What should we thank?
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时光如梦,又到一年圣诞时。无忧考网为大家整理的关于圣诞节的英语作文200字:What should we thank?的文章,供广大家查阅!!更多最新信息请点击节日作文大全

The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with we existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for.

The thankful parents give us the life, make us feel the merriment of the human life, feel the genuine feeling of the human life, feel the comity of the human life, feel happiness of the human life, also feel hardships and pain and sufferings of the human life!精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

The thankful teacher works with diligence and without fatigue everyday of teach, give us knowledge ability, put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us.

The thankful classmate and friend grows up road of, let I no longer standing alone in the itinerary of life; The with gratitude is frustrated and let us become in a time the failure stronger.