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1 九年级英语 词组和话题作文


1、 向某人求助ask sb for help

2、和某人会话 have conversations with sb 3、 作报告give a report

4、口语技能 speaking skills 5、 抓住主要意思 get the main ideas

6、一个一个词的读read word by word 7、It takes time.慢慢来

8、害怕干某事 be afraid to do sth 9、因为 because of

10、爱上fall in love with 11、查字典 look up ---in the dictionary 12、口语 spoken English

13、在语法上犯错误 make mistakes in grammar 14、写作练习wring practice

15、练习说英语 practice speaking English 16、注意、关注 pay attention to

17、把----和----连接/联系起来 connect-----with

18、普遍的,共同的in common 19、出生 be born (in/on)

20、----的秘密the secret of 21、依赖depend on

22、产生兴趣 create an interest in 23、finish doing sth. 结束做某事 24、find it+adj.+to do sth. 发现做某事怎么样

25、so+adj.+that 从句 如此…以至于…. 26、something interesting一些有趣的事物

27、so that 目的是为了… 28、although 和though 不与but 连用

29、keep a diary 写日记 30、keep doing sth. 一直做某事

31、remember to do 记得要做某事 32、bit by bit 一点一点的

33、a partner to practice English with 一个练习英语的伙伴

34、I usually practice listening by listening to tapes.

35、I usually practice speaking by having conversations with friends.

36、I usually practice reading by reading books and newspapers.

37、I usually learn grammar by taking notes and doing exercises.

38、Different people have different ways to study English.

39、I hope these ways can help you a lot.

How to be a good learner

To be a good learner, we should have good habits and ways in learning .We need to get ready for our lessons before class and always listen carefully in class. After class, we must go over the lessons and finish our homework on time .It‟s good to study in groups and help each other .As a student ,working hard is important ,but don‟t forget to do sports and keep healthy. We should do more reading in our free time .If we have any problems .we‟d better ask other people for help .I hope all these will be helpful .


1、be fun to watch 看起来有趣 2、what a/an+adj.+n(单数) !感叹句

3、 发胖、增加 put on 4、两周后 in two weeks

5、 与-----相似 be similar to 6、向----扔 throw---at

7、 冲走,冲洗掉 wash away 8、是----的形状 in the shape of

9、射下 shoot down 10、飞上 fly up to

11、对着---喊出 call out ----to-- 12、摆开、布置lay out

13、赏月 admire the moon 14、和----分享 share----with----

15、结果 as a result

16、打扮、装扮dress up as….

2 17、打开/关掉(电器类) turn on/off

18、捉弄某人 play a trick on 19、了解 learn about

20、点蜡烛 light candles 21、结束做。。。end up doing

22、关心,在意 care about 25、处于需求中 in need 26、圣诞精神the spirit of Christmas

27、想到,想起 think of 28、在这两天 on these days

29、试穿 try on 30、试验 try out

31、refuse to do拒绝做。。 32、one…., and the other….一个…另一个…

33、warn sb. not to do 34、remind sb. of 使某人想起…

35、decide to do 36、make a decision 做决定

37、promise to do 38、not only…,but also…. 不但…而且…

My favorite Chinese festival

My favorite Chinese festival is the Spring Festival. It is celebrated in January or February. The Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China, so people always prepare for it for a long time. Before the Spring Festival, people are busy getting ready for it. They go shopping to buy something special. Then, every family will clean their houses. During the Spring Festival, people put on new clothes and visit each other to say “Happy New Year.” On the Spring Festival eve, people have a big dinner with their family. This time people come back home wherever they are. At night, children like setting off firecrackers. I think it‟s really fun!

In a word, the Spring Festival is my favorite festival because when I spent time with my family, I‟m always having fun. And it makes me feel not only warm but also happy.


1、 在你右边 on your right 2、向左拐 turn left

3、 路过 go/walk past 4、到三楼 go to the third floor

5、被用在 be used in 6、动物世界 Animal World

7、过来, 加油 come on 8、起初,开始 at first

9、走到------跟前 walk up to 10、去---的拐角 go to the corner of

11、吃(东西)的地方 a place to eat 12、询问方向/方位 request for direction

13、依赖 depend on 14、导入 lead in to

15、导致 lead to 16、地下停车场 an underground parking lot

17、在不同情况下 in different situation 18、任何其他语言any other language

19、买一些邮票 buy some stamps 20、在银行旁边beside the bank

21、I‟m sorry to trouble you. 22、买一些吃的get something to eat

23、on one‟s way to+地点 在某人去…的路上 24、抓住我的手hold my hand

25、in a rush 匆匆忙忙地 26、rush to do 匆忙地做….


(1) Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the bookshop?

(2) Excuse me. Could you tell me how I can get to the bookshop?

(3) Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the bookshop?

(4) Excuse me. Could you tell me where the bookshop is?

(5) Excuse me. Which is the way to the bookshop, please?

(6) Excuse me. Where is the bookshop, please?

3 (7) Excuse me. How can I get to the bookshop, please?


1). 回答Where's the (nearest)…? 可用以下简单的答语:

It's over there. 在那边 It\'s behind the… 在…后面

It's next to the… 在…旁边 It\'s in front of the … 它就在…前面

2). 回答Which is the way to…please? 和How can I get to…? 等问路的话时, Walk along this road/street. 沿着这条路/街走。

It\'s about … metres from here. 从这里大约…米。

Take the lst/… turning on the left/right. 在第…个转弯处左/右转。

It\'s about … meters along on the right/left. 沿右边/左边大约…米。

Walk on and turn left/right. 继续走再向左/右转。

Turn right/left at the traffic lights. You\'ll find the … on the right/left.


1. It‟s between the cinema and the fruit shop.

2. It‟s next to / in front of / behind / on the left (right) side of the library.

3. It‟s in / on / to the south / north / west / east of the park.

4. Go down / along this street until you see the tall red building.

5. Turn right / left at the first / second crossing / turning / corner.

6. Sorry, I don‟t know. I‟m a stranger here, too


1、 加入-----队 on the ----team 2、有时,时常 from time to time

3、 在-----上取得好成绩 get good grades in/get good score on 4、过去常常 used to do/be

5、对-----感兴趣 be interested in 6、处理 deal with

7、从事做某事 take up doing 8、小心,注意 be care about sth/of sb

9、闲逛 hang out 10、不再 not---any more,no longer

11、放弃 give up (doing) 12、有能力并愿意/准备 be prepared to

13、出现在----面前 appear to 14、少(打) 量的 a small /large number of

15、adj. enough to do 足够…而能做… 16、----的数量 the number of

17、成功 make it

18、加入足球队 on the soccer team 19、担心 be nervous about/worry about

20、一直 all the time 21、dare to do 敢于做….

22、such a great idea 如此好的一个主意 23、奋力坚持 fight on

24、为----感到自豪be proud of/take pride in 25、亲自 in person 26、令人吃惊的是 to one‟s surprise

27、即使,尽管 even though 28、照顾 take care of

29、感到自信 feel good about oneself 30、浪费时间waste one‟s time

31、move in with... 搬来和...... 一起住 32、更加注意 pay more attention to

33、给-----惹麻烦 cause trouble for 34、做决定 make a dicision

35、require doing 需要做某事 36、…的道路 the road to

37、公开演讲 give a speech in public 38、do well in 在某方面做的好

39、feel lonely 感到孤独 40、独处 be alone

41、逃离 absent from

42、建议某人做… advise sb. to do


43、对某人影响很大have a great influence on sb, 44、恐高 be afraid of high places 45、be used to do,be used for 被用来做…. 46、习惯做某事be used to doing sth. 47、作为…. 被使用be used as

I used to be very thin and shy before, but now I have a medium build and I become outgoing and friendly. And I used to like playing computer games very much, but now I„m interested in computer science but not only computer games. Because I want to be a computer programmer when I grow up, which can make me earn lots of money. (64 Words)

How I ‗ve changed!

My life has changed a lot in the last few years. I uesd to be short and shy, but now I am taller and very outgoing . I used to play after scool evry day Now I„m busy with my school work. I used to be afraid of writing composition in class ,but now I love writing all the time.The biggest change in my life was that I didn„t fight with my parents. This is the most important change because I can

understand my parents. I talked with them and they let me know I will live a better life if I work hard from now on . In order to study in the university, I must study hard and give up normal life in the past.

根据提示:简要介绍你的朋友Jane 的成长变化。

提示:1. 爱好: 以前喜欢打乒乓球,看电视和聊天;现在喜欢弹钢琴、看书和散步。

2. 外貌:过去个子矮,短发;现在个子高多了,长发。 3. 性格:过去外向;现在有些内向。


My friend Jane is now different from what she used to be. She has changed a lot. She used to like playing table tennis, but now she enjoys playing the piano. She used to watch TV or chat with others after supper, but now she usually reads books or has a walk. She is much taller than before. She used to have short hair, but now she has long hair. She is a little quiet and not outgoing now. 第五单元

1.be made of由...... 制作/制造

2.be made in在...... 制作/制造 3.environmental protection环境保护 4.be made from由...... 制造/制作 5.be famous for 以...... 闻名;为人知晓 6.be produced in在...... 生产 7.be known for以...... 闻名;为人知晓 8.as far as I know据我所知 9.pick by hand手工采摘 10.send for发送;派人去请 11.all over the world全世界 12.no matter不论;无论 13.even though即使 14.avoid doing sth避免做某事 15.everyday things日常用品

16.find out 查明;弄清 17.go on a vacation去度假 18.paper cutting剪纸 19.such as 例如

20.turn... into把...... 变成...... 21.send out发出;放出;发送 22.be covered with被...... 覆盖 23.rise into上升到;升入 24.put on 张贴 25.as symbols o作为...... 的象征

26.fairy tale 童话故事

27.be used for被用于......