people nearly can do nothing.I think there are several ways to stay healthy.First,good healthy eating habit is very important.we should eat three healthy meals every day instead of junk food.We'd better eat slowly.Second,we should have good habits,such as,having enough sleep so don't stay up too late,wash our hands in time,brush our teeth at least twice every day,drink enough water,don't smoke and so on.Last but not least,it's very important to laugh every day.


Exercise is very important to us students. Nowadays, we are under so much competition and pressure that our health becomes worse and worse. We have poor eyesight. We feel tired all day and have no enough energy for study. All these worry us.

We need to do more activities, especially outdoor ones. We should take part in them, such as having ball games, running, swimming and so on, from which we can keep healthy and strong, study better and live happily.

No matter how busy, we wish teachers could leave us less homework to do so that we can have free time to take part in sports. We also hope our school can offer us much more chance to do some activities which are good for us.

I think health is everything, doing exercise can make us healthy, wealthy and wise.


VII . Write a passage of at least 80 words about the topic “Is Television Good or Bad ”.根据所给题目,写不少于80个词的短文,标点符号不占格。)

(注意;短文中不得出现任何人名、校名及相关信息,否则不予给分) 参考词汇:Play an important part, current event, instructive programmes, be harmful to, time-waster, prevent...from

Is Television Good or Bad

More and more people like watching television. Television is now playing an important part in our life. Television keeps one informed about current events, allows one to follow the latest developments in science and offers instructive and interesting programmes. Bur like other things, television has its good as well as bad sides. Some television programmes are harmful to the children. Television is a great time-waster. We no longer have enough time for hobbies and it prevents people from communicating with each other. Anyway television has changed our lives and our society. We shouldn ’t watch too much television. We should watch some instructive programmes.